Ancient Strengthening Technique - AST 2475 - Nine Suns Purgatory, Myriad Treasures Battle God

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AST 2475 - Nine Suns Purgatory, Myriad Treasures Battle God

She seemed to be both very fast and very slow. However, in actual fact, not much time had passed. The snow-white demonic beast that seemed aesthetically real appeared. Surprisingly, It looked exactly the same as this pitch-black creature. It was just that the one the woman had drawn was snow-white in color and wasn\'t moving at all.

Adding the finishing touch to bring the art to life!

After the superb final touch by the woman\'s jade brush, the snow-white creature emitted a brilliant glow that was extremely bright.


A loud roar rang out and the snow-white creature came to life. It darted out toward the huge black demonic beast.

Boom boom...

Terrifying clashing sounds rang out and it didn\'t take long before the huge snow-white demonic beast ended up being at a disadvantage. At this moment, the woman picked up the jade brush once again.

Swoosh swoosh...

Her beautiful figure moved around again, and a huge demonic beast that looked exactly like the one before appeared. The situation became one where it was two demonic beasts against one now.

It wasn\'t just a two-on-one situation. The second one that had appeared seemed to be a little bit stronger than the one before.

Qing Shui looked at the woman and sensed that she hadn\'t depleted much of her energy. Moreover, this woman\'s battle technique was too mysterious. It was simply a case where you returned one\'s attacks onto themselves. As long as her realm was high enough, she could make her opponents feel very aggrieved. It was because it would be as if they had committed suicide.

Demonic beasts weren\'t the only things that she could draw. She could also draw people. Regardless of what it was, the existences that she produced could last about 15 to 30 minutes. The stronger the existence she drew, the shorter the duration would be. However, it was said that when the Immortal Painter Battle Goddess reached the highest level, the thing produced from the drawing could exist for very long or even be permanent, as if they were an actual lifeform.

However, it was very difficult to reach this realm. It was a legendary existence.

Qing Shui thought of drawing people, as it could catch the opponent unaware. However, the end products being drawn didn\'t have a soul after all. It\'d be useless even if one could reach the level of being able to draw souls. The greatest use of them was for battle, and everything else were secondary. As long as the end products were put together with humans, it would be very simple to differentiate them.

In the end, the pitch-black creature escaped. The two snow-white demonic beasts that were drawn also disappeared.

"Your way of battling is really too amazing," Qing Shui commented strongly.

"If I were to encounter an expert, I wouldn\'t have the chance to make a move." The Immortal Painter Battle Goddess shook her head.

"So what you need is a set of amazing movement technique as well as some powerful demonic beasts. They will protect and allow you to draw out some existences for battle," Qing Shui said.

"I have a set of movement technique, but it\'s a pity that I haven\'t been able to attain a breakthrough in it. I also have a few demonic beasts, but they are a bit difficult for me to sustain as well." The Immortal Painter Battle Goddess looked at Qing Shui.

"Why, is anything not right?" Qing Shui asked when he saw her looking at him.

"It\'s nothing..." The Immortal Painter Battle Goddess\'s gaze was a little dodgy, and her face was a little red as well. This made Qing Shui feel very puzzled. This woman\'s figure was well-embodied like a young married lady, and she had an alluring appearance. He had no idea why she would blush.

The Immortal Painter Battle Goddess had sensed Qing Shui\'s Nine Yang Qi, and that was why she had looked at him with a hint of surprise and had been in a daze earlier. When she looked at Qing Shui, she thought of a juncture in her cultivation of the Immortal Steps from her inherited legacy. If she wished to attain a breakthrough, she would need some special fortunate encounters. One of which was to use Nine Yang Qi to clear the barrier.

This method was actually very difficult since there were very few men with Nine Yang Qi. She might not get the chance to encounter one. Moreover, she was also unable to accept this method of clearing the obstacle—to have sex, allowing Yin and Yang to integrate together, and from there, allowing the Nine Yang Qi to clear the barrier.

Qing Shui had no idea what the Immortal Painter Battle Goddess was thinking about and thus didn\'t ask further.

"We\'ve finally left the ocean domain. Hmmm, where is this place?" Qing Shui suddenly sensed that this place was getting increasingly hot. Moreover, there were no cities here. There were only tall mountains, lakes, and forests. The terrain was also bumpy and fluctuating, occasionally releasing terrifying auras.

"We\'ve entered the Nine Suns Purgatory." Nuo Lan looked at the map and said to Qing Shui.

Nine Suns Purgatory!

Qing Shui had previously tried to find out something about the Nine Suns Domain. The Nine Suns Purgatory was considered a more dangerous area within the Nine Suns Domain. It was a place to take risks and go through training, also one of the hottest places in the Nine Suns Domain. Otherwise, it wouldn\'t be referred to as a purgatory.

The Nine Suns Purgatory was scorching hot, and ordinary people who entered this place would be lit up in flames. There were only Firewood and demonic beasts with fire attributes here. Moreover, there was no water in the Nine Suns Purgatory, only boiling magma. Any water would evaporate completely here.

Some of the fire attributes demonic beasts would eat a type of plant to obtain water. This plant was very mysterious and in a tube shape with water within it. There was quite a number of such plants, and they were the primary water source in the Nine Suns Purgatory. Of course, the people who came to train here would tend to bring along their own water. However, if there were any accidents or if they had finished the water they brought, they would also need to depend on these plants to replenish their water.

In the Nine Suns Purgatory, even the rate of water loss that cultivators experienced was also especially fast.

"There are many good things here. Why don\'t we go and probe around? We might find some extremely precious stuff." The person who spoke was the Myriad Treasures Battle God.

The Myriad Treasures Battle God was one of the people that the Immortal Painter Battle Goddess had brought along. He wasn\'t very old but was very fat, like the Maitreya. However, he was very strong and had a lot of treasures. In battles, he would tend to catch his opponents unaware. Many experts died in the hands of the Myriad Treasures Battle God\'s treasures.

Not only did the Myriad Treasures Battle God go out searching for treasures, but he would also create his own. His legacy was similar to mechanics study, and he was equipped with dangerous things all over his body. For example, he had created a "Killer Bees". These Killer Bees weren\'t very big in size and were only about the size of a human head. They could self-explode and had terrifying venom in their bodies. Moreover, this venom contained the favorite food of other venomous creatures. Therefore, even if the target didn\'t die after one attack, there would still be other implications which could toy with a person until they die.

The Myriad Treasures Battle God had another name—the Nine Lives Battle God. He was said to have nine lives. It was usually useless no matter how many times he was killed. He wouldn\'t die. He had many items on him including those which could die in place of him, preventing him from dying or ones that could allow him to escape instantly. His opponents could have been seeing him beaten to death, but he had in fact long since fled from the scene…

"Come, let\'s see what treasures there are in the Nine Suns Purgatory." Qing Shui and the group entered the Nine Suns Purgatory.

The temperature felt increasingly hot. It wasn\'t noon yet, but this place felt like a steamer. There seemed to be a faint layer of steam around the place that was like a fog.

Fiery-red firewood grew strongly in this environment. There were Fire Rats, Blazefire Birds, Fire Bees, Fire Chicken, Fire Swallows, and others. The plants and animals here were basically related to fire, and most of their colors inclined toward being red. They might even have flames on their bodies.

"It\'s said that there are some fire-related divine beasts in the Nine Suns Purgatory. The Yang Stone also comes from this place. There are high-quality food, medicinal plants, forging materials, and sewing materials here. The Firecloud Silk could be made into the best clothes that had a terrifying defense as well as could be used to ward off fire. Moreover, the clothes made from the Firecloud Silk are the most beautiful," said the Myriad Treasures Battle God as they walked.

The Myriad Treasures Battle God really did know a lot about good items. They were related to his inherited legacy and his great interest. This resulted in him not having any woman despite the fact that he wasn\'t young anymore. It seemed that he didn\'t have much interest in women.

"Hmmm, there are people in front, and they seemed to be fighting." Faint sounds rang out and Qing Shui looked toward the distance.

The others were baffled, but the Immortal Painter Battle Goddess seemed to have heard it as well. She nodded. "Shall we go over and take a look?"

"It\'s on the way. Let\'s go and take a look. There are the roars from beasts as well. Let\'s see if it\'s someone in trouble, having encountered some terrifying beast." Qing Shui led the others toward where the sound was coming from.