Assistant Architect - Chapter 111

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Assistant Architect by Xi He Qing Ling

Chapter 111: Kiss

Staring athis phone, Zhang Siyi felt shocked that he actually sent the message.Instinctively, he wanted to say something to withdraw. At the same time, he wanted to know what GuYu would say.

Gu Yu musthave seen it……

If ZhangSiyi said something contradictory now, how would Gu Yu feel? Thinking abouteven considering the possibility, Zhang Siyi got angry at himself. Forget it. Don\'t overthink it…. I just want him.


…… Oh, soshy! q////q

Zhang Siyithrew away the phone then clutched his hot face and groaned in remorse. – You idiot! These words should be said for tomorrow\'sconfession to Gu Yu. Otherwise, what kind of surprise would it be?! Ah!

What to do!Gu Yu must have guessed what he thought of him. Zhang Siyi didn\'t know what tosay next. With a pounding in his chest, he was afraid and excited. He was bothnervous and looking forward to what Gu Yu would say.

When themobile phone vibrated, he jumped up excitedly and grabbed it. He couldn\'t waitto see what Gu Yu had sent.

Gu Yu:“[Little Fox touched head]”

Zhang Siyi:“……” That\'s it?

Seeing theemoji-sticker, Zhang Siyi felt lost. He waited a long time, but Gu Yu didn\'tsend any more messages. – Shit, I said, "Imiss you", and you just send me a \'touch head\' expression? Don’t you like me? Aren\'tyou supposed to tell me, “I miss you too” or at least send a \'littlefox kiss\' emoji?

The greaterthe expectations, the greater the disappointment!

He shovedhis phone under the pillow, and never wanted to look at it again!

Feelingwronged, Zhang Siyi held his pillow to try and comfort himself. Maybe Gu Yu wastoo tired and wasn\'t paying attention so he simply sent a \'touch head\' emoji.

Zhang Siyididn\'t ask him any more questions, and Gu Yu hasn\'t said anything else so maybeit\'s true that he feel asleep. Well,it’s definitely like that, Zhang Siyi convinced himself. – Ah,Ah! Son of a bitch! I’m not pulling the violin for you tomorrow!

Feelingirritated, Zhang Siyi laid back down and tried to sleep. After some time, hefinally relaxed his mind. Once he felt groggy, he could feel himself fallingasleep. At this time the phone under his pillow vibrated.

He took outhis mobile phone and looked at it. It turned out to be Gu Yu!

It\'s beenawhile already and Gu Yu hasn\'t slept yet? Why is he calling now?

Confused, heanswered the phone. Zhang Siyi was only able to say one syllable before heheard Gu Yu gasping and said: “Open the door.”

Zhang Siyi:"……" Eh? (⊙ _ ⊙)

Gu Yu:“I am downstairs.”

Zhang Siyi:"…………." Eh ?? ( ° △°|||)

Gu Yurepeated it again: “Open the door.”

Zhang Siyi: "……………………."Eh !?!? (╯#°Д°)╯

Zhang Siyiwoke up completely! Gu Yu is here? Is the reason why he didn\'t return any moremessages was because he came straight over to see him?

– Oh, my God! That’sthe point!!

– Gu Yu is here! Whatdo I want?

– What to do? Whatto do? What to do?!?!

– So nervous, so nervous,so nervous !!!

Zhang Siyiflew out of bed and went to the wall panel to push the button that opened theelectronic door and then he rushed back to his room to put on a pair of pants.After, he returned to the entrance and quietly waited for Gu Yu to arrive. He crackedthe door open for him to enter.

He heardthe sound of the elevator door opening and the sound of a person walking downthe hallway. Step by step, Zhang Siyi could hear the footsteps of Gu Yu. As hewalked closer, Gu Yu\'s steps became slightly quicker, allowing Zhang Siyi tohear the urgency in them.

As Gu Yurounded the corner in the hallway, Zhang Siyi looked at him intently. Gu Yu\'shair was messed up seemingly by the wind and holding his car keys. Even thoughthey were only apart for four hours, Gu Yu also looked back at Zhang Siyiintently with obvious yearning.

In aninstant, Zhang Siyi is reminded of the movie soundtrack from "Spring Fever". Theunique ensemble music is beautiful and sad. Love is unclear however, with theappearance of Gu Yu the music becomes warm, cheerful and sweet. The malecharacters in the film didn\'t wait for one another, but Zhang Siyi waited forGu Yu. From now on, he will never be lonely.

Just whenZhang Siyi tried to say something, Gu Yu suddenly stepped forward into theapartment and grabbed Zhang Siyi\'s arm. Gu Yu pulled Zhang Siyiy into his armsand clung tightly.

Zhang Siyi:“……”

As Gu Yu\'sbreath tickled Zhang Siyi neck, he could feel the outside chill from Gu Yu beingeliminated by his own rising heat. Their hearts pounded in synchrony.

Gu Yu wrappedhis arm around Zhang Siyi\'s waist in one hand and held the back of his head in hisother hand. A strong premonition floated across Zhang Siyi\'s mind. Gu Yu peeredinto Zhang Siyi\'s eyes for a moment then lowered his lips and kissed him. ZhangSiyi completely lost his ability to speak.

Timidly atfirst, their breath mingled and Gu Yu parted his lips to probe gently with histongue. With more enthusiasm, Gu Yu impatiently sucked his lips and forced histongue inside Zhang Siyi mouth awkwardly.

In response,Zhang Siyi eagerly kissed Gu Yu. As the tip of Zhang Siyi tongue touched GuYu\'s, a pulse of energy swept through him like a wave causing Zhang Siyi to bepowerless and making him unable to think.

With onlyenthusiasm and desire to guide him, Gu Yu kissing technique wasn\'t very good.Even so, the kiss had already made Zhang Siyi\'s heart jump and scalp tingle. ZhangSiyi never thought that one day he would be throbbing with desire for anotherman. It’s over. Zhang Siyi will be in this man’s care for the rest of his life!

Zhang Siyislowly reacted to Gu Yu kiss. From being a passive receiver to engaging Gu Yu withforce and returning his kisses. Zhang Siyi put his arms around Gu Yu and withmore pressure, their kissing became quicker and desperate.


After whatseemed like a long time, they separated their lips to catch their breath.Panting, they put their foreheads together and looked at each other withaffection. Not one word was spoken, but through their kiss, the love they feltfor one another was understood.

– I likeyou.

– Me too.

– Let’s betogether.

– Allright.

– Good.

Lifting hishand to gently caress Zhang Siyi\'s face and lips, Gu Yu finally spoke. Slightlyout of breath, husky, and with sensuality he said: "Let\'s go home."

Holdingonto Gu Yu, Zhang Siyi subconsciously shuddered in excitement and offered ameager “hmm”.

With theremaining things from Zhang Siyi apartment, they drove back to the villa in YuanshanGarden. When they opened the door to the villa, like a statue of a stone lion, Townhousewas sitting in the foyer solemnly in wait for the two masters to return.

The fewremaining things that Zhang Siyi brought with him were haphazardly thrown onthe sofa.

Lost in ZhangSiyi\'s own embellished thoughts, he was taken upstairs, undressed, and pushedonto the bed. For a moment, he felt like he was going to give himself to Gu Yu.At the time of watching the film, Zhang Siyi felt a little uncomfortable, butnow, he knew he would have done that kind of thing with Gu Yu naturally. Heeven looked forward to it.

Gu Yuleaned over and gave Zhang Siyi another deep kiss then stared at him with devotion.

Zhang Siyifelt captivated and yearned for more and instinctively pressed himself closerto Gu Yu.

Gu Yu heldon to Zhang Siyi tighter, like he had recovered his most precious treasure.

The loveand affection Zhang Siyi felt from Gu Yu made him burn with desire. With anaccelerating heartbeat, Zhang Siyi anticipated with enthusiasm what was goingto happen next……

Unexpectedly,Gu Yu stood up and pulled up the blanket around Zhang Siyi and gently said: "Sleep."

Zhang Siyi:“………”

– What?

– That’s it??

– Go to sleep, huh???

– My pants are offand you actually told me to go to sleep!!!!!!


Well, holdon, Zhang Siyi. Gu Yu is an innocent boy who has never talked about love. Hedoesn’t understand what to do at this time.

…… Do youwant to take the initiative?

…… Tell himin a man’s way that he wants it now?

…… But GuYu is a man. How can he? (=////=)

Zhang Siyisighed in dissatisfaction and was annoyed at himself for expecting too much. Inthe end, he had to endure the discomfort.

Lying down inGu Yu\'s bed, Zhang Siyi deeply breathed in Gu Yu essence. Feeling like he wasbeing embraced by the man himself, his mind felt at peace and he graduallyrelaxed. After several days of packing and moving, as well as staying up lateat night to practice music, he didn\'t have much strength left. Feeling at easeand closing his eyes, it didn\'t take long for sleep to overtake him. The lastremaining thought floated in Zhang Siyi mind. If he knows everything already, what was the point of all the practiceand the waiting?

The nextmorning, when Zhang Siyi opened his eyes, he found himself entwined with Gu Yulike he had that morning after his first stay at Gu Yu’s home. Gu Yu wasalready awake gazeing at Zhang Siyi tenderly.

Even thoughit was eight in the morning, Zhang Siyi woke up like clockwork. As he blinkedhis sleepy eyes a few times, the grogginess disappeared and his memories oflast night became clear. He felt somewhat sheepish. Waking up in Gu Yu armsfelt like a dream and it was a dream that Zhang Siyi never wanted to end.

Gu Yuhugged him then leaned over and gave Zhang Siyi a light peck on his lips:“Good Morning."

Since everythingwas initiated by Gu Yu, Zhang Siyi felt very self-conscience. With an impulse,he aggressively pushed Gu Yu back and rolled his weight onto him to hold him downand kiss him forcefully.

EnjoyingZhang Siyi\'s treatment, Gu Yu indulged his mischief. Feeling like Zhang Siyi impudentbehavior was even more out of style then his usual self, Gu Yu laughedplayfully. He gave Zhang Siyi\'s ass a light slap in a timely manner to stop himand said: "Ok. Don\'t play with fire."

Notexpecting a slap, Zhang Siyi was surprised then quickly retracted himself. Asthe moment past, he soon came to his senses and wondered what Gu Yu was talkingabout. What fire? What is he afraid of?

Gu Yutouched his head and whispered a consolation: “Take your time.”

Zhang Siyi:“…”

– What!?

– I\'m in a hurry?

– I don’t believeyou don’t want it!

– It’s all breakingdown there!

Whilesitting in bed stupidly, Gu Yu has already extricated himself from Zhang Siyi\'sgrasp:" You sleep longer. I\'ll go make breakfast. We still have a lot of thingsto do today."

Zhang Siyilost in bed. He suddenly realized that even in Gu Yu\'s daily life, he seems tobe a rational, methodical, patient, and distinguished…… Workaholic!

Without GuYu\'s body temperature to keep him comfortable, Zhang Siyi couldn\'t sleepanymore. Zhang Siyi had to admit that Gu Yu was correct. There really was a lotof errands to run and things to sort out from his move, but most of all, hewanted to find the chance to play the violin for Gu Yu.

Shit!Without the personal admission of love and the acceptance of it, there is afeeling that something is missing!

Zhang Siyihurriedly got out of bed, sighed at his little brother, then put on his clothes, washed his face andwent downstairs.