Ancient Strengthening Technique - AST 2481 - Battle Gods' Resolving Method, Arranging for Battle

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AST 2481 - Battle Gods\' Resolving Method, Arranging for Battle

"There hasn\'t been anyone who dares to oppose me, the Young Master Shen. You\'re courting death. Do you know what place this is?" Young Master Shen wore an expression which seemed to say that Qing Shui\'s group had gotten themselves into big trouble.

Hearing Young Master Shen\'s words, Hao Tian laughed, "Do you feel good to be saying this? Do you feel a great sense of achievement? There won\'t be any problem for us to kill someone like you. Do you believe this?"

"You have guts. I hope that you can still smile after this. Call the Windsaber Battle God here." Young Master Shen smiled and said.

"These people are going to be in trouble. Although Young Master Shen is a profligate son, he is also the Palace Lord of the Divine Palace here." Someone murmured softly in the distance.

Qing Shui and the group had a strong sense of hearing and could naturally hear what the person had said. However, they weren\'t worried. There were certainly not many people in the Divine City who could take them down. Qing Shui was confident in this.

"Get someone to come? Sure, I won\'t kill you for now. I\'ll let you have a sense of what it feels like to be helpless." Hao Tian said in disdain.

Although Young Master Shen wasn\'t capable, he wouldn\'t take risks either. He chose not to make a move since the other party seemed to have some skills. Instead, he asked to call for an expert to come over. Otherwise, he would be too aggrieved to die just like that. He had yet to enjoy the few beautiful women from the other group.

"Who dares to bully Young Master Shen? Are they tired of living? Don\'t they know that this place is the Shen City?" A cold voice rang out.

This was a middle-aged man with a long and slender figure. He didn\'t appear to have a burly built, but his body was well-proportionate. He wore long clothes that were a little loose and was also holding a three-feet-long short saber. The blade was less than three inches in width and was a silvery-white color. As the man walked, the saber seemed to be able to become one with him.

The Windsaber Battle God was an expert in the Divine Palace here.

Qing Shui frowned. This person was a real Battle Gods, but he no longer had the pride of one. The Windsaber Battle God walked up to Young Master Shen, "Zisang, how do we deal with these people?

"Seize them. I don\'t care if the men live or die, but don\'t kill the women." Young Master Shen didn\'t look at the Windsaber Battle God but merely looked at Qing Shui\'s group proudly as he said this.

"The Windsaber Battle God\'s Windsaber emphasizes on being unconstrained, but now, you\'re restricted and unable to let go. It\'s not just your body, but your spirit as well. You\'ll never be able to truly reach the true profoundness of the Windsaber." Qing Shui looked at the Windsaber Battle God and said coldly.

The Windsaber Battle God\'s body trembled as a chill ran through his entire body. An ordinary person wouldn\'t be able to say something like this. Moreover, he also sensed that many people from the opposite side were all Battle Gods. Although he was also a Battle Gods, he knew that the Battle Gods who were here would only be stronger than him and not weaker.

"Which Divine Palace are you guys from? Why have you come to interfere with us?" The Windsaber Battle God tried hard to calm himself down.

"You don\'t have to care about which Divine Palace we come from. Let\'s just fight it out!" Qing Shui was in no mood to talk it over with them.

"Boss, let me deal with someone of this level!" The Mighty Spear Battle God walked out and said.

The Windsaber Battle God was also very conceited. He had been training on the Windsaber for many years and his opponents were very young. This place was home ground for him. He threw Young Master Shen a signal with his eyes and then walked out.

Qing Shui backed off and the Mighty Spear Battle God took his place, saying to the Windsaber Battle God, "Make your move. Don\'t say that I bullied you."

"Young man, it\'s better to be more humble. Since that\'s the case, take my blade!"

Both parties were already standing in the air and a faint layer of light-colored melody circled around the Windsaber Battle God. His body swayed lightly with the wind, as if he was situated in an amazing realm. Then, his body suddenly drew a glamorous trajectory, slashing out toward the Mighty Spear Battle God.

The Mighty Spear Battle God had learned the advanced version of the Nine-Mortal Steps which Qing Shui had given to him. Moreover, he had also learned the Nine-Mortal Steps. Therefore, his current battle strength was also very terrifying.


Making a move that neutralized the blade techniques, he instantly took three steps of the Mortal Steps, before advancing once again.

Four-Mortal Steps!


The Windsaber Battle God\'s countenance changed and he retreated anxiously. However, it was already too late. The Mighty Spear Battle God\'s violent attack had already smashed fiercely onto his saber. The Windsaber Battle God felt as if a mountain had crashed into him. Blood gushed up his throat and spurted out from his mouth.

A single move. This move was also considered the Mighty Spear Battle God\'s greatest strength. He had trained the Nine-Mortal Steps to the fourth steps and the Nine-Mortal Steps had also unleashed his own strength.

Everyone around them was stunned. The Windsaber Battle God was known to be a reputable character and was an expert in this area. How could it not be astonishing for an expert like him to be defeated by a single move?

Young Master Shen\'s countenance was very grim. His body shivered slightly as he looked at Qing Shui\'s group, "Don\'t be doing anything reckless. My father is the Palace Lord… the Divine Hound Battle God!"

Qing Shui knew of the Divine Hound Battle God, whose actual name was the Wild Hound Battle God. The person probably called himself the Divine Hound Battle God because his actual name didn\'t sound good. Although the name didn\'t sound like much, this Battle God was very powerful. The person would have superb endurance toward attacks as well as extraordinary self-recovery, sharp Spiritual Sense, and great judgment. This Battle God would have mysterious power and thus was terrifying.

"Regardless of what Battle God he is, a person like you must definitely die." Qing Shui said quietly. This guy had made multiple attempts to try to get his hands on Qing Shui\'s women. It was one thing if he didn\'t encounter this guy. Even if he had encountered this person in another situation, he wouldn\'t wipe them out for no reason at all if nothing happened. However, this guy had set his eyes on Qing Shui’s women.

Qing Shui thought of the saying which implied that a person had dug a trap for their father to fall into. This guy should be someone like that. It was because Qing Shui had already seen the Divine Hound Battle God.

This person was a middle-aged man and was very handsome. There were several tens of people next to him, all of them being Battle Gods. The handsome middle-aged man\'s countenance was grim and dignified. There was a brown mole between his brows that seemed like an eye.

"Father, they say that they\'re going to kill me. You must avenge me." When Young Master Shen saw the man, he acted like a pampered killed. A few drops of tears even dropped down from his eyes.

Qing Shui shivered. What was this situation? The middle-aged man pat Young Master Shen\'s shoulder, "It\'s fine for a man to be bullied. You just have to bully them right back. Father will help you out."

Damn it. With a father like him, it would be hard if the child wasn\'t like Young Master Shen. Qing Shui lost any bit of positivity toward the Divine Hound Battle God. A person like him had no principles. It was not wrong to dote on your child, but there must be limits to things and there must be principles.

"We\'re all Battle Gods. This is good. Let\'s just settle this the Battle Gods\' way." The Divine Hound Battle God looked at Qing Shui and said.

Qing Shui stood at the front. Therefore, it was clear from the start that Qing Shui was the leader of this group.

"Oh? The Battle Gods\' way? What kind of way is that?" Qing Shui was baffled.

"Fight. If you guys were to lose, then you\'ll join us. We\'ll deal with you in any manners we like. If you guys were to win, this Divine Palace will be yours and we\'ll be free for you to deal with as you like.” The Divine Hound Battle God said.

This was the way between Battle Gods. Qing Zun was shocked. This place was the Divine Palace Nation, yet the regulations were like this. It was a dog-eat-dog world, where the strongest survived and were revered. This was actually nothing strange, and could even be said to be a very clever way of doing things. A person participating in this would be able to leave their names at a minimal. It was more acceptable as if one lost, the other party could do as they wished to them. There was no need to worry about being killed. It was how things had been in the past. Therefore, it made sense to go through with this.

"This is good. We\'ll do this. What are we going to compete in? Is it a group challenge, an individual challenge, or having everyone taking turns to attack?" Qing Shui asked.

"We\'ll make it three rounds. How about we take the method of sending out participants out to attack in turns. They must be defeated before they can leave the stage. What do you think?"