Ancient Strengthening Technique - AST 2470 - Phoenix Feather Fan, Grade Six Hundred Treasure Chest, Dragon Binding Ropes

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AST 2470 - Phoenix Feather Fan, Grade Six Hundred Treasure Chest, Dragon Binding Ropes

There was a multitude of items present. Out of them all, one item stood out and seemed especially strange. It was a feather fan, with 2 distinctive colors, one half bluish white while the other half fiery red. Its appearance was extremely eye-catching, emitting a spiritual glow. However, the He Clan had placed it within an unknown thing. If it wasn\'t because of its strong spiritual Qi, the He Clan would probably not collect it. It didn\'t matter that it looked good. There were too many things in the nine continents that looked good.

After Qing Shui looked at it with his Heavenly Vision Technique, he smiled, his heart racing.

Phoenix Feather Fan!

It was a paragon treasure, forged from the legendary phoenix\'s and roc\'s feathers. Only someone recognised by the Phoenix Feather Fan recognition could utilize it.

With one flap, strong gales would blow, sending the target into the sky, unable to break free. The duration of constriction depended on the target\'s cultivation. However, no matter how strong the other party was, the opponent would definitely be lifted up for at least a split second. One can add in Origin Qi to attack, crushing the target in the strong gales. Of course, it would also be dependent on the other party\'s strength or if they had any defensive treasures.

With two flaps, the target would be blown away for at least 1,000 meters. One can add in Origin Qi to attack, causing the opponent to be sent off with the wind.

With three flaps, phoenix flames would be sent out. There could also be explosions, unleashing terrifying damaging prowess.

With four flaps, fire would appear, turning the surroundings into a sea of flame. The terrifying flames had the ability to incinerate the world. Even an ocean could be set on fire.

With five flaps, everything would return to calm. Everything can be blown away, flames could be extinguished, poison could be neutralized, unrest could be stabilized...

Qing Shui was stunned for a moment. This paragon treasure was really good. It was a pity that it had to go through the owner-recognition process. No one in the He Clan managed to be recognized as its owner. Otherwise, the fan would unleash terrifying prowess. If they were to use this against him in critical moments, he would become a live target.

After seeing the requirement for the owner-recognition, Qing Shui hesitated a little but eventually still decided to go ahead with it. He had initially planned on giving it to the two ladies when he saw that it was a pretty fan. However, he saw that the fan\'s prowess had a strong relation with the user.

Qing Shui thought of his Nine Yang Body as well as the Yin-Yang Fire Art, which contained the Primordial Flames. He felt that this fan might be able to unleash terrifying effects in his hands.

The fan was quite straining to use and ordinary people wouldn\'t be able to afford to use it.

"Mmm, time to investigate the Hundred Treasure Chest." Qing Shui was suddenly stunned. He thought of how the next level of the Hundred Treasure Chest had opened up. It took a very long time for this level to open up and he had no idea when the next level would open up. He looked agitated toward the Hundred Treasure Chest\'s rewards.

Six-tiered Hundred Treasure Chest.

There were 1,000 Aptitude Pills, 1,000 Potential Pills, 1,000 Growth Pills, 2,000 Divine Square Cauldrons, 2,000 Divine Weapon Crystals, 300 Cultivation Pills, 50 Super Foundation Building Pills, three Level-Up Stones, 15 Demonic Beast Blood Strengthening Pills, three pieces of God Metal Stones, three Epiphany Fruits.

It was unlike how things were like in the past. There were no more Talisman Stones nor the Heavenly Limit Soulstones. However, there were a lot more other things such as the Super Foundation Building Pill which should be something good. The Level-Up Stone was also excellent. The Demonic Beast Blood Strengthening Pill was similar to what he refined, but there were only fifteen of them... The God Metal Stone was a stone used to forge Divine Weapons and shouldn\'t be bad either. Qing Shui knew of the Epiphany Fruit. It was also called the Comprehension Fruit, used to increase one\'s level of comprehension. It allowed one\'s level of comprehension to increase by multiple times within a set period of time and had especially good effects for one to raise their cultivation realm and attain breakthroughs.

Things like the Aptitude Pills were no longer useful on Qing Shui. Instead, it was suited for the others and could raise their cultivation exponentially. In the past, Qing Shui had used them himself as the others\' foundations weren\'t as stable as his. Things were different now. He had the Super Foundation Building Pills.

After taking a look, Qing Shui discovered that these things were of superior quality. They were divine medicine to cultivators, with their effects being more thorough than that of constitution nurturing. Just one per person could establish the person\'s foundations. There were no aftereffects from the Aptitude Pills and Potential Pills, and there was no worry of side effects caused by one\'s foundation being not stable enough.

Qing Shui split up the things and planned on giving them out the next day. Right now, Qing Shui was planning to raise the grade of his Divine Weapon Flying Sword. He now had the Divine Square Cauldrons and Divine Weapon Crystals.

Its grade was currently at 28 and he could increase its grade by two with 2,000 Divine Square Cauldrons and Divine Weapon Crystals. Qing Shui knew about this long ago.

The level up was quite fast.

Grade 30!

After being upgraded to Grade 30, the Divine Weapon Flying Sword was already maxed out...

Big Dipper Sword, Divine Weapon Flying Sword!

Divine earth-grade artifact, possess terrifying attacking and penetrating abilities.

Grade 30!

Allowing members from own party to receive 20% less damage. Effect will sustain throughout the entire battle.

Increase 30% of self-recovery speed, all attacks and defense by six billion dao force, increase additional damage inflicted by six billion dao force, reduce additional damages received by six billion dao force, and reducing 30% of damage received.

Divine Weapon Seal: Activated. Can embed Talisman Stones.

Attack, defense, avoidance, recovery, endurance, speed, flexibility, and violent strike increased by 10%.

After the Divine Weapon Flying Sword had been maxed out, it can continue to be raised to the next level. It would be even more terrifying after it reached the divine heaven-grade. At the thought of this, Qing Shui thought of the three Level-Up Stones. He took them out agitatedly, tried them out, and revealed a bitter smile. The Level-Up Stones could only bring items up to the divine earth-grade. its energy wasn\'t sufficient to bring items up to the divine heaven-grade.

Qing Shui thought of synthesizing, but the failure rate was too high and three Level-Up Stones weren\'t enough. At least ten Level-Up Stones would be required to produce a more powerful Level-Up Stone through synthesis. Therefore Qing Shui didn\'t continue to think about this. These three Level-Up Stones would be better off being used on blades.

What should he use them on? Qing Shui was stumped. The Level-Up Stones could only bring items up to the divine earth-grade at max, and each Level-Up Stone could increase the item by one level. Clearly, it would be best to use it on divine mystic-grade. Otherwise, it would feel like a waste.

Qing Shui had many treasures, but there were some which he had no idea if their levels could be raised. For example, the Soulshake Bell, the Heaven Shaking Drum, Demon Binding Ropes, and the Soulshake Bell. This baffled Qing Shui. The level of these treasures were very low and it was a waste to raise their levels. For the Soulshake Bell, it was a matter of probability. Furthermore, Qing Shui felt that its effect wasn\'t that high now. It could be because the treasure\'s level was too low.

It wouldn\'t be bad to increase the level of the Spirit Gathering Lamp and the Heaven Shaking Drum. He had no idea how much increment could be brought by increasing one level. Was it 10%? 20%? 50%? Double? This was something he felt torn by.

The Demon Binding Ropes wasn\'t bad and was a divine mystic-grade basic-tier treasure. It was actually very useful and most importantly, at the next level, it would become the Dragon Binding Ropes.

At the thought of this, Qing Shui leveled it up directly and without any further thoughts.

Divine earth-grade treasures... The grade of the divine artifact is different. Paragon treasures are divine heaven-grade treasures. The Phoenix Feather Fan from earlier was a paragon treasure. There were also differentiations between paragon treasures.

Treasures have different practical uses and abilities. The special thing about the Demon Binding Ropes was that its abilities were unitary. Therefore, its practical use was stronger than treasures that were of the same or of different grades.

Dragon Binding Ropes!

Divine earth-grade treasure!

Pouring in Origin Qi into the Dragon Binding Ropes could allow the restraining of the target, causing them to be unable to move. The duration of the confinement was until one\'s Origin Qi was left with less than 30%. The stronger the target, the faster the depletion of Origin Qi.

It was a good thing. Qing Shui was very agitated. He had a strong necessity for such controlling ability. After all, with the Divine Weapon Flying Sword, the Dragon Slaying Beast, and the Stellar Transposition, he would be able to deal instant kills after he had managed to cultivate the Nine-Mortal Steps.