Ancient Strengthening Technique - AST 2483 - Powerful Five Elements Hellhound

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AST 2483 - Powerful Five Elements Hellhound


The Massacre Battle God\'s sword pierced right into his opponent\'s heart and rapidly exploded.

Both parties\' battle was to life and death. After arriving in the Divine City, many people in Qing Shui\'s group had changed. There were differences between Battle Gods as well and after they saw everything that the Divine Palace had done here, these people were given the death mark by Qing Shui and would be killed if possible.

These people no longer deserved to be Battle Gods. It wouldn\'t be strange to call it a change in era either. They were gentlemen who feigned the righteous path and could be even more terrible than vile characters. There was no perfect distinction between what was right or wrong. There were also kind people among the bad guys and people who pretended to be good who were even more terrible than bad guys.

The Divine Palace had its own reason to exist. Since there was a Divine Palace like this, then there wouldn\'t be just this single Divine Palace. It was possible to see the entire picture from just one point. It was a reflection of the entire picture. This was also the reason why Qing Shui was so disappointed.

The Scorpio Snake Battle God immediately died.

Two out of the three battles were already over. However, it wasn\'t a fight for two out of three battles, but just a matter of who was the last one standing.

The Massacre Battle God was also very astonished. He felt that he wasn\'t weak, but it had been extremely dangerous. If it wasn\'t for Qing Shui, he might have died earlier. Be it the Scorpio Snake Battle God or other bewitching-type existences, the ability to bewitch one\'s opponent was very horrifying. It could catch the other party unawares, and could even allow the user to kill opponents stronger than themselves, potentially even dealing instant kills. This technique was even more terrifying than poison and caught people off guard.

Bewitching-typed abilities were seen as poison to the mind.

The Divine Hound Battle God still appeared calm, but powerful killing intent seethed inside. These people had wiped out two of his capable subordinates. He could tell that the people on his side had become dispirited after having lost two consecutive rounds.

The surroundings were very quiet. Although Qing Shui\'s side had clinched two victories, no one cheered. It was as if something like this wasn\'t worth mentioning. Moreover, everyone\'s expression appeared to be very calm. They had clearly not viewed the other party in high regard, and this gaze made the Divine Hound Battle God even more enraged.

\'If you don\'t come down, then I\'ll kill you." the Divine Hound Battle God looked at the Massacre Battle God who was on the arena and said with a cold and calm tone, displaying a strong atmosphere.

Of course the Massacre Battle God couldn\'t show off any weakness. He looked coldly at the Divine Hound Battle God, "It\'s still undecided on who will turn out victorious."”

"Let me be the one to have some fun with you. He has already killed one of yours and if he were to kill you as well, it\'d be bullying. Let me go. Let\'s change of people for every round." Qing Shui appeared next to the Massacre Battle God directly.

Although the Massacre Battle God was very powerful, ranked in the top three amongst all Battle Gods, he was currently at a stage where he was rapidly getting stronger and would need time to grow. In the future, he would have great achievements, but right now, it would still be too hard for him to face the Divine Hound Battle God.

The Divine Hound Battle God didn\'t say anything and rose up into the air, standing opposite Qing Shui with a straight and tall back.

"Young man, I\'ll let you understand today what it means when they say that there\'s always someone else who is stronger than you." The Divine Hound Battle God released terrifying auras and opened a cave behind him. A huge hound that glimmered in golden light appeared next to the Divine Hound Battle God.

This huge hound wasn\'t very big. It was ten meters tall and about twenty meters long. It glimmered in golden light all over, but this wasn’t the most eye-catching thing about it. The most eye-catching point would be the five eyes that it had. It had two pairs of eyes, with one pair being on top of the other, and then a fifth eye in the very middle. It appeared extremely weird.

These five eyes had different colors and released different glows as well as a mysterious aura.

Five Elements Hellhound!

Qing Shui\'s eyes lit up. Divine Hound Battle Gods tended to have a hound-type beast that was compatible to them that would be a mutated existence. However, Qing Shui hadn\'t expected that this Divine Hound Battle God\'s divine hound would be the Five Elements Hellhound.

The Five Elements Hellhound was an existence that possessed five different attributes which its eyes were symbolic of. The five eyes weren\'t just a symbolic existence, but were also Heavenly Techniques. They represented five types of purgatories and five amazing abilities that worked together with the Divine Hound Battle God\'s absolute powers.

Qing Shui\'s countenance was very serious and he called out the Dragon Slaying Beast.

The Five Elements Hellhound wasn\'t affected by the Divine Hound Battle God. The Divine Hound Battle God looked at Qing Shui and smiled, saying, "Let\'s start!"

Qing Shui nodded and formed seals with his hands and then struck out.

Nine Palace Laws!

The Nine Palace Laws could allow Qing Shui to be strengthened within its area. This was a feeling that made the location felt like homeground to the user. It wasn\'t a case where one\'s battle prowess would be raised by much, but a matter of strengthening one\'s disposition and feeling. It was the feeling of being in control.

Woo woo~~

Qing Shui was speechless. Was this a hound or a wolf? The Five Elements Hellhound had let out a wolf\'s howl earlier and the surroundings became like one was in the Earthheart Purgatory, with lava everywhere. The fierce flames and scorching lava kept on seething.


Bright flames appeared under Qing Shui\'s feet, encompassing him.

Putting aside Qing Shui\'s resistance toward flames, using fire to deal with Qing Shui was like trying to show off before an expert. Qing Shui grabbed the opportunity to perform the Art of Pursuing, Emperor\'s Qi, as well as the Buddha Wisdom Seal.

This Earthheart Purgatory was the Five Elements Hellhound\'s fire-element purgatory.

The Divine Hound Battle God\'s figure suddenly surged to be several tens of times taller and he charged out toward Qing Shui through the flames like a giant. He sent his fist smashing down, bringing along seething magma that came down like a waterfall.

Berserk Dragon Fist!

Qing Shui instantly performed the Six-Mortal Steps and sent out a punch smashing out.


Extremely violent forces smashed together. What surprised Qing Shui was that his great force that had been amplified by the Six-Mortal Steps had been stopped.

Both parties were shaken and surprised after being forced to back off. Qing Shui\'s surprise was that he had already weakened the other party by a lot. The Divine Hound Battle God was even more astonished compared to Qing Shui. Within this purgatory, his strength had received a terrifying amplification but he found it hard to accept this outcome. Therefore, both of them were greatly shocked.

"I take back my words from earlier. I\'ve underestimated you. You should have quite an achievement in the fire attribute." The Divine Hound Battle God said seriously and then waved his hand. The Five Elements Hellhound howled concurrently.

Woo woo~~

The world around Qing Shui changed once again. This time around, it was an area of ice and snow. Even the sky was layers of ice of an unknown thickness. This was a world of ice and snow, and the piercing chill from the air could reach down to one\'s bones. The temperature here could freeze ordinary steel to the extent that it would shatter. Horrifying wind blew. The wind was many times sharper compared to blades.

Hu hu~

Qing Shui watched the Five Elements Hellhound. It was definitely considered a Divine Beast. Just as Qing Shui was in a daze, the Five Elements Hellhound made its move. This was its world and it was a dominator-like existence. Its speed was indescribably fast and its body merged into the wind.

The Dragon Slaying Beast made its move as well. Qing Shui felt that his speed was restricted here, as if even his blood had been frozen. He felt that even his body felt a little stiff.


Qing Shui\'s aura changed and released astonishing heat. He had the Nine Yang Golden Body that was extremely strong and yang in nature. A warm current seemed to sweep through the sky. At the same time, with a thought, the Divine Weapon Flying Sword appeared and slashed out toward the figure in front.

The figure that was like a whirlwind that was charging out toward Qing Shui was thrown off by the slash. However, nothing happened to it. The Five Elements Hellhound appeared beside the Divine Hound Battle God and right now, there was a faint sword mark on it. There were slight traces of blood, but it wasn\'t seriously injured. It was just a light superficial wound.

Qing Shui held the Big Dipper Sword and instantly his heroic air surged. His feet moved like shooting stars that were chasing after the moon as he performed the Windwhisk Willow together with the Six-Mortal Steps. He then launched toward the Divine Hound Battle God like a roc spreading its wings.

The Divine Hound Battle God\'s body was huge, and right now, he released a loud bellow. Then, at a speed that could be seen by the naked eye, his huge figure underwent a change. He slowly moved onto the ground with his back arched up.

This was an enormous black dog that was covered in unbelievably thick black fur. Only a pair of cold, gleaming, and pitch-black eyes were staring at Qing Shui, who was in the sky.