Assistant Architect - Chapter 112

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Assistant Architect by Xi He Qing Ling

Chapter 112: Dog Food


As Gu Yu wasfrying two eggs, Zhang Siyi crept closer smelling the delicious aromas in thekitchen. Since the porridge was placed in the slow cooker last night, it was alreadydone. Gu Yu grabbed a bowl from the cabinet and spooned porridge into it. He placedthe egg and drizzled some sesame oil over it and handed the dish to Zhang Siyi.– Get up early and breakfast is alreadymade. It\'s so nice living with Gu Yu!

Like apuppy waiting for his master, Zhang Siyi looked at him affectionately. Gu Yusaid: "Go get the chopsticks."

"Oh." ZhangSiyi smiled at him. He walked over to the drawer, took out the remaining tableware,then grabbed the last set of dishes from the cabinet in order to set the table.

Feeling ravenous,Zhang Siyi swallowed a mouthful of saliva. He opened his WeChat and created anew chat group and pulled Gu Yu into it. Then he took a photo of his breakfast anduploaded the image to the new group….\'I\'m sorry for the wait.\' Click send.

A halfminute later, Gu Yu came out of the kitchen and saw that Zhang Siyi hadn\'teaten yet: "Why haven\'t you eaten?"

Zhang Siyilooked at him: “I\'m waiting for you to eat together."

Gu Yusmiled warmly and placed the last small dish of homemade radish sauce betweenthe two and whispered: "Eat before its cold."

Betweenmouthfuls of food, Zhang Siyi asked: "What are your plans for today?"

"I\'ll helpyou clean the room and then I need to go to the supermarket to buy something."Gu Yu looked up at saw Zhang Siyi laughing. "Today you officially moved in. I\'llmake dinner for you in celebration as a house-warming gift. What do you think?"

What couldZhang Siyi do? Of course, it’s all right! Thinking carefully, when Gu Yuarrived at his old apartment, it was already past midnight. He really did moveinto Gu Yu\'s place on the official day!

While eatinghis porridge, Zhang Siyi asked: “Will the celebration be at night?”

Gu Yu:“Yes, but not too late at night. Do you have any special dishes you wouldlike to eat?

Zhang Siyi wantedto say \'as long as you have made the food, I will eat it\', but he felt tooembarrassed to say it. Instead he replied: "Anything is fine. I\'m not picky."

Nodding, Gu Yu was about to say something else but he saw Zhang Siyi lowered his head and quietly stammer: “At night, I also have a gift for you.”

Gu Yucuriously asked: “What?”

Blushingcrimson, Zhang Siyi replied: “I\'m not telling. Be patient and you willknow this evening."

Gu Yu raisedhis eyebrows and guessed: “Play the violin for me?”

Zhang Siyi:“………” Ah! (╯‵皿’)╯(┻━┻

SeeingZhang Siyi puff up his red face, Gu Yu knew he had guessed correctly. Hebrought his hand up to mouth to cover his muffled laughter.

Aftereating, Zhang Si Yi got up without a word and brought the dishes to the sink andwashed them.

WatchingZhang Siyi, Gu Yu is very satisfied. It seems his teaching is very effective!

Zhang Siyitook out his anger on the dishes by scrubbing them furiously. Shit! Why did he have to guess!? Now there\'sno mystery at all!

By just sending a \'I miss you\' message, Gu Yu drove to his apartment after midnight to see him. Zhang Siyi thought this type of behavior only happened to people on TV. He never would have expected it to happen to him. Aaahh! So romantic! But the mood was stopped because Gu Yu didn\'t follow through with the plan Zhang Siyi hand in his mind. He really wanted to create a romantic atmosphere for Gu Yu.

With his ownthoughts and plans in place in his mind, Zhang Siyi realized that he was washingthe dishes with hot water. Huh? He clearly remembered there wasn\'t hot waterthe last time he was in the kitchen. Did Gu Yu install a water heater? Zhang Siyithought it was strange.

Gu Yusuddenly came up to him from behind and kissed him on the cheek: "I\'m waitingfor your gift."


Aah! Aah! Aah!Aah!……

Plunginghis hands in the hot water, Zhang Siyi blushed a deeper shade of red, feelingboth his heart ache and feeling sweet.

During the morninghours, Zhang Siyi moved his luggage into the upstairs room that was previously \'astorage area stuffed with boxes.\' The room was very clean that was furnishedwith a double bed and a large writing desk with a bookshelf. Also, there was a newwardrobe against the wall.

While Gu Yu helped him with his stuff, Zhang Siyi asked: "Is this wardrobe brand new?"

Gu Yuexplained: “Well, since the occupants have only stayed for a short period,I\'ve only had a small hanging rack for guests. When I was at your house, I sawthat you own a lot of clothes, so I went to IKEA to buy one for you."

Zhang Siyifelt a little embarrassed over his habit of piling everything on the chair inhis bedroom instead of hanging the cloths up. He didn\'t expect Gu Yu toremember it.

While Gu Yuhelped Zhang Siyi with his bedding, Gu Yu suddenly asked: "When was the lasttime you washed your sheets?"

Zhang Siyi:“Well, I don’t remember …” – Notsince they were bought! (=_=)

Gu Yufrowned and took the sheets out of the room.

Chasinghim, Zhang asked: “Hey! What are you doing?"

Gu Yulooked at them in disgust: “Slimy and dirty. I\'m putting them in the washfor you.”

Zhang Siyi:“How am I supposed to make the bed without sheets?"

Gu Yuglanced at him without regard for Zhang Siyi\'s plight: "Sleep with me."

Zhang Siyi:“……”

Gu Yu inspectedhim up and down then asked: “How often do you take a shower?”

“Oneor two days…. Maybe two or three days…." Under the gaze of scrutiny, Zhang Siyishrank his neck and quietly said: "Uh, sometimes four or five days…."

Gu Yu:“……”

Quicklywanting to explain, Zhang Siyi said: “Well, that only happens when I\'mvery busy. Normally, I wash every two and maybe three days."

Gu Yu:“When was the last time you took a shower?”

Wanting toplease Gu Yu, Zhang Siyi excitedly sprung up and happily said: "Last night! Iwash everyday now!"

Stoppingsuddenly, Gu Yu turned to stare at him oddly then smiled at him in a mischievousgrin. After, he continued to walk with the dirty sheets down the stairs.

Zhang Siyi:“……” (o////o) – Shit, I feel like I accidentally leakedsomething.……

Indeed,ever since he learned that Gu Yu liked him, Zhang Siyi changed from hisprevious lazy habits into diligent, hardworking ones. As they say, people willdo anything when they are in love. If washing makes Gu Yu happy, Zhang Siyiwill take a bath three times a day!

All day, fromnine in the morning until three in the afternoon, it took Zhang Siyi a full sixhours to unpack and sort out everything.

Gu Yubrought the newly washed bedding to the room and removed the quilt that wastemporarily laid on the bed: "You can sleep here, but put on the bedding properlyfirst."

Having learnedthe truth from Gu Yao previously, Zhang Siyi took the opportunity to tease GuYu: "How come the last time I came you said there was only one blanket? What isthis?"

Maintaininghis composure, Gu Yu calmly replied: "This is Gu Yao quilt. How can I let a smellyman use my sister\'s blanket?"

Zhang Siyi:"Then what\'s the difference now?"

Gaining theupper hand, Gu Yu looked at Zhang Siyi and grinned: “Didn\'t you just saythat you shower every day now? For that personal matter…… I\'ll leave you to it."

Zhang Siyi:“……”

Son of abitch! Son of a bitch! ……Ah, you bastard!

As theydrove to the supermarket for groceries, Zhang Siyi transferred the months rentto Gu Yu. After going inside, Gu Yu pointed to the rows of shelves: "I don\'thave time to shop every day after work, so we need to purchase a week worth of food."

Now that ZhangSiyi has paid his “rent”, he could shop without reservations. He pickedout he most expensive milk, yogurt, imported fruits, and a large variety of snacks.

Gu Yu lookedat the overflowing pile of food in the shopping cart, clenched his jaw and mumbled:"Black sheep of the family."

Feeling asigh of relief, Zhang Siyi happily walked in front of Gu Yu humming. – Who was the one who said to pick out whateverI want to eat? Poor You!

Gu Yulooked at the back of Zhang Siyi sullenly then gently shook his own head.

It was morethan five o\'clock in the late afternoon when they returned home with fullyladen grocery bags. As Zhang Siyi unloaded the groceries, Gu Yu immediatelystarted prepping the ingredients. Next to him, Zhang Siyi was watching hissweetheart\'s slow but orderly movements with adoration. Ah, Gu Yu is such agood man! – And this good man is mine! Hehe!(≧▽≦)

In onehour, Gu Yu made four dishes and one soup. They were tomato stewed brisket, greenonion and prawns, pickled lotus root slices, vegetable stir fry, and big bonesoup. After the soup was prepared, Gu Yu carefully took out the bone and driedit. When it was cool enough, he gave it to Townhouse.

For fivemonths, from birth until now, Townhouse has been eating dog food. He has neverseen a real bone before. Gu Yu held the bone in his hand and said: "Townhousesit." The dog sat down and patiently waited for Gu Yu to give him the bone. Whenhe set the bone in the dog dish, Townhouse barked three times as if to say \'thankyou master\'.

Watching theinteraction on the side, Zhang Siyi foolishly asked: "Can Townhouse eat bones?Fu Xinhui told me the dog only eats dog food."

Gu Yu wiped his hands and said as a matter of course: “If dogs don\'t eat bones, than what do they eat? Dog food is simple food that people invented for laziness. It\'s like a compressed biscuit. If you eat compressed biscuits every day, can you stand it?"

Zhang Siyi:"…… true…."

Watchingthe dog enjoy his bone, Gu Yu looked down at Townhouse and smiled: "I don\'t havetime to prepare bones every day. Since today is a celebration and we are eatinga special dinner, we should all have a blessing to enjoy, right?"

Zhang Siyilooked at Gu Yu\'s profile intently and felt that he was really gentle.

…… I like him so much! (≧▽≦)

Opening abottle of wine at dinner, Gu Yu poured each of them a glass. When the twoglasses were raised and joined a \'ching\' sound permeated the room. Toasting,Zhang Siyi blushed and Gu Yu officially welcomed Zhang Siyi in his home.

Even thoughthey chatted during the meal, Zhang Siyi had been thinking about playing theviolin so he was absent-minded. Noticing Zhang Siyi\'s lack of focus, Gu Yu putdown his chopsticks, motioned with his affectionate eyes and gestured with a broadsmile.

Even thoughthey hadn\'t finished eating, Zhang Siyi understood; Gu Yu couldn\'t wait anylonger. Before Gu Yu could say anything, Zhang Siyi said: "I\'ll go get myviolin now."

Smiling, Gu Yu raised his wine glass and an affirmative tone issued from his throat: "Hmmm".


T/N: is it clear in this chapter that Gu Yu isteasing Zhang Siyi about what he said in Ch 64?