Assistant Architect - Chapter 109

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Assistant Architect by Xi He Qing Ling

Chapter 109: Three Days

Tao Fei’stone made Zhang Siyi a bit angry. - Howcan he be so shameless!? Shit, he asked and I\'m just supposed to obey?

Thinking ofhis earlier outburst, Zhang Siyi was reminded of an unruly teenager. Hehesitated a moment, then walked a few steps in Tao Fei\'s direction: "What?"

For thefirst time, Zhang Siyi was face to face in close proximity with Tao Fei. Upclose, his facial features were more beautiful and his skin wasn\'t worse thanGu Yu\'s. If not for his sharp stare and fiery temper, Zhang Siyi woulddefinitely be deceived by his appearance. A beautiful kitten? More like aferocious tiger!

Tao Feilooked at him for a few seconds, raised his brow and asked: “Do you hateme?”

Zhang Siyiwas surprised. At the potential of being seen through, he started to sweat.Under normal circumstances, would a person that you don\'t know ask so directly?Was he going to take his frustrations out on him instead?

Shit! ZhangSiyi wracked his brain, thinking of what to say. – I did hate you, but I don\'t anymore! I do sympathize… Hey being sohonest is too embarrassing!

Forpeaceful coexistence in the office, trying to look harmless, Zhang Siyi shrankhis shoulders and said: "No I don\'t."

Tao Fei:“…”

Zhang Siyicontinued: “Why would I hate you? When have you ever seen me do somethingthat says I hate you?" Looking at Tao Fei, Zhang Siyi noticed a slight smile onhis face.

Tao Feisnorted and said: “It’s all right if you don’t.”

With that,he turned away, leaving Zhang Siyi in the wind feeling confused.

Zhang Siyi:“……” What was that? (=_=)

After goingto a bathroom, Zhang Siyi returned to his desk and heard Zhu Hongzhen ask:“Where did you eat at noon?”

Zhang Siyi:“Boss needed me for something so I ate with him. What did you do with myboxed lunch?"

ZhuHongzhen: “I wanted to tell you about this. I gave it to Tao Fei.”

Surprised, ZhangSiyi asked: “Oh? Why did you give it to him?"

ZhuHongzhen: “When I went to lunch, I saw him sitting alone in the diningarea drinking coffee. He seemed to be in a better mood. Ji Feiyu went over totalk to him for a while and seeing that he didn\'t have a lunch and I had anextra one, I gave yours to him."

Zhang Siyi:“Oh…”

ZhuHongzhen was silent for a second then turned to ask him: “Do you have aproblem with Tao Fei?"

Even thoughhe felt a little guilty, Zhang Siyi replied steadily: “What? Of course not."

"When helearned the Bento was yours, he joked…." Zhu Hongzhen used a tone and voicelike Tao Fei to say: "Mr. Zhang? That guy doesn\'t seem to like me very much.Are you sure he didn\'t poison it?"

Zhang Siyi:“……”

Zhu Hongzhen:"I told him you have a very good character. You don\'t mind that I gave theBento away, right?"

Zhang Siyi:“Of course I don’t mind!” Evenif he hated Tao Fei, it is impossible to do such a thing!

Zhu Hongzhenalso pointed to the stack of books and materials on Zhang Siyi desk: “Bythe way, he just came over to repay you for the Bento."

Zhang Siyiturned over and saw a twenty yuan, but at the same time, he was amazed that thecrumpled drawing that he picked up from the trash in the morning was gone! ╭ (°a° ‘) ╮

Is itpossible when Tao Fei came over to give him money, he saw it and took it away?

Zhang Siyiquietly craned his neck toward Tao Fei\'s seat to take a peek. Tao Fei alsohappened to look up at his direction. Their eyes met and Tao Fei winked at him.Feeling a current in the air, Zhang Siyi felt like he got zapped. Scared, ZhangSiyi instantly turned away.

AlthoughZhang Siyi was looking at the designs out of curiosity, the drawings wereindeed Tao Fei\'s. Even though Zhang Siyi retrieved them, they should bereturned to him, but damn…….

Zhang Siyi slappedhis forehead feeling fucking embarrassed! As a straight man who has beencompletely bent, it\'s not hard to open his mind in this regard. He just hopesTao Fei isn\'t thinking about it!

Fortunately,everything was peaceful in the afternoon. When Gu Yu returned to the company,he met with Tao Fei in his office. They continued to make modifications to hisdesign and by the evening, they adopted a hybrid structure. Gu Yu let Tao Feimake the necessary changes to his outer layers, but also retained the originalscheme as a backup. With such an agreement, harmony and peace ensued and the officestaff were relieved.

Gu Yu andZhang Siyi made arrangements earlier that day to move some of his belongings bycar after work. Since Zhang Siyi wanted to spend every second of his day withGu Yu, he waited for him to finish for the evening. There was another incidentwhen they left the company. Thirty minutes after the workday ended, Gu Yu andZhang Siyi walked together to the elevator and met Tao Fei.

Havingrecovered from his outburst, Tao Fei looked relaxed. He smiled at Gu Yu andcalled him "brother" but when he saw Zhang Siyi in the corner of his eye, hejust said "Yo."

Zhang Siyi:“……” Yo-Yo-Yo yourself! Ihave a name you know?!

Tao Feiasked Gu Yu: “Brother, is he the little student who came back from the UKundergraduate program that you mentioned to me last time?"

Gu Yunodded: “Yeah.”

Since TaoFei didn\'t know they were about to leave work together, he asked Zhang Siyi:“Where do you live?"

Thinking ofhis temper and his actions at noon time, he got goose bumps. Zhang Siyi wasfeeling overwhelmed by the sudden question so he paused and didn\'t know how toanswer him. Luckily, Gu Yu answered for him: "He is coming with me today."

Tao Feiraised his eyebrow and questioned: "To your house? Why?"

Gu Yuexplained without hesitation: “He is moving in."

Tao Fei wassurprised: “The last time I asked if I could live there, didn\'t you saythat your sister was living there?”

Looking away,Gu Yu lightly coughed: “My sister recently found an internship, far awayfrom where I live. She is moving into a house with her classmates. Zhang Siyiwas looking for a new place to live, so I offered the room to him."

Zhang Siyi gaveGu Yu a side-long glance. Gu Yao and herclassmate rented a house? Really? How come I don’t know about it? You clearlysaid something else yesterday. You’re lying to Tao Fei, aren’t you? ( W )

Gu Yu:“…”

Tao Feilooked at them suspiciously as if there was something was wrong, but hecouldn’t say it. In the end, he only touched his chin with interest: “Siyi,Auntie Four. Really appropriate. Hehe.”

Zhang Siyi: “…” Fuck off!

When theelevator returned to the ground floor, they exited the building and Tao Feiheaded in the opposite direction towards the subway. Since there was no timelater to cook, Gu Yu took Zhang Siyi out for dinner

The climatein early spring is still relatively humid and cold and frequently rains. Asthey left the office, it started to drizzle.

Zhang Siyiwasn\'t in the habit of bringing an umbrella with him. Since both his company andhis apartment were rather close to the subway stop, he never felt it necessaryto carry one and instead used the hood on his coat. But not today. Since Gu Yuwas taking him out for dinner at a ramen restaurant, with the rain and wind, athousand meters was too far without an umbrella.

From Gu Yu\'sbriefcase, he took out a folded black umbrella and snapped it open. He called him:"Come here."

Zhang Siyinervously went over. With two men under a single umbrella, Zhang Siyi was subconsciouslypulling away to give Gu Yu more room under the canopy so he wouldn\'t get wet.Gu Yu noticed his behavior and reached out to his shoulder and pulled himcloser. He held him close and in a low-murmur said: "What are you doing? Comecloser so you don\'t get caught in the rain. We wouldn\'t want you to catch acold."

Zhang Siyi:“…”

In a shortwhile, Zhang Siyi felt Gu Yu\'s hand slowly slipped from his shoulder and then itwould be placed on Zhang Siyi\'s shoulder once again. After it occurred a coupleof times, Gu Yu moved his arm more comfortably around Zhang Siyi\'s lower back instead.Zhang Siyi was nervous and could feel his heart pounding like crazy.

As theywalked down the street, Gu Yu lowered the umbrella against the wind. Like themselves,the people around them were also leaving work and hurrying to get out of therain. No one payed any attention to who were the ones so closely huddledtogether under the umbrella. In this way, the two men went all the way to theRamen place. When they arrived, Gu Yu let him go.

Zhang Siyiturned his back and hid while clutching his chest and panting… (o////o)

Afterdinner, the rain was getting heavier so they decided to take a taxi to Gu Yu\'s homeinstead of using the subway. It took an hour for the two of them to drive toZhang Siyi\'s apartment and then pack the car full of boxes and then drive backto Gu Yu\'s place.

Workingtogether, it didn\'t take long to unpack Gu Yu\'s car. Zhang Siyi placed most ofthe boxes near the front entrance in the foyer. Wiping his hands, Gu Yu wasgetting ready to make one more trip back and forth. While he went to drop ZhangSiyi off at home, he was going to bring back a bunch of miscellaneous items. Asthey sat in the car waiting for the traffic light to change, Gu Yu suddenlyasked: "I have enough blankets. Do you want to pick up your toiletries and thedog and move in earlier than planned?"

Gu Yu\'sproposal made Zhang Siyi\'s heart move. He couldn\'t wait to move in, but hestill needed to practice playing the violin. He wanted to utilize the time hehad left to practice rigorously because he wanted to play Summer for Gu Yuperfectly. If he moved in early, then Gu Yu would hear him practice and therebyruining the surprise.

“Notright now." Zhang Siyi said with great difficulty. “It\'s just a few more daysuntil I\'ll officially move on Saturday.”

Gu Yuseemed a little surprised by Zhang Si Yi’s answer and glanced at himthoughtfully.

Zhang Siyi wasafraid of disappointing him so he hurriedly explained: “I still have a fewthings I need to do at home."

Gu Yunodded and said: “Okay. If you say so.”

Reluctantly, Zhang Siyi watched Gu Yu drive away then he went back inside his apartment and quickly washed up. Counting down the next three days, he was determined to make us of his time and poured everything he had into practicing the violin.