Assistant Architect - Chapter 100.5

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Chapter 100 Extra: [Small Theater] 004: First Love article – Gu Yu


Ever since Gu Yu saw Zhang Siyi’s computer screen, the haze of the whole world was fading.

For more than six months, he has been trying to figure out whether Zhang Siyi is interested in him or not. Every time Gu Yu thought Zhang Siyi’s mannerisms suggested he did, Zhang Siyi actions would indicate the opposite direction and thus confusing Gu Yu to no end. He has fabricated multiple situations to allow Zhang Siyi to confess his thoughts, like the truth or dare game last year, but nothing has happened. Although, perhaps at that time Zhang Siyi really did not know……

In short, during that period, Gu Yu felt that the time wasn’t right.

Zhang Siyi’s intimate actions and then immediate change in attitude has made Gu Yu suffer greatly; unhappiness, loss, loneliness, to name a few feelings. But, the most troubling feeling Gu Yu had, was his inability to use his own judgment.

It wasn’t until the moment he saw his own image on Zhang Siyi computer screen that Gu Yu had the evidence he needed with sufficient certainty that Zhang Siyi liked him.

What straight man would use another man’s picture as a desktop background?

Oh, and besides, that little fool is really practicing “Summer” ……

In every way that Gu Yu noticed Zhang Siyi looking at him; from the look of adoration and infatuation to the innocent need to gain Gu Yu’s attention as well as Zhang Siyi’s sneaky glances, he liked him.

In every reaction Zhang Siyi expressed after being teased, whether he was angry, depressed, shy or naïve, he liked him.


After his four-day business trip, Gu Yu wanted to sit down with Zhang Siyi for a serious talk, but with Zhang Siyi’s recent attitude, Gu Yu doubted his own judgment.

Zhang Siyi suddenly began to adamantly focus on his work. So much so, that he changed his online social media status to ‘closed.’

Because Tao Fei is a new staff member, he wasn’t able to spare the time to find Zhang Siyi and talk to him. Even though he has made himself available for work, Zhang Siyi has not asked him about project related issues.

— Are you avoiding me? Do you suspect something after seeing your computer screen? Are you still thinking about your feelings?

Well, as long as the issue is about his own feelings, Gu Yu is willing to wait. As long as Zhang Siyi continues to go to work at the office, he will be at ease.

Gu Yu is always looking forward to the day when Zhang Siyi can honestly admit his feelings and take the first step towards him.

Then, he will not hesitate to pull him into his arms, hold him tight, and not let go.

Gu Yu doesn’t know when summer comes, but he feels that spring is already in sight.

[End of 004]