Assistant Architect - Chapter 113

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Assistant Architect by Xi He Qing Ling

Chapter 113: Confession


Slightly annoyed, Zhang Siyi went upstairs into his room to change. He specially prepared a white tuxedo and silver-grey shirt to play the violin in. He looked super handsome in it, but now some of the excitement was gone. All of his efforts have been seen through by Gu Yu. – Obviously, I wanted it to be a surprise for him, but he made it like this…… Why does that guy always give people the feeling that \'everything is under control\'? …Damn it!

Zhang Siyitied his bow tie and used a little bit of cologne around his neck. Looking athimself in the mirror, he slapped his cheeks once and gave himself a pep-talk: "You’regoing to confess! Be happy and don’t make it look like Gu Yu owes you 500 bucks!"

Now ready, Zhang Siyi held his violin under his arm and slowly walked downstairs. The closer he got to Gu Yu, the faster his heart beat. – Ah, I still feel so nervous!

Originally,Gu Yu wasn\'t taking the situation very seriously, but when he saw how handsome ZhangSiyi was in formal attire walking down the stairs he froze, dumbfounded.

Timidly,Zhang Siyi set up near Gu Yu with his violin and turned to look at him shyly,ready to play.

Unexpectedly,Gu Yu suddenly raised his hand and motioned to the right and said: “Canyou stand a little more to the right?"

Grumbling, ZhangSiyi moved two steps to the side. – ….so controlling.Does it matter where I stand!

Zhang Siyiwhispered: "I\'m going to start playing now."

Gu Yanlooked at him intently: “Hmm.”

Zhang Siyitook a deep breath and began-

“Thechatter, the quack, the quack …” Bad! Bad!

Playing thefirst section of the music, Zhang Siyi didn\'t have a sure grasp of the beat!

However, asa layman, does Gu Yu hear it? Continue? "Quack, chatter, Quack…"

Carefullylooking up, Zhang Siyi wanted to see the expression Gu Yu had on his face. Whathe saw didn\'t look good and as a result, Zhang Siyi started to panic; heart racing,shortness of breath, hands shaking. Finally, the sound stopped: "Hey!"

Gu Yu:“……”

Zhang Siyi:“……” (o////o)

Turning red,Zhang Siyi felt embarrassed. After being silent for a moment, he said: "That doesn\'tcount! It was just a warm-up!"

Trying tohold in his laughter, Gu Yu snorted and smiled twice.

Now angry,Zhang Siyi said: "Don\'t laugh! Don\'t look at me!"

Gu Yu raiseda fist to cover his mouth for a moment then forced a smile and encouraged him: "Justrelax and don\'t be nervous." He paused and then continued: "Since you are playingfor me, how can I not watch you?"

Zhang Siyiknew he was making an unreasonable demand, but he couldn\'t help blurting it outwhen he saw how much Gu Yu was laughing at him!

Zhang Siyisnorted and relaxed his face. He took a deep breath and adjusted his mindset.Then, he focused on his goal. He began to play again. “Summer” is nota very lyrical song. On the contrary, it is a very anxious sounding piece withintense rhythms and very few slow smooth tones.

Zhang Siyi tried to find the same comfortable feeling he had while practiceing at home. He played this song for a month every day for two hours and must have practiced the song four to five hundred times already. As a result, his muscles would remember the series of movements necessary to make the music sing.

Gradually herelaxed and immersed himself into the music. Ignoring external factors, he plungedhimself deeper into the sound. Like a trance, his mind was able to let go andonly focus on his purpose.

His long-prepared gift for Gu Yu. He poured all of his feelings for the man into the music. From innocent worship, to an ignorant heart, and finally to feverish love….

In order toshow his true feelings, more than once, Zhang Siyi has fantasized aboutstanding in front of Gu Yu playing this song for him. — Gu Yu, do you hear that? I like you! I like you the most! Superlike you!

Gettingswept away by the emotional atmosphere, Zhang Siyi involuntarily raised hiseyes to look at Gu Yu. When their eyes met, there was an instantaneous burst ofenergy, like a magnetic force pulling them tightly together.

Gu Yu wasintently watching Zhang Siyi, hot with affection and a desperate desire. It wasa look that Zhang Siyi has never seen before.

“………….Urala – Urala – Uralala!”

With thelast ringing note, Zhang Siyi made a handsome finishing action with his bow. Hefinally managed to play the whole piece for Gu Yu. He gasped for breath and loweredhis instrument and bow. Unable to move, Zhang Siyi\'s line of sight was fixatedon Gu Yu.

Gu Yu sethis glass down and stood up. While gazing into the depths of Zhang Siyi eyes,he slowly walked towards Zhang Siyi and stopped in front of him with an onlysingle step between them.

Until Zhang Siyi breathing subsided, the two of them stared at each other for a long time. Gradually, Zhang Siyi \'woke-up\' from playing the music and returned to reality.

Gu Yu\'s eyes were like two fires burning with emotion. Zhang Siyi wasn\'t sure if Gu Yu felt the same desire as he did.

Feeling shy,Zhang Siyi timidly proclaimed: “I …”

As he saidthe first word, Gu Yu suddenly reached out and grabbed Zhang Siyi chin andlowered his lips onto Zhang Siyi\'s and kissed him then urged him in a low sensualtone: "What is it?"

Zhang Siyi:“I… I really like you…” (o////o)

Zhang Siyididn\'t intend to confess just yet. He wanted to ask Gu Yu how his performancewas to reconcile the tense atmosphere. However, with Gu Yu kiss, his brainshort-circuited and thus, blurted it out." (&////&) –Aaah! Not cool! The confession felt tooearly!

Afterhearing Zhang Siyi\'s confession, Gu Yu gently took his violin and set it aside.Like yesterday, he wrapped his arms around Zhang Siyi and embraced him tightlythen kissed him. First on the forehead, then a peck on his nose, and finally asoft kiss on his lips. Zhang Siyi\'s fried hair was appeased by Gu Yu\'s seriesof kisses. Even so, Zhang Siyi still felt wronged. – Why did Gu Yu ask me \'what is it\' instead of telling me how good I am!

Just asZhang Siyi was going to say something, Gu Yu suddenly kissed him deeper withvigor and faster with more urgency; parting his mouth, feeling his tongue,sucking his lips, kissing without restraint and leaving Zhang Siyi powerless.By the time Gu Yu released him, Zhang Siyi couldn\'t remember what he was soupset about.

Sweeping ZhangSiyi hair off his forehead with his fingertips Gu Yu\'s looked right into hiseyes and softly said: "Listen, Zhang Siyi, I like you very much. Maybe I likeyou more than you think."

As he heardGu Yu admit his feelings, a booming \'gong\' sound went off in Zhang Siyi\'s head.Finally, he heard what he wanted to hear!

However, GuYu suddenly turned and took a step away from him with worry: "But I am alsovery scared. I am afraid that you aren\'t serious like the way you treated yourex-girlfriend or when you impulsively said you would quit architecture. I don\'tknow how you define \'like\' and I don\'t know how you measure your feelings. I amafraid that the \'like\' in our hearts isn\'t the same."

For thefirst time in front of Zhang Siyi, Gu Yu has revealed an unconfident side. Surprisedat the revelation, Zhang Siyi was anxious to appease Gu Yu and tell him howserious he really was.

But Gu Yuheld his lips and stopped him: “Hear me out.”

Zhang Siyi:“……”

"Zhang Siyi, I\'ll tell you what my ‘like’ means. The feelings I want aren\'t children\'s feelings, but the emotions of an adult man. I hope you and I have the same direction in life and professional pursuit. This feeling isn\'t like a simple platonic one or spiritual love, but a physical and sexual one." With his hand, Gu Yu reached out and caressed Zhang Siyi\'s cheek. Gu Yu moved his hand down the side of Zhang Siyi face, onto his shoulder, along his arm, and into his hand. Gu Yu grasped Zhang Siyi\'s hand and entwined his fingers together into a tight fist. "Your spirit, your heart, and your body. I want them all."

Zhang Siyi:“……”

Gu Yu: "Iknow that you have talked about your girlfriend before and lived your life as astraight man. If you are simply curious and wanting to try something differentwith me, then I will advise you to give up now. Not only do I want to be togethernow, but in the future as well. I want to be with you and work with you for alifetime."

Notexpecting such an earnest and committed confession from Gu Yu, Zhang Siyi feltlike he was struck by lightning.

If he hadn\'t watched the move last night, he might feel panicked right now. Life is long so how is it possible to make an important life altering decision in an instant? Fortunately, Zhang Siyi has already thought about this issue and thankfully, Gu Yu’s thoughts matched his own.

Trying tocomfort and pass on his determination, Zhang Siyi held on to Gu Yu hand andtightened his grip.

Smiling atZhang Siyi gesture, Gu Yu raised his other hand to touch Zhang Siyi cheek: "Fool,this road is not easy to walk; pressure from society, pressure of family,pressure of the future…. Many things aren\'t as simple as you expect. If youhave any doubts in your heart, I won\'t start a relationship with you now. I don\'twant you to have regrets."

Zhang Siyifreed his hand quickly and wrapped both of his arms around Gu Yu\'s waist and vigorouslyshook his head: "I have no doubts! I won\'tregret being with you!"

Widening hiseyes in surprise at the speed with which Zhang Siyi answered, Gu Yu was worriedhe answered too rashly and hadn\'t carefully thought about it. Watching thedevotion and determination in Zhang Siyi eyes, Gu Yu felt moved.

After all,in the face of such a straightforward, passionate and devoted lover, no one canrefuse. If Zhang Siyi really hesitated, even for a second, he may regret it.

Like agentleman saying his wedding vows, Gu Yu held both of Zhang Siyi hands andseriously asked: "If you\'re \'like\' is the same as mine and you are willing tobelieve in me, then no matter what obstacles we face in the future, I won\'t letgo of your hand. I will try to make youhappy for a lifetime… Will you be with me?"

Zhang Siyiclung to Gu Yu and looked at him eagerly and replied three times: "I will! Iwill! I will!"

Breathing asigh of relief, Gu Yu tenderly pulled Zhang Siyi into his arms and embraced himtightly.

They hadn\'tspoken for a long time, then Zhang Siyi anxiously asked: "We…. Are… togethernow?"

Gu Yu smiledat him and kissed him on the cheek then softly said: "The music was very good.I liked it a lot. Will you play another piece for me?"

“Hmm…” Zhang Siyi buried his face in Gu Yu\'s shoulder and groaned. He wasfeeling shy about his own ardent \'I will\' admission for fear that Gu Yu won\'twant him.

Gu Yu:“The way you look today was very handsome. I was captivated, especiallyplaying the violin.

Zhang Siyifelt that his heart suffered a million-volt electric shock. – Shit, I thought Gu Yu was a boring man whodidn\'t understand the ceremony. I didn\'t expect him to say such sweet words!

Zhang Siyi thoughtGu Yu\'s compliments were at his limit, but he heard something else that almostgave Zhang Siyi a heart attack!

In a lowprovocative tone Gu Yu leaned in close a softly said: “You know…… Fromthe moment I saw you walk down the stairs…. I wanted you.”

Zhang Siyi:“……”

Since ZhangSiyi thought the atmosphere is very good right now, he thought that kind ofthing was possible. Although he was nervous, he was looking forward to being passionatewith Gu Yu.

However, GuYu suddenly let go of him and said: "But first, you should wash the dishes."

Zhang Siyi: “………” Go to hell !!! (╯‵皿’)╯(┻━┻


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