Assistant Architect - Chapter 106

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Assistant Architect by Xi He Qing Ling

Chapter 106: Confirmation


Even though Zhang Siyi suspects Gu Yulikes him, he still wanted to confirm whether Gu Yu is gay or not. If there isno evidence that he has this tendency, then love does make one blind. The firstpoint of contact to gather evidence is from his sister, Gu Yao. During NewYear\'s, he remembered her talking about her brother and her suspicion that herbrother was gay.

He quickly grabbed his phone and wasgoing to send a message to her, but he forgot momentarily, that he bought a newphone card specifically to use while he was searching for a new apartment. Forthe past two days, more than being \'closed\', like a snail in its shell, he hadwithdrawn himself further from the outside world.

After he swapped the phone card backto his originally one, Zhang Siyi powered up his phone and waited until itconnected to his service provider. When he swiped the screen and opened thephone, he saw a long list of missed calls and messages waiting for him; many ofwhich were from Gu Yu.

There was one call from the day beforeyesterday, two calls last night, and three call from this morning at noon. Whenhe opened his WeChat text messages, there were many that Gu Yu sent:

Saturday, March 14th, 15:34

GuYu: “Do you have time tomorrow?”

Sunday, March 15th, 21:42

GuYu: “Are you busy today?”

GuYu: “[sighs]”

Monday, March 16th, 20:12

GuYu: “Are you alright?”

GuYu: “Don\'t think too much about the C-City project. I hope you canorganize your thoughts as soon as possible.”

Gu Yu: “[Little fox touches thehead]”

“Ahh!" Zhang Siyi hugged hismobile phone, feeling guilty. He quickly gave Gu Yu a \'Crying Kitten SellingCuteness\' emoji and sent a message: "I’m sorry. I only just saw your messagesnow."

Even though he hasn\'t fully confirmedGu Yu likes him yet, Zhang Siyi wanted talk to Gu Yu more.

Gu Yu immediately replied and didn\'tmention the previous incident. He only asked: “Did you eat yet?”

Zhang Siyi: “I already ate."

Gu Yu: “What did you have?”

Zhang Siyi: “Baked sausage,simmered chicken rice balls, wonton soup.”

Gu Yu: “Oh. An appetite is verygood. [Little fox touches the head]”


Lying on his pillow, holding hismobile phone, chit-chatting with Gu Yu made Zhang Siyi flushed and feel happy.Like a man walking in a desert for a long time, hungry and thirsty, exhaustedand desperate, feeling dead, and then being resurrected upon drinking the firstcup of water from an oasis.

Noticing the time on the clock is pastoffice hours, Zhang Siyi asked Gu Yu: "Are you off work?"

Gu Yu: “Not yet. Since this afternoon\'swork hasn\'t been completed, I\'m working late."

Zhang Siyi: “I’m sorry…”

Knowing Gu Yu\'s overtime is all ZhangSiyi\'s fault, he would punch himself if he could.

Gu Yu: “It’s all right, are you feelingbetter?”

Zhang Siyi: “I\'m much better now."

Gu Yu: “That’s good. Remember tocome to work on time tomorrow as there are new assignments for you.[Smile]”

Still so business like, Zhang Siyi thought to himself feelingunsatisfied. He went to his contact list and searched for Gu Yao avatar.

Zhang Siyi: “Calling the RevolutionaryComrades.”

Gu Yao: “Copy that! Over!"

Seeing her fast reply, Zhang Siyilaughed and smiled happily. After a few pleasantries, he cut to the chase andasked: "I wanted to ask you about something you told me previously…. What basisdo you have to think your brother is gay?"

Since her brother seriously criticizedher behavior the last time she saw Zhang Siyi, Gu Yao has not contacted him atall. After her interference with his date, she also has reflected deely on heractions and realized it was wrong to intervene in other people\'s feelings.Sometimes, all good intentions might back fire and as a consequence could causemore problems. Even though she learned that her brother likes Zhang Siyi, shenever took the initiative to reveal it to him.

Once Zhang Siyi raised the question himself,Gu Yao\'s eyes lit up instantly. – ZhangSiyi wouldn\'t normally ask about this…… Does that mean he found out for himself?

Aaaaaaah! Finally! It’s time to make adifference! She has to seize this opportunity!

Pondering the best course of action, GuYao paused for a few moments. She didn\'t answer his question and instead askedher own: "Do you hate the love between two people of the same sex?"

“Well, I don’t hate it.” Feelingnervous, Zhang Siyi wiped his sweat from his brow and didn’t dare tell Gu Yaothat he is now gay to some extent.

Gu Yao: “Why did you suddenly askme this question?"

Zhang Siyi: “Oh, Um… I’m just alittle curious."

Gu Yao: “Why is that?"

Zhang Siyi: “…” Shit! Obviously,he wants to talk to Gu Yao and find out more information, but now the roles arereversed and she is interrogating him!

Gu Yao asked again: “If mybrother is gay, will it affect your opinion of him?”

Zhang Siyi: “No, and there may bea feeling of overwhelming joy!"

After confirming Zhang Siyi’sattitude, Gu Yao sighed in relief then explained: “Well, first of all, mybrother has never talked about girls or had a girlfriend. Although many of the peoplewho have pursued him aren\'t as perfect as he is, there is no shortage ofexcellent beauties to choose from. A normal boy would at least want to try andexperience women, but my brother did not accept any woman\'s intentions at all.Instead, he completely shut them out which makes me suspicious of the mostfundamental reason."

Yes. Zhang Siyi also felt that therewere quite a few women at work who like Gu Yu. Even if they have not explicitlysaid, it is clear by their attitudes and actions. Even so, Gu Yu is as strictas ever and does not show one ounce of gentleness or affection towards them.

He eagerly asked: “Whatelse?”

Gu Yao: “Secondly, my brotherdoes not dislike homosexuality. Sometimes unconsciously, he reveals his inclinationand accepting attitude. Like, when we went back to Haicheng together in the car.I mentioned the two male wild cats in his house and he replied something aboutwhy they couldn\'t they be a pair…. Doyou remember that?

Zhang Siyi: “Yes.”

Gu Yao: “This is only one example.There have been several others before. The most unforgettable memory I have isthe day he came home from the first year of college and we watched TV together.I have forgotten what the specific show was, but the story had a vaguehomosexual love story. I remember him being very engaged with watching it andat the end he said, "In fact, real feelings can be felt regardless of gender."I didn\'t quite understand it at the time and causally joked with him. I askedhim, "if he liked a boy, would he follow him" and he didn\'t hesitate to answerme, "yes".

Zhang Siyi: “…..” That\'s it.His heart is going to explode.

Gu Yao continued: “There wasanother time when my brother was in college and I used his laptop to watchmovies and play games during the winter vacation. He downloaded some movies forme to watch and I inadvertently found several homosexual videos on his harddrive. The names "Farewell my Concubine", "Spring Breeze" and "Lan Yu" stuckout in my mind and it wasn\'t until later when I went to college that I learnedwhat they were. I thought it was odd he would have them on his computer."

Not only did Gu Yao feel it was odd,but Zhang Siyi as well. He has seen “Farewell My Concubine” for themovie and not for the love story. “Lan Yu” was a well-known gay filmthat he has no interest in watching. Zhang Siyi thought normal straight menwouldn\'t go see that type of movie unless it was someone who had anappreciation of the art and was studying film. What is "Spring Fever"? It doessound curious….

Thinking about how much Gu Yaoreviled, Zhang Siyi couldn’t help asking: “What if your brother reallyloved a man? Aren\'t you going to object?"

Gu Yao: “Of course not!”

Zhang Siyi: “Why? Isn\'t veryabnormal in the eyes of ordinary people?”

Gu Yao: "Even so, he is my brother. Iwant him to be happy and be with the person he loves, no matter who it is. Iwill support and bless him. I am more worried about my parents. Although myfamily is more democratic, the older generation may not be able to accept thiskind of thing.”

With Gu Yao\'s reminder, Zhang Siyi\'senthusiasm was reined in. If his parents knew he was with Gu Yu, uh, theremight be a chance that his mother would understand, but his father…… He wouldprobably break his legs. However, at least his mother is a rotten woman. Aslong as his mother accepted it, then she can help convince his father. – Huh? Eh? Why am I thinking of such along-term problem? Do I already want to spend my lifetime with Gu Yu? Oh, myGod. Ah… Σ( ° °|||)_

Zhang Siyi lowered his head and sawanother message from Gu Yao: “When my brother makes a decision aboutsomething, even if others object, it is useless. Ultimately, he always uses hisown persistence and determination to get what he wants. He has been like thatsince childhood."

Zhang Siyi: “Oh…”

Now that Zhang Siyi has confirmed GuYu can accept same sex partners, his heart is unsteady. Who is Gu Yu\'s favoriteperson? Was it Tao Fei? After all, it was not long after Gu Yu posted his \'Empty\'dinner invitation on WeChat that Tao Fei appeared and his relationship is stillvery good! (o////o)

As Zhang Siyi was contemplating theseissues, a singular most insightful thought came to mind.

He recalled a detail that Gu Yurecently said to him about only sending information to Fu Xinhui so therewouldn\'t be any misunderstandings.

……From before, that WeChat message \'Empty\'….

…… Was it sent only to me?

Zhang Siyi quickly went to the settingsin his WeChat circle of friends. He never really studied the inner functions ofchat groups and never thought about which groups are visible to whom. The newlydiscovered feature is like the discovery of the new world. A whole new brightworld!

Like puzzle pieces coming together,Zhang Siyi\'s inner conjecture is becoming clear. All of the details point tothe fact that Gu Yu likes Zhang Siyi.

With his heart loudly pounding in hischest he asked Gu Yao: "Can you see the post your brother made a few weeks ago witha picture of a dinner table with the notation \'empty\'?"

Gu Yao: “……”

– Yes !

– Finally !!

– Ah ah ah ah ah !!!

– Zhang Siyi, this idiot figured it out !!!!

Ever since her brother\'s harsh words,Gu Yao has felt like her own requited love was her brother\'s unrequited love forZhang Siyi. Now that the object of her unrequited love realized the truth, shewas very excited to respond to him. She wholeheartedly and enthusiasticallymessaged Zhang Siyi: "No".

Gu Yao: “What is that?”

Zhang Siyi: “………”

With the intense beating of his chest, Zhang Siyi discovered that he completely fell in love.