Assistant Architect - Chapter 108

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Assistant Architect by Xi He Qing Ling

Chapter 108: Fried Hair

When everyoneturned back to their desks and were no longer paying attention, Zhang Siyiquietly got up and went to pick up the torn pieces from the trash can. SinceTao Fei only tore it two times, the drawings were easily taped back together.

…… Ah, likelayers of rice cakes… It\'s reallybeautiful!

Zhang Siyilooked over the plans in detail. Not only was the outside shape of the buildingunique, the inside structure was well developed and intricate as well.

Now thatZhang Siyi has been working at Borderless for over six months, from the earlystages of parking lots and core drafting, to medium and large office buildings,to his completion of a set of blueprints, he is no longer a rookie who can\'tunderstand anything.

If Tao Feidesign use a person as an analogy, then the shape of the building is like theoverall appearance of someone. The structure is like the building\'s skeletonand the outer layers are its clothing.

No matterwhich part is designed first, the first problem to overcome is engineering thesupport structure that houses the column network and core functions. Intraditional buildings, the core function tube, like a person\'s backbone, ismost important part of the support structure. However, in Tao Fei design, thestructural columns are on an incline and thereby giving less structuralimportance to the core function tube.

It wasclear that Tao Fei spent a lot of thought on the design of his very uniquebuilding. Although Zhang Siyi didn\'t evaluate the drawings in detail, just bylooking at them, he can tell how knowledgeable and capable Tao Fei really was.His confidence isn\'t unwarranted.

On onehand, sometimes when people of similar abilities work in the same group, the unfoundeddifferences in treatment between them may trigger hatred and jealousy. On theother hand, when one of the persons is clearly ahead of the other, then theinnate competition between the two will disappear.

The same istrue for Zhang Siyi. When he saw Tao Fei\'s design, he knew he was leagues aheadof his own ability. He had fought an imaginary enemy and regretted how hostileand foolish he was. It was as Gu Yu said, even if Tao Fei is arrogant, he is avery good designer.

Notanticipating any issues, the proud Tao Fei encountered the Big Devil named Gu Yuand the most vital part of the building was already rejected. As always, Gu Yuwas direct in his evaluation and definitely did not in any way pamper Tao Feieven if they were classmates.

Shit! IfZhang Siyi was in Tao Fei shoes, he probably would have exploded too. (=_=)

As thedesign director, so far, no one at Borderless has argued with Gu Yu. Even ifthe people in Child Labor Group B have design differences, both are respectfuland polite. While sounding harsh, Gu Yu criticisms were always valid and spokenwith good reason. If a subordinate banged your desk and then slammed youroffice door, then it definitely will be awkward and uncomfortable between thetwo.

Although feelsZhang Siyi is a little sympathetic for Tao Fei, at the moment, he was moreworried about Gu Yu. It\'s only natural because he likes Gu Yu! ~\(≧▽≦) /~

He openedthe company internal message system and selecting Gu Yu\'s name then Zhang Siyisent him a short note: "I just heard your quarrel with Tao Fei. Are you allright?”

Gu Yu:“I\'m fine. Leave him be. Tao Fei will come back when he cools down."

Zhang Siyi:“…”

After TaoFei\'s blow up, whispers could be heard in the office. People were speculatingon Tao Fei\'s job security in the company. Some people even made bets as towhether or not he will last through the day.

Zhang Siyihad mixed feelings towards the incident. At first, he really didn\'t want TaoFei in the company. Now that he heard his colleagues say the same, he felt bad.If their team lost Tao Fei, they would be losing a talented designer.

Notintending to think about it further, Zhang Siyi slowly shook his head andsighed. He was about to get up for lunch, when suddenly, Gu Yu called out tohim: "Zhang Siyi, come here."

Zhang Siyigot up quickly and went over to him: "Yes? Is there a problem?"

Gu Yu:“Let’s go out together at noon for lunch. I have something to tellyou.”

Zhang Siyi:“……” Uh, but he already has ordered the company’s Bento!

Gu Yusilently watched him for a few seconds. Zhang Siyi lifted the white flag andsurrendered: “OK.”

…… Totally unable to refuse AH! (*/ω\*)

Since ZhangSiyi ordered a boxed lunch, he gave it his neighbor, Piggy.

He took theelevator downstairs with Gu Yu and this time they went to a Cantoneserestaurant and ordered the business lunch package. While Gu Yu ordered chestnutchicken and rice, Zhang Siyi ordered beef in oyster sauce with rice. Since itwas the peak time to eat, the restaurant was crowded. Like the first day of workwhen they bumped into each other at lunch at the Japanese restaurant, Gu Yu tookout his credit card and paid.

Now thatthey ordered their meals, Zhang Siyi looked up and cherished the handsome viewin front of him. - Aaah! Eating with the person I like…. It\'s awesome!

The twodidn\'t have to wait long until the food was brought to the table. With soup, asalad, and side dishes, there were four additional small plates each of whichwere a little different.

Gu Yu movedhis dish towards Zhang Siyi and whispered: “Lets share.”

Zhang Siyi:“…”

Ordinarycolleagues would never share food when eating together. When Gu Yu and ZhangSiyi ate together at his house for the first time, they did not share the food.Since sharing food was an intimate act that only trusted people with a closerelationship would do, Zhang Siyi was a little confused with Gu Yu\'s actions. Regardlessof his intentions, Zhang Siyi was excited. He also pushed his own dishes towardsGu Yu: "You eat mine too."

Gu Yusmiled and drank some soup before moving his chopsticks. Although Gu Yu said toshare, and Zhang Siyi also offered his meal, they bowed their heads as if tosay, you eat mine and I will eat yours.

Just as ZhangSiyi went for a piece of tomato, Gu Yu also reached with his chopsticks. Theyalmost had a chopsticks fight. At the same time, they looked up at one another.When their eyes met, like earlier in the morning, the current between them grewstronger and Zhang Siyi could feel the heat rise within him. The atmosphere isboth strange and ambiguous. With just one look, did he find out? Does Gu Yuknow he likes him?

Not able toendure it any longer, Zhang Siyi quickly wanted to talk about something: "TaoFei seems to be pretty angry."

Gu Yucasually replied: “Well, he has fried hair.”

Chokingback his food, Zhang Siyi "Pfft”. He didn\'t expect Gu Yu to use theadjective “fried hair” to describe Tao Fei.

UnexpectedlyGu Yu went on to say: “Just like you were when you first came to theoffice."

Zhang Siyi:"What? When?…… I never have."

Withoutmoving his head, Gu Yu looked up at him: "You haven\'t?" He finished chewing thenlooked up completely: "When I asked you to draw toilets, stairs, parking lots,and when I\'ve pointed out the problems, you have never blown up?"

Zhang Siyireplied: “I was just unhappy. It\'s not like Tao Fei.”

Gu Yulaughed loudly: “The essence is the same."

Aftereating two mouthfuls of rice, Zhang Siyi curiously asked: “What did I looklike to you?"

Gu Yulooked up at him and smiled broadly: “With bulging cheeks, and flat brows,you just stared. It was obvious how uncomfortable you were."

Zhang Siyi:“……”

Gu Yusighed: “But unlike Tao Fei, you are much more docile than he is. At most,you would stare in a silent tantrum. Tao Fei is like a sawed off shot gun. Histemper makes it difficult and he always ends up shooting his own foot."

Zhang Siyi:“……”

Thinking ofthe office whisperings, Zhang Siyi asked: "Is Tao Fei going to quit?"

Gu Yu: "Oversomething like that?" Gu Yu chuckledthen continued: "I already knew what his personality was like beforehand. Althoughvery good, his designs are too idealistic. His ideas and creativity are his ownregardless of what the domestic construction industry requires. However, if hewants his designs to be realized, he needs to learn how to compromise. When hematures, there will be an opportunity for his designs to be built.

Zhang Siyinodded. He knew that Gu Yu must have his own reasons. He asked: “But why beso direct? If you put it mildly, he may not be so angry.”

Gu Yu:“Since Tao Fei has strong personal opinions, he will argue and forcefullypersuade his point every time. For stubborn people like him, the most effectiveway to deal with them is to be blunt and straightforward. Today, the sameissues were brought up. Even if I tell him many examples of designs that wererejected for the same reason, he will continue to argue about it. He decided toleave angrily because he knows I won\'t lie to him."

Zhang Siyi:“…”

Gu Yufrowned and said: “You don’t have to worry about him. He will calm downand come back."

“Oh…” Zhang Siyi lowered his head to drank his soup. He suddenly rememberedand sat up: “Oh yeh. What was it that you wanted to tell me?"

Gu Yu alsofinish his soup and put down his chopsticks: "In order to avoid one large pileto move on the weekend, I want to take the opportunity to move part of yourbelongings every night."

Zhang Siyi nodded:“Sounds good!"

…… Was that it?Isn\'t that something Gu Yu could have just messaged me about? Did he have totell it to me in person? Was it because he just wanted to spend time with me? &(︶ ̄) &

After lunch,Gu Yu said he had an errand to run so Zhang Siyi went back to the companyalone. When he arrived, he unexpectedly saw Tao Fei examining the "BorderlessStyle" wall-hanging-posters. Aware of someone approaching, Tao Fei abruptlyturned and stared at Zhang Siyi: "Yo, come over here."

Zhang Siyi: “…?”