Ancient Strengthening Technique - AST 2467 - Life Hanging By A Thread, Using All Trump Cards

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AST 2467 - Life Hanging By A Thread, Using All Trump Cards

Mortal\'s Regrets!

Mortals could regret. A circle of glowing light rose up slowly and He Lianba\'s figure followed after the trailing part of blood brought by the Flying Sword. The blood in the places He Lianba passed by disappeared, returning to the place where he had been pierced, and everything returned to the original state.

"This is the He Clan\'s most terrifying Mortal\'s Regrets. It\'s a pity. Without this, that young man would have won."

"It\'s really unbelievable. To think that this young man can take He Lianba on to such an extent. He\'s too astonishing and should be stronger compared to those genius members from the divine sects."

"The golden light from that young man earlier on was also one that saved his life. This young man also have good things on him. Seems that even He Lianba will be feeling some pressure now."


Although He Lianba recovered, his face was pale. The last time he had used the Mortal\'s Regrets was 300 years ago He hadn\'t used it in a very long time and didn\'t expect to be forced into using it by a young man today. Regardless if the young man were to die or not, he would be considered to have lost. However, that didn\'t matter. He should kill the young man.


He Lianba\'s nine demonic beasts attacked Qing Shui together.

Emperor\'s Qi, Art of Pursuing, Buddha Wisdom Seal!

Nine Palace Laws!

Heavenly Vision Technique!

Dragon-capturing Hands!

The Dragon Slaying Beast instantly appeared pierced through the head of one of the extremely powerful demonic beasts, and killed it on the spot. The Dragon Slaying Beast, which had primordial blood lineage, was much stronger than it had been in the past.

However, at this moment, the remaining powerful beasts on the opposing side charged over.


The Primordial Golden Bear fended off two of them. Qing Shui wanted to kill one more, but at this moment, two demonic beasts came attacking toward Qing Shui.

He Lianba didn\'t move yet. Qing Shui\'s killing move earlier had been too terrifying and he was still finding it a little unbelievable.

Divine Weapon Flying Sword!

Since Qing Shui had already exposed the Divine Weapon Flying Sword, he naturally wouldn\'t hold back with it and went ahead to use it. He instantly advanced forward—Three-Mortal Steps.

The Divine Weapon Flying Sword\'s prowess was also closely related to Qing Shui\'s defense, thus this was something very important.

The Dragon Slaying Beast sealed up the escape route of the demonic beast that Qing Shui was attacking. This demonic beast didn\'t specialize in speed and as Qing Shui had selected this demonic beast to attack, the Dragon Slaying Beast didn\'t make a move to attack. The Divine Weapon Flying Sword pierced through the demonic beast\'s throat, violent powers causing its extremely thick throat to burst.

The small sword that was only three-inches in length had extremely great prowess. Wherever it passed by, violent powers would crush the surroundings, creating explosions.

Another one died.

However, at this moment, a deep stifled roar rang out. The Primordial Dragon Elephant was dealt severe injuries by two attacking demonic beasts.

Qing Shui called back the Primordial Dragon Elephant. Dark Phoenix kept spewing out Phoenix Fire incessantly while Long Zhu`er put up a terrifying spider web and kept on using spider thread to obstruct and restrain her targets

The Divine Battle Puppet was also barely able to fend off a demonic beast that seemed similar to a Black Tigon. It wasn\'t going to lose for the moment, but it was too difficult for it to win over its opponent.

Only the Primordial Golden Bear was able to maintain the upper hand despite taking on two opponents by itself. Moreover, those two demonic beasts were He Lianba\'s two strongest.

Divine Weapon Flying Sword!

Qing Shui killed another demonic beast. Right now, the Dragon Slaying Beast was already moving around to provide assistance.

He Lianba kept on watching as Qing Shui fought, not making a move despite the fact that his beloved demonic beasts had died. He wanted to see Qing Shui\'s attacks and speed clearly, as well as that small sword.


Qing Shui killed four demonic beasts. Right now, the demonic beasts on both sides had reached a balance. Of course, if He Lianba continued to not make any move, Qing Shui could kill all of He Lianba\'s demonic beasts at any moment.


An abrupt sound rang out and Qing Shui saw He Liamba\'s figure getting bigger in size, emitting golden light. In just a short period of time, he became an enormous existence, as if his body had on a thick layer of battle armor, emitting a strange and mysterious power.

Giant Golden Spiritual Figure.

He Lianba used the Giant Golden Spiritual Figure, a terrifying battle technique. By this time there was no need to hold back anymore. The most important thing was to kill the opponent.

Mortal Steps!

He Lianba made his move, sending his enormous figure charging out toward Qing Shui, using the Six-Mortal Steps immediately. Then, without attacking, he lifted his leg, taking another step toward Qing Shui. He arrived before Qing Shui with just one step.

Seven-Mortal Steps!

Splitting Heaven Shattering Earth!

The huge fist was larger than the size of a small pavilion building, and it went smashing directly toward Qing Shui. That decisive attack, violent aura, and strong intent to press on forward caused this fist to surpass many people\'s recognition.

A stream of golden light shot out, like a meteor chasing after the moon.

"This is too amazing. This punch is really one that can destroy the world. It can flatten mountains, cut off rivers, and even overturn seas. "

"How is this young man going to take this attack? This is He Lianba\'s strong background... Although the young man is very astonishing and demonic, the difference in their backgrounds is too huge."

"This time around, He Lianba has given it his all as well. I didn\'t expect that this old guy had concealed so much of his strength."


With a single thought, the Divine Weapon Flying Sword flew out once again, charging toward He Lianba\'s throat. Right now, He Lianba was like a mountain and the three-inch Divine Weapon Flying Sword was like a sewing needle that charged out with a brilliant glow.

Giant Golden Spiritual Arms

He Lianba placed his two hands horizontally at his neck.


A crisp sound rang out and the Divine Weapon Flying Sword sank into that extremely thick golden arm. He Lianba\'s Giant Golden Spiritual Figure was really powerful and managed to block this attack, despite the fact that the Divine Weapon Flying Sword had almost penetrated through the golden arms.

He Lianba frowned. The prowess of this tiny sword was too terrifying. Even his strongest golden arms were almost penetrated. Moreover, the internal injuries inflicted onto the golden arms weren\'t light. Thankfully, his golden arms were strong enough and were fine. However, if his other parts were to be attacked, things would be bad. If his neck was hit, he would probably be in deep trouble.

Qing Shui frowned. Right now, the Divine Weapon Flying Sword\'s penetrating ability was very terrifying, with it possessing both speed and strength. With a single thought, the Divine Weapon Flying Sword attacked once again. This time around, it was again fended off by He Lianba. He Lianba blocked it with one arm and attacked with the other.

Splitting Heaven Shattering Earth!

Qing Shui\'s Divine Weapon Flying Sword once again pierced into He Lianba\'s arm. However, He Lianba\'s violent attack caused Qing Shui to spurt out blood furiously, and his face turned very pale.

He Lianba gritted his teeth, bearing with the discomfort in his arm. Earlier on, his arm had already been pierced once and this time around, the attack was almost on the same spot and had almost penetrated through his arm. It felt extremely painful, a pain that went down straight to his bone marrow, causing his body to tremor.

Eighth step!

At this moment, He Lianba only thought of killing Qing Shui. With Qing Shui killed, everything would end. At this moment, Qing Shui stood up shakily.

Under such a condition, Qing Shui wouldn\'t be able to block another attack. He wouldn\'t be able to fend off this attack when the Giant Golden Spiritual Figure was activated.

Qing Shui gritted his teeth and used the Divine Weapon Flying Sword once again.

He Lianba smiled after seeing that small sword. He let down his guard, thinking that things were going to end soon. At this moment, Qing Shui\'s Central Palace seethed, and at the instant the Divine Weapon Flying Sword entered He Lianba\'s arm, the Marrow Nibbling Golden Dragon Silkworm moved.

At this moment, He Lianba\'s violent attack was about to reach Qing Shui.

Qing Shui gritted his teeth, sensing a death threat.


A plaintive cry rang out and Qing Shui was sent out flying from a huge force. He looked at that huge fiery-red bird in front of him, on the verge of death. Fresh blood gushed out from its entire body like spring water, and the fiery-red color of the blood seemed like burning flames.