Ancient Strengthening Technique - AST 2476 - North Wind, West Ox, Yang Stone

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AST 2476 - North Wind, West Ox, Yang Stone

It didn\'t take long for Qing Shui and the others to arrive where the sound was coming from. The two parties were engaged in battle. Or rather, it should be said that one side was on self-defense while the other was attacking.

Ten or more people were being surrounded and attacked, and they were now putting up a difficult fight.

"North Wind, don\'t be resisting anymore. It\'s futile." A man standing at the back said proudly.

"West Ox, you despicable guy. If you\'re capable, then let\'s have a duel. Launching an assault on us and winning us with numbers is something that won\'t convince me even if I were to die."

The man called North Wind had a burly build. Holding a huge Mountain Piercing Axe, he cleared up a safe area.

"Haha, won\'t be convinced even if you were to die? I\'m not trying to convince you. I just want you to die. The winners are the ones who get the final say. It\'s fine even if we were to win with numbers, as long as I can kill you. Does it matter what method I use?" West Ox laughed happily.


"They are the North Clan and the West Clan from the Four Directions Region from the deepest parts of the Nine Suns Domain. These are the four clans who dominate over the Four Directions Region in the north, south, east, and west respectively. Their relationship has always been good, and they have been united to be on the same stand. How could something like this possibly happen?” The Immortal Painter Battle Goddess was baffled by the scene.

"If one party can dominate over the Four Directions Region by themselves, they\'ll definitely get rid of the other clans." Qing Shui shook his head. “Regardless of where the place was, interests and benefits were the most important. The reason the Four Directions Clans could be on good relations was because they shared common interests. Once the balance tilted, something would definitely happen.”

Qing Shui didn\'t wish to get involved in something like this. After all, there was no justice nor evil in a battle like this. It was like what West Ox had said, the winner had the last say and that living was the most important. What he said made a lot of sense. However, Qing Shui didn\'t really wish for things to be like this.

Nothing could be accomplished without norms or standards. Regulations were required even in a dog-eat-dog world. Moreover, countless people were using the same methods as West Ox. Everyone hoped that they were the ones using such a method and that others didn\'t.

"If you were to hand over the Yang Stone to us, we can spare your lives," said West Ox viciously.

"Dream on. Even if I were to die, I won\'t hand over this thing to a despicable person like you." North Wind was already injured.

"Since you\'re in such a hurry to die, then go on. I\'ll still be able to get my hands on it after you\'ve died." West Ox was in no hurry.

"That leaves me with no choice. Friend, take this and run. Run to the Four Directions Region and to the North Clan." North Wind tossed an interspatial silk sachet over in Qing Shui\'s direction.

Qing Shui\'s eyes narrowed. This person was trying to push him into a pit. The Yang Stone might not necessarily be in this interspatial silk sachet and could be just a feint. After having traveled for so many years, Qing Shui was no longer an ignorant young kid.

"Friend, toss the item over and I won\'t give you any trouble." West Ox looked calmly at Qing Shui\'s group and said; his voice was filled with great confidence.

It turned out that the reason for their dispute was the Yang Stone. Qing Shui and the others had been talking about the Yang Stone a moment ago. It was a really good stuff and was said to be divine grade metal ore that had dropped from the sky. It could be used to forge divine weapons, divine armors, or other divine treasures.

"If I were to run away with this interspatial silk sachet, I might end up getting killed. I\'d not die an aggrieved death." Qing Shui tossed the interspatial silk sachet back to North Wind.

Although this person appeared to look righteous, he turned out to be a scheming person as well. He called West Ox despicable, but it seemed that he was no better himself.

"I was just testing out how courageous you are. Not bad, take this and run!" North Wind tossed out another interspatial sachet.

Qing Shui caught it and looked. He saw that there was a big piece of stone in the sachet that was flashing with a bright glow. It seemed as if it was burning in golden flames while being surrounded with a thick layer of something that seemed like stones.

This piece of stone wasn\'t small, being two meters in both length, width, and height. It had an irregular shape that was closer to a cube. When the Immortal Painter Battle Goddess and the Myriad Treasures Battle God saw it, they were both taken by surprise. The value of such a big piece of Yang Stone was definitely very terrifying.

"Does this Yang Stone belong to me now?" Qing Shui looked at North Wind.

"Of course, but it\'s hard to say whether you\'d be able to leave. If you can run to the Four Directions Region\'s North Clan, they can ensure your safety." North Wind smiled.

"He\'s from the North Clan. If you were to run to his place, the Yang Stone will still be taken away by them. Why don\'t you hand it over to our West Clan? You won\'t be in any danger either," West Ox said.

"I also want this Yang Stone." Qing Shui tossed the interspatial silk sachet into the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal.

"Kid, you better think it over carefully; wealth can bring you trouble. It\'d be bad if you eventually lose both your life and your wealth. You might as well give it to our West Clan, and I can give you some other compensation." West Ox frowned. He had thought that the other party would hand over the item if he were to say a few words. This thing didn\'t belong to this young man in the first place, and no one dared to fight for things with the West Clan in the Four Directions Region.

The Four Directions Region was formed from a stretch of cities and was a subsidiary domain that came under the Nine Suns Domain. There were many other domains that came under the Nine Suns Domain, and these domains would be formed from countless cities, towns, fields, as well as mountains and rivers.

"That guy from earlier has given it to me. He doesn\'t wish to hand it over to you, so it\'d be bad for me to give it to you. Moreover, this thing is now mine, so why do I have to give it to you?” said Qing Shui as a matter-of-factly.

West Ox wasn\'t the only one stunned. Even North Wind was also in a bit of a daze; thus, they had stopped their battle. Since the Yang Stone was no longer in North Wind\'s hand, there wasn\'t a need to continue with the battle. The potential casualty wouldn\'t be worth it.

"North Wind, why do I feel that we\'ve been done in? Give it a try. See if you can get it back." West Ox smiled and said.

"Even if I were to ask for it back, it\'d still be snatched by you. I might as well don\'t want it," answered North Wind.

"Hmph, a feigned gentleman. You\'ll use unscrupulous means to snatch it back later," said West Ox in contempt.

"If there\'s nothing else, we\'ll be making a move first." Qing Shui seemed to want to pass by them and leave.

"This place is within the Four Directions Region. I didn\'t expect that there\'s someone who can neglect our Four Directions Clans like this. I\'ll say it once more: leave the Yang Stone behind!" West Ox said coldly.

"Have you been kicked in the head by a donkey? How many times have I said this? I need this Yang Stone," Qing Shui said.

North Wind chuckled, "Haha, head been kicked by a donkey... Moreover, it should still be a small and wild donkey."

"Do it. Kill him. Kill all the men and leave the women behind." West Ox looked at Qing Shui\'s group. The women in their group were really unrivaled beauties, and the people who could bear to kill them would either be women or men who had a different inclination in their sexual orientation.

Qing Shui\'s eyes narrowed. It was one thing for them to want to kill him, but if they wished to set their eyes on his women, then they\'d be courting death.

Stellar Transposition!

Qing Shui turned toward the people who were charging at him and struck with Stellar Transposition.

It was an extremely brilliant sight, like that of the Milky Way and setting sun.

Although these people were also experts, they were still a far cry from people at Qing Shui\'s level. The Stellar Transposition would just kill them instantly.

About 40 people had come charging over, but all of them were practically killed from this attack. Blood came raining down, and then they disappeared.

Both North Wind and West Ox frowned. This guy was very strong, and his strength even caused their hearts to palpitate; they felt uneasy. Silence filled up the place and all of them didn\'t budge at all.

"Don\'t be courting trouble; otherwise, I\'ll make sure that you guys won\'t be able to live." Qing Shui chuckled and led the others to leave. No one dared to make a move; even West Ox had tensed up. However, West Ox tried very hard to control himself and not allow himself to charge toward Qing Shui.