Assistant Architect - Chapter 1

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This is my first time translating Chinese BL novel. I just want to say that I don’t know Chinese and English isn’t my first language. So I’m using MTL to translate this, but thank to Shem sister for editing this. It is 1000 times better now. Love You Shem! ❤

Translator: Blues

Editor: Shem

Zhang Yi Yi raised his hand to slide the phone screen, the top screen showed the current time, 11:35.

It was 10:40 when he sat down, which meant that the girl with the exquisite curly hair had been scolding him at least for one hour.

But the other party did not seem to want to stop. The cup of latte in front of her was already cool, however she didn\'t drink it, Zhang Siyi was curious as how she wasn\'t thirsty even after talking for a long time.

Because it was really boring, Zhang Siyi had seen the cafe\'s layout and decorative style, simple European-style, moving visual design, tables and chairs cut off, dark green star lights embellishment, empty no one…

"Are you listening to what I\'m saying?!" The girl\'s voice suddenly pulled back his attention.

“Uh, listening ah.” Zhang Siyi was startled and quickly looked at the girl opposite him.

The girl’s painted nail flew in front of him like a colorful butterfly, as though she was directing a passionate “Sonata”, but it was a dull repetition of the first Sonata—

“You have been back for months, can you count the number you took initiative to ask me out! Can you count it with a hand? No! You only asked me three times! There was one time you overslept and another two times add up, it was not more than one day! I really don\'t know what you\'re doing every day! Before you were in abroad and I was in the country, we couldn\'t meet but I endure it. I knew you were busy studying. Now, you\'ve graduated but didn\'t even find a job yet! What are you doing in your house all day?"

"I was busy looking for a job…"

“Looking for a job 24 hours a day? No time to have dinner with me? I called you the day before yesterday to ask you to watch movie, you promised me, and the result we didn’t even go to the movie. But before that, I have seen you online, talking to your friends there! And you can’t even talk to me?!"

Zhang Siyi thought. He did his homework, and when he had time, he went online just to chat with his friends. It was not even more than five minutes.

…Well, maybe it was fifteen minutes.

"You have time for social medias but no time to accompany me to watch a movie?!"

Zhang Siyi wanted to say “yes”, but he was afraid if he said it out, the girl in front of him might become crazy and tear him bare hands, so he endured it, he didn\'t answer.

But he couldn\'t stop his inner thoughts— accompany you to watch the movie, have to wash my hair and tidy up, otherwise if I do not wash my hair, you\'ll scold me, dress too casual you\'ll scold me as well, then after watching the movie I need to accompany you home, going to and fro will take at least four to five hours, it is more time-consuming than chatting with my friends! God!

"Did you not graduate? What collection of works you need to do?”

"I told you that several of the designs I did when I was still in school were too lame so I have to try again during this time."

"Then why didn’t you do it while you were studying, weren\'t you busy at the time?"

"There were other things to be busy at that time." The Department of Architecture was not just a designing course, Have to write to learn architectural history, building environment, building structure, plus a variety of design software…

"Busy playing games or busy opening your social media? You’re not busy when going online!"


"Zhang Siyi, do you go out without washing your hair? Hair is so messy and dark circles under your eyes are so deep. What time did you sleep last night?"

"…" Really!

"You’ve never had an acne on your face before! Now, you have two pox on your forehead!"

"I\'ve been under a lot of stress lately!"

“I thought people who are studying architecture have good appearance, I even got to know you when you still wearing very tasteful…"

"…" I wanted to affect you ah!

"But look at the way you are now. So sloppy, go out and no one will believe that you’re studying architecture!"

Zhang Siyi could not help but said: "Haven\'t you seen our department pinup? Before looking good, its common for students to not wash the hair nor take a bath for a month!"

The girl showed both shocking and disgusting expression, but within two seconds, she found a new entry point: "But you have now graduated! And you haven’t found a job, yet you still don’t take a bath?!"

"I said I was doing…"

"You do not always take your portfolio with you, then you returned to those days? I told you I’d accompany you strolling but all day you were with… what is called again? Fu Xinhui? You even rent a house to live together. When we were dating, you’d take him also, and he also helped you cut steak!"

The girlfriend mentioned this matter, Zhang Siyi became anxious: "We were only classmates!"

"Huh!" The girl sneered, "I didn’t say anything and yet, you’re explaining things! Do you know that there is a word called "defensive"? I have long heard that those who likes designing are gays."

Zhang Siyi was a little annoyed: "You thought your boyfriend is gay?"

"I want you to stay away from him!"

"Come on, I’ve been with him for four years. If he\'s gay I\'d have noticed and he used to have girlfriends!"

He and Fu Xinhui’s relationship, he did not know how many times with his girlfriend, but his girlfriend still half-hearted, always feel that he was lying to her.

“Why are you so angry? I just mentioned Fu Xinhui\'s name in you face, aren’t you too guilty?"

He was really a straight man, but his girlfriend keeps on doubting him that he was gay. Zhang Siyi depressedly said: "I really didn\'t have time to accompany you, if you asked me out today just to turn over these old ones. I slept at four in the morning and got awakened by your phone call at nine o’clock. Now, I’m really tired to death!"

Instead of getting calm, the girl got even angrier, she raised his voice: "Do you think I would believe you? Every time I see you, you look like a dead! I was waiting for you two years in the country, but after you came back, how many times did you look for me?!"

Zhang Siyi\'s angry face turned blue, what is "look like a dead"? Before returning home every year, he would give his girlfriend lots of gifts, she was obviously very happy, but the recent two months, he didn’t know why, her temper grew big and bigger. In other words, her personality changed.

The girl did not wait for Zhang Siyi to reply, she rapidly fire: "If you don\'t like me, please do not hang out with me! Do you know how disappointed I am to you now?!"

Zhang Siyi was so angry and on impulse, said: "Now that you are so disappointed with me, let’s break up!"

This was the first time he took initiative to break up, the atmosphere instantly fell into a strange silence.

Zhang Siyi was a little regretful, but he really couldn\'t stand it, at least today, he did not want to be a "ninja turtles".

Two people were in deadlocked. The girl\'s complexion turned white, eyes were also little bit red, she was startled for a while then stood up in a fierce manner, seems to be really flustered, shaking hands grabbed the cup of coffee and splashed it at Zhang Siyi!

And at the moment, Zhang Siyi instinctively evaded to avoid the splash

Just as he was thankful for his agility, the next second came a sound behind him, Zhang Siyi turned his head and saw that there was an unknown guy behind him.

Eyebrows. Thin lips. Long legs.

One word that sum it all up: handsome.

He was wearing a very simple white T-shirt, elbow clutching a large album, a temperament between the white-collar and scholar, to let people have a good impression at first glance…. of course, if you ignore the large coffee stains on his shirt.

The other hand was still holding on the back seat, it seems that he was preparing to leave but because of Zhang Siyi’s dodge, he stopped.

There were still lots of coffee that the clothes didn\'t absorbed, thus it dripped down to his slacks and clean retro shoes, it looked miserable.

"Yes, I’m sorry …" Zhang Siyi quickly apologized.

The man held out a hand, stared back at him and knitted his eyebrows. Just such a simple facial expression, let Zhang Siyi\'s whole body shivered.

The girl was embarrassed but she was still angry, didn\'t want to apologize to the third person. Seeing Zhang Siyi\'s opening, she didn\'t have any reason to throw something into the pot, then picked up her satchel, walked on her high heels and angrily left, leaving her (former) boyfriend to clean up the mess.

Zhang Siyi looked at the handsome man, a head two big—how to deal with this situation? Apologize? Give money? Help the person wash the clothes? Or do you want a business card, leave a phone number and then settle it later?

Hope it was not the fourth option because he would rather spend more money that day to solve this problem…Based on that person\'s clothes, it must be the good products from Uniqlo, they are too expensive!

"Dude, look…" Zhang Siyi looked for a tissue so he could wipe the stain.

However, before he finished, the man used one sentence: “Forget it.” Low tone, showing a trace of indifference and alienation.

Zhang Siyi: “…”

Forget it? He was spilled with cup of coffee not of a cup of mineral water!

The other party didn\'t give Zhang Siyi too much time to think, he left after saying the two words, but just as he was approaching the door, he turned back to glance at Zhang Siyi, eyes kind of have an unspeakable strangeness.

Zhang Ziyi froze in place, suddenly remembered that he and his ex-girlfriend talked for so long and didn’t even know when the guy sat behind them, and how much he had heard.

Not keeping the promise, not washing the hair, going out in a sloppy appearance, the worst of it his girlfriend was doubting him as a gay ah…Ah damn, this is so embarrassing!

No wonder that guy hurriedly went away.

Zhang Siyi\'s two corners of the eyes twitched, the whole person caught in a sense of dilemma.

Taking a deep breath, he repeatedly comforted himself—this city is so big, out of this door no one knows who. it is said that within two days people will forget, go with it! Let it go! Go away!

Zhang Siyi came home and opened the air conditioning. Exhausted, he threw himself on the bed.

He and the other two students were sharing this three-bedroom house apartment. It was located in the most prosperous downtown area, the rent was not low, 12,000 per month. They split it into three, four thousand per person.

Zhang Siyi had boasted in front of his father after graduation that he\'d make his own money and didn\'t need the support of the family. Hence, his father didn’t give him a penny. Even the first three months after he settled here, he also studied abroad and didn’t even run out of money.

Now almost two months have passed, and his work had not yet been completed. In another month, he had to pay the rent again, so let’s sat he didn’t really make any money.

Sighing, Zhang Siyi got up from the bed, turned on the computer to look at his email, wanting to see the resumes he submitted some time ago if it has a reply.

The author has something to say:

pinup: equivalent to the final exams for design major in European and American universities, that is, the design works on the wall, show for everyone to read, part of has something to do with presentation (presentation) to explain the design concepts, processes and results, by several design teachers Comprehensive score.

I will update at 12 o’clock everyday, love you, everyone (づ ~ 3 ~) づ

Translator’s Note:

Shem: What the hell is "ninja turtle"? ლ(ಠ益ಠლ)

Blues: Maybe it means a man who’s submissive to his woman?

Shem: *searches it in urban dictionary* *pukes blood*

(Search it on Urban Dictionary for more information)

  • Throw something into the pot: To propose something or add something to the discussion or consideration, especially among many other proposals and suggestions.