Assistant Architect - Chapter 110

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Assistant Architect by Xi He Qing Ling

Chapter 110: Townhouse

At work onThursday, Zhang Siyi shook out his cramped arm then continued to collectbackground information on the X-City hotel project in Yunnan province. Its justtwo more days left until he moves!

In the evening,Zhang Siyi and Gu Yu went out to dinner together. After thinking about hisliving situation, he wanted to discuss it with Gu Yu: "Boss, I\'ve thought aboutit. I\'m going to move in with you but I still have to pay you rent."

Even beforeZhang Siyi realized the truth about who Gu Yu liked, he thought about payingrent. Due to the emotional rollercoaster he experienced from the last few days events,his mind was mush. When Gu Yu asked him to live together, he felt so happy thathe forgot all else, including asking him about rent.

Knowingthat Gu Yu liked him, Zhang Siyi didn\'t want to take advantage of his feelingsto deliberately ignore paying rent. In some ways, after studying in the UK formany years, Zhang Siyi adopted some westernized concepts. In particular, thesentiment is true towards the importance of the mutual economic independence ofa couple.

Although GuYu lived in a friend\'s house without the need to pay rent in exchange forarchitectural favors, the two decided to live together and thus, they shouldbear the expenses together.

Zhang Siyicouldn\'t think of anything else to offer other than paying rent. He scratchedhis head in embarrassment: “I don\'t have much money now so I can only affordthe same as I\'ve been paying. Four-thousand a month. What do you think?"

Now thatZhang Siyi has been looking at housing options for the last two weeks, he iswell versed in the various areas of the city and its current prices. Inferringthe rent of Yuanshan Garden from experience, he can guess that the villa is atleast twenty-thousand a month. What’s more, the significance of Zhang Siyi\'s improvedquality of life is greater than the value of the house itself. For thesereasons, Zhang Siyi is embarrassed to mention “4,000 bucks."

Gu Yulistened to Zhang Siyi’s words and carefully examined his expression. KnowingZhang Siyi\'s personality and upbringing, he didn\'t want to dismiss Zhang Siyi\'sthoughtful proposal.

“Alright,but I didn’t intend to collect your money. Since this is what you insist on, Iwill accept it.” In order for them to live comfortably together, Gu Yurespected Zhang Siyi’s wishes. Gu Yu continued: "However, neither will I takethis money for myself, nor will my friend who provides this house agree to it."After a moment of deliberation, Gu Yu looked up and said: "How about we use themoney towards our common expenses and if there isn\'t enough, I will pay for theremainder and if you do other chores to improve our living arrangements, I canaward you a bonus based on my own judgment."

Zhang Siyi:“……”

Zhang Siyiunderstood the first part, but the second part sounded strange. That is to say,when they buy food or go out to eat or watch a movie, Gu Yu does not need topay. As a result, it is more like Zhang Siyi is "supporting" Gu Yu. Not only doesGu Yu\'s proposal take care of Zhang Siyi’s self-respect, but it also gives himthe chance to feel like he is contributing!

Zhang Siyinodded enthusiastically and felt it was very reasonable than asked: "What arethe other things I can do to improve the quality of living together?"

“Forexample, if you took the initiative to do various chores, or something likebuying fresh flowers to decorate…” Gu Yu lifted his eyebrows and paused.Than continued: “Well, if it is something that makes me feel happy, I feelits only appropriate to return the rest of the money to you."

Is theresuch a good thing as earning money back through housework? "All right!" ZhangSiyi said full of gratitude and joy. After the consensus, Zhang Siyi couldfinally look forward to living together without any burden.

That night,the pair moved more of luggage over to Gu Yu\'s house. The only stuff left inthe apartment, was Zhang Siyi bedding, his violin and the dog.

Gu Yulooked at the bare apartment and the restless Golden Retriever. He asked: “Whatis the dog\'s name?”

Zhang Siyi:“Cheer-Up"

Gu Yu:“Cheer-Up? Why does he have an odd name? Is there any specialmeaning?”

Zhang Siyieye\'s twitched and with some resentment explained the origin on the dog\'s name thencomplained: "This is the dog of doom. Nothing but bad things have happenedsince getting this dog. First, Fu Xinhui\'sfamily was attacked by the mob, then his sister was imprisoned for a few weeksand then his family went bankrupt. Since the dog was entrusted to me, I lost5000 on the sale of used speakers, my project fell through, and I couldn\'t findan apartment even though I looked for a month. If it wasn\'t for you, I wouldn\'thave a place to live!"

Gu Yu:“……”

There wereother instances of bad luck like his fight with Gu Yu, but Zhang Siyi didn\'twant to complain about his list grievances anymore. Now, Zhang Siyi is a littlefearful of the dog: "I usually call him Stupid-Dog. There is no way I amcalling the dog Cheer-Up. He\'s just going to bring us bad luck."

HearingZhang Siyi talk about "us", Gu Yu smiled. He went over to the dog, croucheddown and pet his head. Wagging his tail and responding to Gu Yu\'s touch, Cheer-Upmoved closer and stuck his tongue out panting.

Gu Yu:“When I get back home, I\'ll research the dog\'s aura and calculate the bestname."

ZhangSiyi’s: “Oh? What are you going to do?"

Gu Yuexplained: "Since some architectural design requests want to utilize Feng Shui,I have read a few books relating to the subject. Inevitably, there are thingsthat come up every now and then that are very difficult to explain with commonsense. Since you said the dog incurs bad luck, then you will always have negativefeelings. Whether luck has anything to do with it or not, it is best to dispel anydoubts. Then you will feel more comfortable and at ease."

With stars glitteringin his eye, Zhang Siyi looked at Gu Yu full of worship: "Well, hurry up andcalculate it!"

Ah, for thesake of the future! Gu Yu is so powerful! (☆_☆)

Gu Yu:“……”

After Gu Yuwent home, Zhang Siyi took time to practice playing the violin. Later, whilegetting ready for bed, he noticed some messages from Gu Yu on WeChat.

Gu Yu:“I completed my research and discovered that the original name was hastilymade. Is it alright if we change it?"

While thinkingwhether or not he needs to get Fu Xinhui\'s consent to rename he dog, Zhang Siyiturned and looked at Cheer-Up. Since he was abroad, Fu Xinhui won\'t be seeing himfor at least three years. The son and the mother are going to remarry.

Zhang Siyi:“All right! Chang it!"

Gu Yu:“Ok. Hold on, I\'m going to figure out a new name."

Zhang Siyi:“Hmm.”

In lessthan half an hour, Gu Yu replied: ” In order to ward away the evil spirits,how about we change the dog\'s name to Townhouse?"

Zhang Siyi:“…” Eh? Townhouse? (=_=)

Zhang Siyithought the new name was as stupid as \'Cheer-Up\'. They might as well name thedog \'Prosperous-Wealth\' however, he was eager to agree with Gu Yu\'s suggestion.

Zhang Siyisaid: "It\'s a good name!" As he said the new name out loud, he realized thename was also a homonym for \'Secure Residence\'. Ah! Very smooth!” ~\(≧▽≦)/~

Gu Yu:“OK, tomorrow we will hold a formal ceremony to change his name."

Gu Yu:“[Little Fox Drinks Tea]”

Zhang Siyi:“……” There is such a thing?

Since ZhangSiyi assumed the dog\'s presence would cause problems, he was surprised at how muchconsideration Gu Yu had for the dog. Zhang Siyi was both moved and felt warm atheart. He really wished he could leave his apartment with the dog and move intothe stepfather\'s house now!

The nextevening on Friday, Gu Yu drove with Zhang Siyi to pick up the dog. When they arrivedat the villa, Gu Yu gently coaxed the dog inside. In a very serious tone, hespoke to the dog: "Townhouse, this is your new home and I am your new master."


Zhang Siyi:"……" You’re the new owner? So, what am I?

IgnoringZhang Siyi, Gu Yu lite three incense sticks and then with Townhouse, he walkedthe dog in a circle tapping his head three times chanting "Townhouse".

Incrediblylike magic, when the ceremony was completed, the dog barked in response to GuYu as if he understood. Indicating that he was very satisfied, Gu Yu narrowedhis eyes and nodded at Townhouse. Witnessing the scene in front of him, ZhangSiyi stared wide-eyed and open mouthed. He felt so useless!

Even on thelast night, Zhang Siyi insisted on going back to his old apartment. Although hewanted to practice one last time, he didn\'t stress it too much in fear ofcausing fatigue. In his anticipation for playing Summer for Gu Yu tomorrow, hecouldn\'t settle his mind.

Lying inbed feeling restless, Zhang Siyi searched for one of the films Gu Yao hadmentioned previously, “Spring Fever”.

Since themovie had a love scene between two men at the beginning of the film, Zhang Siyifelt uncomfortable. Having been brought up with straight values, it wasn\'t easyto change his thinking right away.

He took adeep breath and imagined himself and Gu Yu as the couple in the movie doing thethings, he saw on screen…. pressed together, kissing, moaning, thrusting,…..Wait, wait!

Thenosebleed is going to flow out … Zhang Siyi was crimson and looked at thesudden excitement of the little brother between his legs… You’re not! (t////t)

After thelittle bit of thunder, the story began with a flow of consciousness and theplot confused Zhang Siyi. Even so, he became engrossed in the characters especiallythe feelings of loss and loneliness of the male lead. Zhang Siyi imaginedhimself as the male lead losing Gu Yu and it made him feel very upset.

Afterwatching the film, Zhang Siyi looked up film reviews on the internet to gain abetter grasp of the themes that the film wanted to express. Confirming his guess,the film was about the feelings between people. Whether those two people were twomen or a man and a woman, all couples flirt, love, and fight with one another.It is as Gu Yu said; true feelings are gender-neutral.

Zhang Siyi wassuddenly very glad that he saw such a film at this time because he never consideredthat two men could have real emotional feelings. Previously, with a straight manmentality, he would never have taken any step towards another man.

However,when he saw the pain and loneliness of male couple in the film, Zhang Siyisuddenly felt that his previous thoughts were too irresponsible. He wasabsolutely reluctant to let Gu Yu suffer the same emotional pain, so once theyare together, they will never separate. Now that Zhang Siyi was resolute in hisdecision, he clenched his fist. Like his lifetime commitment to architecture, ZhangSiyi would spend the rest of his life with Gu Yu!

Feeling movedby the tone of the film, Zhang Siyi reached out and grabbed his phone. Eventhough it was past midnight, he sent a message to Gu Yu: "Are you asleep?"

Gu Yu:“Why aren\'t you asleep?”

Zhang Siyi:“Did you have any problems with Cheer … Oh, I mean Townhouse?"

Gu Yu:“He is very well behaved and sleeping in the living room."

Zhang Siyi:“Oh …”

Gu Yu:“What else is the matter? Why are you still awake?"

Zhang Siyi stared at the screen for a long time and on impulse, he wrote three words: “I miss you.”