Ancient Strengthening Technique - Chapter 2473 - Tantai Lingyan's Immortal Qi, Immortal Painter Battle Goddess

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Chapter 2473 - Tantai Lingyan\'s Immortal Qi, Immortal Painter Battle Goddess

The three Level-Up Stones were used up and Qing Shui had also used a lot of the other items. However, the effects were still apparent.

The next day, Qing Shui didn\'t head to the Divine Palace first. This was the Imperial City and since he knew that Tantai Lingyan was here, he naturally had to go visit her first. Regardless of what had happened, their relationship was certain. It was just that it was very hard for their relationship to develop as normal.

Right now, Qing Shui was also refreshed, and he felt relaxed all over. Since he had gotten stronger and had demonic beasts and other things as well, he now had some confidence to be in the Imperial City. He would still need to work on the Mortal Steps. The seventh step was very important. It was a huge change, unlike how it was between the fifth and the sixth step.

The Poison Wolf King had been killed; things were going on strangely smoothly. The Poison Wolf King only had his poor luck to blame. To think that he had to meet Qing Shui when Qing Shui had just gotten stronger and gotten his hands on the Dragon Binding Ropes. Once constrained, no matter how powerful the Poison Wolf King was, he could only wait to be killed. Moreover, Qing Shui was a lot stronger compared to him and what that awaited the Poison Wolf King was just an instant kill.

Nine Continents Demon Gate!

Qing Shui felt that this was like a chain store, distinguished by different domains. This was the Imperial City, so it was the Imperial City Nine Continents Demon Gate, or the Nine Continents Demon Gate—Nine Moon Domain Imperial City.

Although the name was a little old-fashioned, this place had a top-notch style of an Imperial City. The place was in a deep, dignified, and rustic color, with a hint of extravagance to it. Black could also be presented in a dignified and graceful manner, and the place also had a kind of mysterious, cool aura to it.

Qing Shui looked at it from afar, releasing his aura. He knew that Tantai Lingyan would come out very soon.

It was a good day with blue sky, white clouds, and abundant grass growing around the place. This place was on a secluded mountain in the city. Major powers tended to have the same issue—to all be built on a mountain. Moreover, the mountain must be a tall one. Sometimes, the height where they were located could also be a strength indicator between a strong or a weak force.

After the time taken for an incense stick to burn, Tantai Lingyan carried Qing Tan out.

She wore plain snow-white clothes and tread in the air like a fairy. Her great beauty emitted an intense celestial flair, and the faint smile she wore caused Qing Shui to be in a daze for quite a while before he rubbed his nose and embraced them in his arms.


"Did Tan`er miss Father?" Qing Shui kissed the lass on the cheeks before then planting a kiss on Tantai Lingyan\'s face.

"I do. I think of you every day. But Mother isn\'t willing to bring me to go and find you." Qing Tan pouted.

"How dare you not miss me. I shall punish you with our family\'s rules." Qing Shui grinned and then slapped onto Tantai Lingyan\'s perky butt. It was very bouncy, bouncing a little when he slapped it.

"Rascal. You got here so quickly." Tantai Lingyan threw Qing Shui a coquettish glare and then smiled.

"Lingyan, you\'ve changed. Hmmm, what\'s your current strength?" Qing Shui realized that he was still unable to assess her strength clearly. It was really scary...

"You\'ll find out in the future. If you still dare to bully me, I\'ll give you a thrashing." Tantai Lingyan just smiled. Her smile was graceful and breathtaking. This was the strongest feeling that Qing Shui had gotten from her. It was a completely different aura from what she had been in the past and was too faint. Qing Shui felt very astonished. It was as if it was something in his arms, yet he couldn\'t seem to come into contact with it. Moreover, that feeling seemed very distant.

"I came after you without stopping, but it seems that you\'re going to be leaving again." Qing Shui\'s senses were very sharp.

"Mmm, I\'ll be waiting for you in the Nine Continents Demon Gate. I\'m already strong enough to take on the Nine Continents Demon Gate." Tantai Lingyan took Qing Shui\'s hand.

Qing Shui trembled. If she was already strong enough to challenge the highest existence in the Nine Continents Demon Gate, then how strong was she now? How could she become so strong? How much energy was contained in the Demon Saint Blood that had been sealed previously? Were they all unsealed now?

"I have something here for you. I don\'t know if it\'d be of any help." Qing Shui handed her the Nine-Mortal Steps.

Tantai Lingyan was also stunned when she saw the Nine-Mortal Steps. After flipping through it, she looked at Qing Shui and said, "This thing would be able to rank amongst the top five, or even top three amongst all paragon technique. Are you really going to let me learn it? Aren\'t you afraid that it\'d be even more difficult for you to win against me in the future?"

Qing Shui slapped her round butt as an answer. "Let\'s test it out tonight and see who will be the one asking for mercy."

"You\'re so bad. You scoundrel." Tantai Lingyan was a little helpless. She realized that she had unknowingly not know how to deal with him again.

She would definitely be the Demon Gate\'s sect leader, and their positions would definitely be on opposite sides. After thinking about these, she shook her head, feeling a little troubled. She decided to leave the matters for when the time came. Things might take a different turn then.

Qing Shui carried Qing Tan and took Tantai Lingyan\'s hand as they strolled around the surrounding mountain peaks to enjoy the scenery. It was rare that he was feeling so relaxed. Qing Shui had already let go of a lot of burdens in his heart. And it wasn\'t like how things were in the past where he kept having the feeling that he was being chased after by something terrifying. He would be a goner if he were to run too slowly.

Qing Shui knew that being in that situation had its benefits. Humans were scared of slacking off and once they did, things would be like riding a boat on a reverse current—keep moving backward.

Qing Shui told himself that he couldn\'t stop, even if it was for the sake of Tantai Lingyan. This world was very dangerous, and no one could claim to be invincible. Qing Shui must get stronger so that there would be assurance to his own life.

Qing Shui spent the night in Tantai Lingyan\'s room. The meeting of two people who had been missing each other after being apart for so long would naturally lead to sparks flying. Qing Shui couldn\'t understand why there was an Immortal Qi coming from Tantai Lingyan. She was a Demon Lord, but this Immortal Qi seemed to be very pure and made Qing Shui very infatuated.

Even though Tantai Lingyan was very clear of the sensations, she was still unable to let herself go and was more passive. However, Qing Shui was very thick-skinned and went through a lot of means to guide her into riding him. Her swaying figure was so beautiful that it made his blood vessels swell up. Her snow-white skin seemed to be emitting a divine light, releasing a faint fragrance that made her seem exquisite and perfect.

In the end, Tantai Lingyan gave in to Qing Shui, laying face down on the bed and lifting her round butt. Her beautiful and mysterious garden bloomed before Qing Shui, and Qing Shui almost died from a serious blood loss after seeing a goddess-like lady like her displaying such a posture.... At that moment, Qing Shui felt as if his blood was boiling. He turned into a wild beast, sending her to the peak of ecstasy time and time again...


In the Nine Continents Divine Palace situated in the Imperial City.

This was the strongest Divine Palace that Qing Shui had encountered. Qing Shui and the group headed for the Divine Palace and received a warm welcome. After all, the reputation of Qing Shui and the others in Mortal City had already reached their ears. Many people here knew of their existence.

Qing Shui was very surprised to find out that it was a Palace Mistress managing this place. she was a mature and alluring woman with a high stature and curvy peaks. Her beauty was a little bit lower compared to Tantai Lingyan and the two ladies, but in terms of allure and charm, the other three wouldn\'t be able to win against her even if their allure and charm were added together.

It wasn\'t that the three women\'s disposition couldn\'t make it. It was just that in terms of seducing men, men would tend to think of bed immediately after seeing this person, and then their thoughts would run wild. On the other hand, Tantai Lingyan and the two ladies tended to make others feel inferior and ashamed. It wasn\'t the case for this woman. She would immediately agitate the beastly nature in men, causing them to be unable to think of anything else.

This woman\'s allure wasn\'t the kind of cheap and lowly seduction. Although it would make one\'s thoughts run wild, it wouldn\'t cause men to go crazy. This was what was so amazing about this woman.

She was an Immortal Painter Battle Goddess, an amazing legacy inheritor. She could use her Origin Qi to draw demonic beasts that could fight for her. Whatever she drew would come to life, and it would all depend on her realm to see how strong the battle prowess she could release and what kind of existences she could produce.