Assistant Architect - Chapter 107

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Assistant Architect by Xi He Qing Ling

Chapter 107: Like


Even though Zhang Siyi didn\'t realize it untilnow, Gu Yu was posting social media posts with specific privacy settings sothat only Zhang Siyi could read them. In all of this time, Gu Yu\'s note, \'empty\'was an invitation for Zhang Siyi to live with him and not because of sympathyor pity.

In a daze, Zhang Siyi felt like he was floatingon fluffy pale clouds, surrounded by golden sunshine with countless lovebubbles rising up into the air.

Looking back, Zhang Siyi finally understand Gu Yu\'sreactions last year during Truth or Dare. He chose Dare both times when ZhangSiyi asked him who he liked and when he asked Gu Yu to evaluate himself.

– Heh, Heh,Heh, Heh…. Oh my. Gu Yu you\'re so shy! (&////&)

– Ah, I amreally a fool! I\'ve had my doubts for so long. Why wasn\'t I more confident atthe beginning? But then again, why does Gu Yu like me?

Thinking about the pros and cons, Zhang Siyi madea mental list. His educational background is worse, his work ability is worse,his economic conditions are worse…… Everythingis worse! Other then a slightly better family background, there is nothing thatZhang Siyi can boast about. Even so, Gu Yu is not the type of person that wouldtry to curry favor with powerful people.

Zhang Siyi reached up and pinched his silly happyface. Recalling yesterday, flustered, he quickly bounced off the bed and rushedinto the bathroom to look in the mirror. Looking gaunt, with circles under his puffyeyes, because of his emotional turmoil, he hadn\'t washed or shaved in two days.He looked like a total bum.

"Aaaaaaaaaaah!" The thought of Gu Yu seeing himlooking like a mess made Zhang Siyi collapse and hold his head feeling regret.Not only did he see Zhang Siyi\'s disheveled appearance, Gu Yu also witnessedZhang Siyi crying, snot nose and all; it\'s too embarrassing!

Not being able to endure his own scruffyappearance any longer, Zhang Siyi turned on the hot water and quickly washed.After drying off, he smacked his cheeks and used facial cleanser and toner.Unlike Gu Yu, that "natural beauty", he worked very hard to maintain his skincondition, but so what! Gu Yu likes him! ~\(≧▽≦)/~

Feeling giddy, Zhang Siyi swirled back to hisroom and flung himself on his bed. He had forgotten. Gu Yao was still on WeChat.

Gu Yao: “What about it?"

Gu Yao: “Hello?"

Gu Yao: “Why aren\'t you answering me !?"

Gu Yao: “Why did you ask me all of that!?!?"

Gu Yao: “Hey! What about my brother!?!?!?”

Gu Yao: “Hello?"

Gu Yao: [Bunny fried hair]


Zhang Siyi hastened to reply: “Ah! I just tooka shower."

After talking about her brother and then havingsilence, Gu Yao was afraid something was wrong. She thought, maybe the realitywas too much for Zhang Siyi to comprehend and now he doesn\'t want anything todo with them?

Gu Yao: “You can\'t just leave me hanging! " (#‵′)凸

Zhang Siyi: “I’m sorry! I\'m sorry!”

To appease his future sister-in-law, Zhang Siyisent her a red envelope to express his gratitude. Still, Zhang Siyi didn\'tintend to tell her about his feelings for her brother just yet.

Even though the red envelope was stingy in Gu Yaoopinion, she couldn\'t help herself from smiling happily at the turn of events.

After they exchanged a \'good night\', Zhang Siyi puthis phone away and leaned back into his pillow thinking about Gu Yu.

When wasthe moment Gu Yu started liking me?

– From thestart by giving him the cactus?

– Certainlynot. At that time, I had just started working and Gu Yu was always so harshtowards me!

– Maybe at Halloweenwhen I gave him the pumpkin?

– Is it possiblethat he thinks I was the mother of his pumpkin son? (=_=)

– No, no. That\'stoo crazy! Gu Yu can\'t be so childish!


However, Zhang Siyi was sure of one thing. Whenhe stayed over at his house last year, Gu Yu liked him. This bastard fabricateda lie about a dirty room and no blankets, just so he could sleep with him!

….. Hey now, Zhang Siyi wants to sleep with Gu Yutoo! (&////&)

Bursting with excitement, like a maniac, ZhangSiyi was rolling around on his bed thinking about all the potential activitieshe and Gu Yu could do together in the future.

People who experience being able to express theiradoration and admiration towards the person they love is the happiest feelingin the whole world! Zhang Siyi wanted to let Gu Yu know as soon as possible sohe can also feel the same bliss. If he doesn\'t, he is afraid Gu Yu will startto resent him and his feelings will turn to hate.

…… How can Itell him?

…… To saystraightforwardly, “I like you too” ?

…… But thatseems too boring….

…… Hmm… abetter way to tell him….

…… Ah, hehas a way!

Zhang Siyi again got up from the bed and fetchedhis violin.

A realization hit Zhang Siyi. Gu Yu had alreadyliked him when he asked Zhang Siyi to play the violin for him.

“Bastard…” Zhang Siyi muttered with aflush face and a racing heart.

He lifted his violin up onto his shoulder andgently put presser on the chinrest with his jaw. Holding his bow loosely, hestarted warming up with long legato strokes. Thinking about Gu Yu, he pouredall of his feelings into playing music for the first time. No longermechanically playing, the notes took on a new brilliance; pure and flowing. – If it\'s Summer you want, I will play itfor you.

Early the next morning, Zhang Siyi woke up fullof energy. With the fastest speed possible, he brushed his teeth, washed hisface, and dressed. With a bounce in his step, he walked to the subway stationand rode it to work. During the morning, rush hour, Zhang Siyi did not mind thepacked train cars due to his euphoric feelings. What jam packed cars of smellypeople? They are all warm and cute!

Breathing deeply, thinking about being outside infresh air, Zhang Siyi, practically skipped along cheerfully on the sidewalk to thecompany building. When he got off the elevator, a passing female colleague wavedbriefly and yawed. On the other hand, Zhang Siyi energetically greeted the staffon the floor. With much theatrics, Zhang Siyi boisterously told everyone:“Gooooooooood Morning!!!”

Upon hearing Zhang Siyi greeting, one of thestaff members spilled their coffee and another left their mouth wide open inshock.

Arriving before him, Zhu Hongzhen watched ZhangSiyi morning greeting. His attitude of \'I Love Work!\' was a stark contrast to thecondition Zhang Siyi was in when he left. Zhu Hongzhen was surprised: "You…What happened yesterday?"

While giving him a casual excuse, Zhang Siyi lineof sight was frequently looking at the company’s entrance. It\'s 8:55. Why isn\'tGu Yu here yet?! He did say, "See you tomorrow," so why didn\'t he come early?!

Zhu Hongzheng shook his head in wonder. Whatproblem is so simple that one can swing from the look of death to recover inone day and be so joyful the next?

At the appearance of Gu Yu at 8:58, Zhang Siyi\'seyes shined brightly and honed in on Gu Yu\'s figure. Their eyes met and as GuYu walked calmly to his office, Zhang Siyi bowed his head. However, Zhang Siyikept peeking at him out of the corner of his eyes.

Gu Yu\'s gaze went straight to Zhang Siyi when heentered and he easily saw his antics. Every time he took a peek, their eyes metcausing a feeling of an electric current running through him from head to toe.

Zhang Siyi couldn\'t take it any longer so he bravelylooked up and openly stared at Gu Yu walking to his office. As Zhang Siyiwatched, his eyes sparkled, and he could feel the heat within him rise. The currentconnecting them became stronger and stronger. It made Zhang Siyi feel like his feelingswhere floating up and out of him, like love bubbles escaping at the top of hishead and expressing his love as they burst.

POP! Love~

POP! Love~~

POP! Love~~~

Gu Yu: “……”

This time, Gu Yu looked away first. He raised hisfist to cover his mouth and coughed lightly. With a twinkle in Gu Yu\'s eyes, hewalked slowly passed Zhang Siyi and into his office.

Feeling like he just won a boxing round, ZhangSiyi held up his arms in victory and spun around in his chair smiling from earto ear. He only saw him briefly and already, Zhang Siyi just wanted to pounceon Gu Yu.

After a little while, Gu Yu sent Zhang Siyi amessage to come to his office.

Like a Pokémon summoned beast, it took only threeseconds to appear in front of Gu Yu: “Boss, you summoned me!" (⊙v⊙)

Gu Yu: “……”

Sitting at attention in front of Gu Yu, ZhangSiyi blinked his eyes repeatedly, eagerly waiting for his mission.

Again, Gu Yu brought his fist up and coughed lightly then handed him a paper: "This is a tourist development zone in X City, Yunnan province. It is a hotel design project with both designs needed for the buildings as well as a separate landscape landmark. First familiarize yourself with the project background and situation then begin basic preliminary work. After two days, when Tao Fei submits his commercial high-rise building project, I\'ll assign the both of you on the project.”

Even though Gu Yu explained his relationship withTao Fei, when Zhang Siyi heard his name, he couldn\'t help but feel a littleupset. Since Tao Fei was recruited to help him, Zhang Siyi felts he needed toset aside his negative feelings and try to work together.

Even though Zhang Siyi had all of the nessicaryinformation in hand, Gu Yu saw him continuing to sit at attention staring athim greedily: "Well, was there anything else?"

Zhang Siyi: “No. Boss.” - Aren\'t I obvious? Can\'t you see that I likeyou!

Walking out of Gu Yu\'s office, Zhang Siyi was feeling a little down, but he was keen on starting the new assignment.

The location of the new project is close to theDai Autonomous Prefecture. Preliminary research into the area suggests it\'snear a car manufacturer. As he was looking online for more information, ZhangSiyi saw Tao Fei go confidently into Gu Yu office with a large stack of colorprinted papers.

Zhang Siyi was subconsciously trying to listen tothem in the office. After a few minutes, the loud dispute could be heard byanyone that was nearby.

Tao Fei: “Ordinary beam and column structuresare not enough on such stacking floors.”

Gu Yu: “Don’t expect too much out of thedomestic construction technology. Your plan is theoretically feasible, but theactual construction of it is more difficult.”

Tao Fei: “You are too conservative! All newthings need to be tried!”

Gu Yu: “But your plan has exceeded the scopeof Party A’s willingness to take risks.”

Tao Fei: “You didn’t let Party A see it, sohow do you know?”

Gu Yu: “Experience. Also, the outer materialfor the lattice structure here will be too heavy causing stress on the joints onthis side …."

After hearing a bang, like the sound of thetabletop being hit, Tao Fei angrily clutched his drawings and pushed the door ofGu Yu\'s office open.

All the nearby staff have looked up to see whatall the fuss is about. Seeing Tao Fei looking so furious for the first time,they were shocked. He angrily crumpled and tore his stack of drawings andtrashed them then walked over to his desk to sat down. Not a minute later, hestood up suddenly, and in a hurry as if to avoid being stared at, he walked inthe direction of the dining area.

Everyone was a little frightened of Tao Fei\'sexplosive behavior. Zhang Siyi was as well however, unlike the rest of hiscolleagues, he has to learn how to get along with him.