Ancient Strengthening Technique - AST 2477 - Venomous Black Snake, Hell Demonic Snake

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AST 2477 - Venomous Black Snake, Hell Demonic Snake

Just like that, Qing Shui\'s group walked passed them and headed to the depths of the Nine Suns Purgatory.

"North Wind, you fool! Why did you have to give it to him? This is great!" West Ox said angrily.

"How would I know that I\'d encounter such a domineering person? Moreover, this isn\'t bad either. It\'s better than giving it to you." North Wind smiled and said.

West Ox didn\'t manage to get his hands on the Yang Stone and had lost several tens of people, so much more than the number of deaths from the North Clan. These people were the talents in the clan, and in a massive clan, these people were considered to be lower-level leaders. They were the mid-tier personnel and were very important.

"Let\'s go back. We\'ll get more people from the clan and block him. How could you just give up such a big piece of Yang Stone like this?" The more West Ox thought about it, the angrier he felt. He had a strong urge to kill North Wind and his group, but that wouldn\'t do shit.

North Wind\'s thoughts were in chaos, but he felt very happy. Anyway, he wouldn\'t have been able to safeguard the Yang Stone and he might have even lost his life here. So, this ending wasn\'t bad. Even though he didn\'t get his hands on the Yang Stone, the people from the West Clan hadn\'t gotten their hands on it either. He felt a lot more peaceful.

"We\'re leaving!" North Wind shook his head and then left.

"Hmmph, bloody imbecile." West Ox could not help but murmur.


"Those two idiots must be very angry." Hao Tian grinned.

"Of course. However, the Four Directions Clans aren\'t to be trifled with. They\'ll definitely send people to come after us, as this is their territory. This is even more so for the West Clan. Earlier on, the North Clan had been restraining them, but the West Clan had always been ambitious, wanting to merge the four clans into one," said the Immortal Painter Battle Goddess.

"Mmm, there\'s no need to worry. We aren\'t pushovers either. Moreover, the four clans aren\'t on good terms with each other, and they won\'t kick up a big fuss over this," said Qing Shui very confidently.

"That\'s true. Even if they can get rid of us, they wouldn\'t do it. They can\'t afford to get rid of their opponents at the cost of a great casualty."

"Hmmm, look, what\'s that?" Just then, the Myriad Treasures Battle God pointed to the distance and said.

Qing Shui looked over and discovered that it was a red chicken. Its appearance looked like that of a chicken, had a height of one meter, and was fiery-red. Its eyes were pitch-black and its two chicken legs were thin and long as if they were two steel rods.

"I got it. It\'s the Fire Chicken Spirit, a superior Divine Grade food. Legend has it that celestials rear this Fire Chicken Spirit," said the Myriad Treasures Battle God happily.

Qing Shui thought of how he had similar things, including the Ninth-Grade Divine Chicken and the Mountain Boar Spirit. The Ninth-Grade Divine Chicken was a chicken that could lay only one egg. However, it laid a lot of eggs in the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal.

The Mountain Boar Spirits were now reared successfully in the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal. Their flesh was extremely fresh. This Fire Chicken Spirit should be of similar quality.

“Catch it!”

It was very easy for the group to catch this Fire Chicken Spirit. The Fire Chicken Spirit also had its life-saving measures and was very fast. Furthermore, given on how the place was filled with red Firewood all around, it could rapidly disappear. This was a form of camouflage. Compared to the animals in Qing Shui\'s previous life, these creatures were much more skilled in hiding themselves.

After capturing it, Qing Shui tossed it right into the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal and let it be a companion for the Ninth-Grade Divine Chicken...

The others didn\'t say anything either. They had no idea where Qing Shui had tossed the Fire Chicken Spirit to and weren\'t even sure that it was still alive.

After they had taken down the Fire Chicken Spirit, a dangerous aura encompassed the place. Qing Shui tensed up. He wasn\'t the only one feeling it. Everyone seemed to feel as if some evil creature had its eyes on them, and they were all shivering.

"Damn, the problem lays on this Fire Chicken Spirit. They say that the Fire Chicken Spirit is the Hell Demonic Snake\'s favorite food. Have we encountered a Hell Demonic Snake?" The Immortal Painter Battle Goddess\' face turned pale when she remembered about this fact.

"That\'s right. Look over there." Qing Shui smiled bitterly and pointed to the distance.

It was a pitch-black mountain range. But on a closer look, one would discover that it wasn\'t a mountain range but was a huge black snake, piling up like a small mountain. It was emitting an eerie, cold aura.

This was the Hell Demonic Snake, a legendary evil creature with terrifying strength. Most importantly, it specialized in a Heavenly Technique that was similar to charming. Many people didn\'t even know how they had died. This was also the Hell Demonic Snake\'s most terrifying ability. Once a person got hit by that attack, it\'d be over for them.

"Handover the Fire Chicken Spirit, and I\'ll let you guys off," a cold voice rang out.

Qing Shui frowned as he didn\'t like this tone. He had always viewed himself as a nobody, and people like him tended to have a very strong sense of pride. Qing Shui looked at this Hell Demonic Snake and didn\'t feel very worried.

"If you want the Fire Chicken Spirit, then you\'ll have to win it over." Qing Shui smiled and said.

"Haha, young man, you\'re interesting. You\'re the most courageous person I\'ve ever met. I\'ll fulfill your wish." The Hell Demonic Snake swung its body toward Qing Shui. Its huge body was like a mountain, possessed great impact. It instantly sent the surroundings into pitch-black darkness.

Black fog with a strong disgusting stench filled up the place. This fog was also extremely poisonous.

Area Dominance!

Qing Shui was thankful that he had Area Dominance and Nature Energy. Otherwise, he would have died many times over. Over 90% of the experts were afraid to encounter opponents that were skilled in poison and were of similar strength level to themselves. An opponent that was skilled in poison yet were weak in strength wouldn\'t be able to do much to an expert anyway. It would be like how ordinary people incapable of handling simple poison. Things were different for the strong as low-level poison wouldn\'t be able to invade into their bodies.

Since poison was so powerful, it was likely that many people would learn it. However, this wasn\'t how things were. For example, some people who could go on relatively far on the path of martial arts wouldn\'t be too willing to get close to poison. Moreover, there were many requirements for those who wished to learn the art of poison. For example, the requirement for one\'s physique was high, else one could die from their own poison easily. Even if one fulfilled the requirement for their physique, it would still be very dangerous. It wouldn\'t be easy for there to be one survivor out of ten who had learned the art of poison. Just this success rate alone would scare off 99% of the people out there. Therefore, there were very few cultivators who could use poison.

In comparison to humans, poisonous beasts were different. They enjoyed exceptional advantages and were born with a poisonous body, possessing their own poisonous liquid, venom storage, or things like that. As they grew, everything would mature and if they were to come into contact with some fortunate opportunities, they could become even more terrifying. Of course, Poison Beasts were also differentiated into different grades and regardless of which grade they were at, they would all be dangerous existences in their respective grades.


The fog in the surroundings dissipated and Qing Shui looked around. He quickly brought out poison-neutralizing pills for the others. It was because one-third of the group had been poisoned and their countenances were extremely pale. Their internal organs were slowly depreciating.

What a terrifying venom!

"This is just 20% of my prowess in poison. Have you come to regret it? Half of you can leave if you were to hand over the Fire Chicken Spirit now," the Hell Demonic Snake\'s cold voice rang out.

Dragon Slaying Beast!

Qing Shui was fully on guard as this creature was very powerful.

The moment the Dragon Slaying Beast came out, the Hell Demonic Snake lost 20% of its strength.

When the Hell Demonic Snake saw the Dragon Slaying Beast, it trembled. It had the dragon\'s blood lineage in its body, and this fear was one that came from its soul. However, it only had a slight shiver. The Hell Demonic Snake looked at the Dragon Slaying Beast and said, "To think that you have this kind of Dragon Slaying Beast. It\'s a pity that it hasn\'t grown enough."

Emperor\'s Qi!

Qing Shui smiled and struck out with his Emperor\'s Qi.

By this time, the Hell Demonic Snake was no longer able to remain calm. Despite feeling quite disgusted to have his strength reduced by 20%, it could still handle this outcome. However, now that it had another 20% of its strength lowered, it felt so outrageous to the extent of wanting to cough up blood.