Assistant Architect - Chapter 11

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Translator: Blues

Editor: Shem

Zhang Si Yi was a little bewildered when he was asked, his mind was in chaos. Thought? What train of thought?

However, if there was a chance to ease the atmosphere, even if he was confused, he tried hard to rack his brain for ideas: “First, I set out a list of the functional needs of single youth for space, such as a place to eat, a place to sleep, and then imagined myself living in this apartment design streamline. The design of the living conditions in this apartment is streamlined… For example, when I entered the doorway, I wanted to see the living room first, but I don’t want the bedroom on the right side of the shoe closet, it makes me feel insecure, so I put it in at the deepest level, connecting it to the balcony.”

He took a look at Du Rui Xuan’s drawings. At first, he didn’t see something wrong, it was because she drew so beautiful, the lines were clean, it was also printed out in color. It was so nice to look at, simply had no time to pay attention to her design ability.

It was not until Gu Xiao pointed out that Zhang Si Yi discovered that it did expose a lot of problems.

He continued: "Although the district\'s internal planner Engineer Gu have already done a good job, don\'t let us to do the surrounding site analysis, but the environment can\'t be ignored. You see, this is the site map I found before I made the design, the southwest of this land is next to a city green, if you make the living room or balcony face in this direction, there will be quite a good view of the landscape. But in your design, the southeast of balcony is facing a low house to be demolished, although the lighting problem was solved, but the highlights of the greenland have been completely ignored.”

Zhang Si Yi said while watching Du Rui Xuan’s expression, seeing that she was listening attentively, her face also showed an expression of sudden realization and was slowly relieved.

He went on and gave the unreserved knowledge of what he knew.

Unconsciously, the two discussed for half an hour, Du Rui Xuan listened for a long time and sincerely said, "No wonder, Engineer Gu recruited you. You\'re awesome!"

Zhang Si Yi was a little flattered, He scratched his head and said: “I don’t know if my reasoning is right, but my design teacher guided us, so…"

The two asked their respective graduate colleges, Du Rui Xuan graduated from the architecture department of a major university in China.

She said with a wry smile: “You said these things, I also learned in the design theory class, but rarely really go into practice, neither know how to put it into practice. Most of the time, we thought those analysis were just a game, and that the most important thing is the result. At the time, our design school had a strange ethos. That is, whoever drew the most beautiful, the cool effect, and who scored high. So when I came to Boundless, I was really distressed. Because every time I make a plan, Engineer Gu will criticize me, but I don’t know why I didn’t do it well, listening to what you said today makes me feel a bit… Hey, designing is really complicated."

Zhang Si Yi was stunned. What was complicated for Du Rui Xuan, he seemed to have no difficulty.

While studying, they would make a plan for a long time, from the initial site analysis, environmental analysis, streamline analysis and infiltrate the details a little bit. Even if the analysis didn’t seem very useful at the time, they were required to be meticulous and even repeated the research until the last week of design. Many people might also have the whim to throw the original and start all over again.

Perhaps Zhang Si Yi himself did not know, what he learned in this process was not a design results, rather it was a way of thinking that was cultivated and shaped.

Du Rui Xuan pointed out what he was good at, but Zhang Si Yi was not proud of it. After all, he heard this kind of things many times.

His design teacher was very good at encouraging students, he often said to him, "You are great" and "You are very talented". At first, Zhang Si Yi also felt complacent, he felt that he was a talented person who was dedicated to architecture. It wasn’t until later he learned that the design teacher said that to every student (=_=)…

Whether it was a test result or a returnee who\'s trying to find a job, he couldn’t reach the high or accept the low, which made him feel that the original design teacher tricked him.

Zhang Si Yi was not afraid of talented people, what he was afraid of was the hard-working people.

When he was a freshman, there was a plain Lithuanian student in the department. The first assignment was to measure a telephone booth. At that time, the other guy couldn’t even draw a straight line, at the end of the exhibition, many people laughed at him. But he had been working hard, Zhang Si Yi could saw him reading and drawing almost every time he went to design classroom. At a sophomore, his designs had reached the upper-middle level, the design teacher also publicly praised him, only in the eyes of the top students, he was a no talent opponent, fearless. Until the end, the student graduated with first grade. He even went to a famous office in London internship, the office recruiting conditions were extremely harsh, so the results of his admission have surprised all students.

Thinking carefully, it was understandable. Many people later would nod and said approvingly: "Yes, he’s been working hard."

Those who had been overlooked by you, people who work hard would always surpass you inadvertently.

When you react, you want to chase, but found for a long time only saw the other rider’s dust and had no hope of catching up.

Now, Zhang Si Yi also saw a similar persistent from Du Rui Xuan’s eyes. They seemed to have a kind of God-given courage and perseverance in the setbacks, they dared to overcome difficulties and never give up.

That kind of attitude made Zhang Si Yi both respect and fear her, he comforted Du Rui Xuan and said: “You see, everyone has their own strengths and weaknesses. You are not good at making a proposal, however, I am not good at hand-drawing and I really have a headache for detail design, especially small space size. Although my design is divided into various functions, but the area is very blurred, you can see on the drawings, the area of each rooms are marked out!" Zhang Si Yi stared and incredibly said, "How did you do that in such a short time?"

Du Rui Xuan smiled: “There’s a way. I have a set of templates for the rooms and I have collected them myself. There are various sizes of toilets, bedrooms and living rooms that I just copy from the inside when I want to use it, hehe."

Zhang Si Yi’s mouth twitched. Wasn’t that similar to a jigsaw puzzle?

Du Rui Xuan winked and said, “Look, after you taught me so much, I’ll share it with you. Do you want it?”

Zhang Si Yi was overjoyed: “I want! I want! I want the bathroom! Damn, you\'ll make a big profit!”

Du Rui Xuan: “…”

With the help of Du Rui Xuan’s “Divine Map”, Zhang Si Yi drew the toilet much faster this time, and the two sets of proposal were finished before the time to get off work.

Du Rui Xuan sent a message for him to hand over the drawing together, Zhang Siyi said: “Ah? Now is the time to hand it over, Engineer Gu still didn\'t look for us yet?" he wanted to catch a fish.

Du Rui Xuan said: “Of course, maybe there are spaces that need to be changed. We don’t have to hand over now,

we’ll have to work overtime in case it change."

Zhang Si Yi: “…All right. "

The two people printed the drawings and went looking for Gu Xiao, because Du Rui Xuan checked it this time, Zhang Si Yi\'s heart had more confidence.

However, after Gu Xiao took the drawings, he only looked at Zhang Si Yi while he was doing it. Zhang Si Yi became nervous again. Did he paint anything wrong?

But Gu Xiao took the drawing, while looking at Zhang Si Yi with one side only, making Zhang Siyi feel tense again tense.

“Did you draw this?” Gu Xiao stared at him with fierce eyes and asked.

Zhang Si Yi: "Yes, yes." Although he copied the template, but it could be considered that he was the one who “drew” it, right?

Gu Xiao took a glance at Du Rui Xuan\'s again, Zhang Si Yi obviously felt that Du Rui Xuan was also a bit nervous.

“You didn’t help him, did you?” Gu Xiao asked Du Rui Xuan.

Du Rui Xuan was silent for a moment, and then she blushed and said: “I gave him a little reference.”

Gu Ke nodded and said: “Okay, you go back first and send me the completed electronic map later."

Du Rui Xuan hesitated when she asked a sentence: “What else do we have to do?”

Gu Xiao: “No, you go back and read the book, until it\'s time to get off work.”

Du Rui Xuan left first, leaving Zhang Si Yi who was nervously waiting for the next order.

Gu Xiao flipped over the folder in his hand, took a stack of blank planner and handed it to him. Then he instructed: “Go back and draw the interior of these planes.”

Zhang Si Yi took a look, these drawings were all tiny offices, tea houses, and apartment types. The point was that the shape of these drawings were irregular, which means that he could not apply any template! ! !

Zhang Si Yi’s cold sweats were all down, and he felt that his action of copying the templates had been thoroughly seen.

“What is this project?” he asked nervously.

Gu Xiao: “Not a project, it is an assignment.

Give it to me tomorrow evening before getting off work."

Zhang Si Yi: “…” So, Gu Xiao found out that he went online in the morning and started to arrange the task for the next day one day earlier? Damn! Really did not give him a chance to breathe!

Gu Xiao added: “Oh, by the way, there are no electronic versions of these plans. Remember to use a hand-drawing.”

Zhang Si Yi: “…” (=皿=)

Seeing Zhang Si Yi returned with a grieving face, Zhu Hongzhen curiously said: “Hey, criticized again?”

Zhang Si Yi dumped the design plan on the table angrily said: “Ah, so irritable. The computer\'s drawing is not good, yet I have to hand-draw."

Zhu Hongzhen took a look at it and said, “What is it? Oh, a small size plans…”

Somehow, all of a sudden, the whole group A’s colleagues were curious, looking at Zhang Si Yi’s position with sympathy.

Bi Lele reminded: “Fourth Aunt, look at the group notice.”

Zhang Si Yi’s suffering face forced him to open the icon in the lower right corner, and saw that Gu Xiao just sent a new message ten seconds ago to the group— "Zhang Si Yi is currently in the plan training period, please don’t tell him any drawing shortcuts."

Zhang Si Yi: “…”

“Dang! You\'re truly being treated as a \'privileged\' person.” Zhu Hongzhen, who had originally wanted to give Zhang Si Yi a bit of advice, also sealed his mouth.

Bi Lele laughed at the opposite side and said: “It’s the first time I’ve seen the boss make this statement in the group, he really gives you greatest \'attention\'."

Zhang Si Yi shouted in his heart: I am not a masochist and I don\'t want this kind of “attention”!

Du Rui Xuan sent a message: “I’m sorry, it feels like I got you into trouble. >_<"

Zhang Si Yi’s heroism complex slightly calmed his anger, but also returned to comfort Du Rui Xuan and said: “It’s okay, don’t take it to heart.”

…but his own heart is bleeding. T_T

However, Gu Xiao’s move also provoked Zhang Si Yi’s competitive heart. With only 40 minutes left, Zhang Si Yi squatted on a sulfuric acid paper to draw and did not lift his head.

While concentrating, Gu Xiao’s voice rang behind him: “Are you going to work overtime?”

Zhang Si Yi turned his head and saw the other person’s eyes looking at him with a smile, in a good mood appearance.

He was so angry that he wanted to bite the man, he said instead: “No. Anyway, it will be delivered tomorrow after work."

(T/N: hahaha, I imagine ZS as a cat, he must be cute :3)

Gu Xiao nodded his head and lightly said: “Oh, very confident. I’ll wait for your results tomorrow night."

Zhang Siyi: "……"Damn it, I feel bullied again! TAT

When Zhu Hongzhen saw him in a bittersweet look, he took an old pocket-sized “Architect’s Handbook” from his desk and threw it to him: “Here, there are some basic parameters, it might help. You take it back and have a look."

Zhang Siyi was grateful and said: “Xiao Zhu! Thank you!”

Zhu Hongzhen shrugged: “I can only help you here.”

The author has something to say: “Note

In the previous chapter, some people asked “streamline problem”, explain, streamline is “traffic streamline.” For example, if you enter a building, to determine the entrance, then from the entrance into the building, through all the space, and then to the exit, this route is called “Streamline”, you can think of “a line to go through the entire lattice” of the small game.

If the streamline is not handled well, it will lead to many internal traffic problems and space waste (because aisles and corridors occupy the area).

Another: Speaking of Zhang Si Yi learning in foreign countries to cultivate the design way of thinking, and simple doesn\'t mean to belittle the domestic education, this is really looking at the teacher\'s atmosphere, there are also many very domestic architectural design teacher, Gu Xiao just not see the problem of Du Rui Xuan at a glance. ╮(╯▽╰)╭

Continue to read the story, do not care about these details, hehe _ (: З”∠) _

  • Couldn\'t reach the high or accept the low – not good enough for a high position, but too proud to take a low one/to be unfit for a higher position but unwilling to take a lower one.
  • Only saw the other rider’s dust and had no hope of catching up – to be far behind/far inferior
  • to catch a fish – to loaf on the job/to slack off.


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