Ancient Strengthening Technique - AST 2466 - The Mortal's Regrets of the He Clan's Old Ancestor

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AST 2466 - The Mortal\'s Regrets of the He Clan\'s Old Ancestor

To think that just six steps of the Mortal Steps was enough to deal him an instant kill. Qing Shui perspired profusely. To think that the Mortal Steps was so terrifying.

The He Clan\'s Old Ancestor wasn\'t just at the Six-Mortal Steps level. After all, even He Yining had reached the Seven-Mortal Steps level. It would mean that this old man would have to be at the Eight-Mortal Steps or higher. Qing Shui found it unbelievable that the old man was capable of performing the One Hand Cover Sky while using the Mortal Steps. He had already used up the Paragon Golden Armor\'s daily chance of fending off attacks.

He Lianba was also stunned after he had thrown out this terrifying attack. After seeing Qing Shui unscathed, he recalled the golden light form earlier and said coldly, "You have a treasure that can protect you, but I shall see how many times that treasure can fend off attacks."

Saying that, He Lianba took another step forward!

Seventh step!

Everything happened within just an instant. Earlier on, he had only struck out one blow, so he reached the seventh step this time around. In that instant, his aura grew stronger.

The seventh step was a critical point after the sixth step. It was very terrifying, let alone the fact that this time around, it was the He Clan\'s Old Ancestor performing it.

"Take another blow from me!"

With a thought, Qing Shui called out the Nine Continents Mountain and put up a block before him while he retreated explosively.


The violent powers sent the Nine Continents Mountain flying.

Buddha Wisdom Seal!

Mortal Steps, instantly completing three steps!

This time around, Qing Shui didn\'t attack but held on. The Mortal Steps could raise one\'s strength and if he didn\'t launch any attacks, he can sustain for a period of time. There were basically no one who would hold it off like this since the depletion would be very high during this period of time. Not many people could afford it.

"Die!" He Lianba took another step forward

Eighth step!

After taking eight steps of the Mortal Steps, he struck out another One Hand Cover Sky toward Qing Shui. This was a killing move and was also one that He Lianba was extremely confident in.

Qing Shui\'s eyes narrowed and he suddenly tensed up. He performed the Heavenly Vision Technique and circulated all of the Qis in his body to their extreme, performing Taichi.

Seemingly Sealed Shut!

Golden light flashed and a golden buddha shadow appeared behind him. It was extremely big and tall, pushing out one hand slowly and heavily like a mountain, moving back slowly.


The He Clan\'s Old Ancestor was at the Eight-Mortal Steps, just a little bit away from the Nine-Mortal Steps. However, one would require an opportunity to reach the Nine-Mortal Steps. Due to this, the He Clan\'s Old Ancestor was prevented from reaching the Nine-Mortal Steps for 200 years.

Right now, Qing Shui\'s spiritual sense was extremely sharp. He had intended on using his trump, but had an intense feeling that he must feel He Lianba\'s strength for himself. He had the feeling that this was very important to him.

Qing Shui\'s body was as if it had been struck by a mountain as he went flying backward, spurting blood.


It was considered a serious injury. However, it was just that his internal organs had moved, which wasn\'t considered too bad for Qing Shui. He didn\'t even lose much battle prowess at all.

Spring of Life!

Qing Shui took a mouthful, making up his mind to be a little extravagant...

"Qing Shui!" When the two ladies saw Qing Shui spurting blood, they wanted to run toward him.

"Don\'t come over, I\'m fine!" Qing Shui put out his hand to stop the two ladies from heading over.

"Young man, I have to say that you\'re a great genius. To think that you\'ve already managed to cultivate the Mortal Steps and reached quite a good realm. You have a broad perspective, but you must die today. Since you\'ve learned our He Clan\'s Mortal Steps, you must die." He Lianba shook his head slightly, as if feeling great pity.

"Do you really think that you\'re capable of killing me?" Qing Shui smiled.

"Young man, if you know what\'s good for you, then return the things to our He Clan. I can spare their lives. Otherwise, I\'ll let all of you die here."He Lianba advanced once again, instantly taking six steps.

"You can\'t kill me, but I can kill you." Qing Shui took a step forward and a powerful aura threw out. Ten caves appeared simultaneously behind him, connecting into one line and shining in golden light. They looked like a huge golden disc that emitted a glow that was like that of the sun\'s.

"You\'re really a demonic figure, but it\'s a pity that you haven\'t matured. I\'ll say it one more time. If you hand the things over, I can spare their lives." He Lianba bellowed solemnly.

Many people had gathered around by now, including the Nine Continents Martial Association, the Nine Continents Cloth Manor, and the Nine Continents Clinic. Right now, all of them were feeling extremely agitated as they watched the battle.

"He\'s really too demonic. To think that he can force the He Clan\'s Old Ancestor to perform the Nine-Mortal Steps despite the fact that he\'s at such a young age."

"He Tian was also an absolute genius, a genius among geniuses. It\'s a pity that he was killed by this young man."

"If only our Nine Continents Martial Association had such a character. We\'d definitely be able to fight for the position of the Nine Continents Martial Association in the Nine Suns Domain."

"There\'s no point in thinking about it. This young man is going to die. If you can save him, he might just join your Nine Continents Martial Association."

"Forget it. In Mortal City, He Lianba can push back all the other sects."


To be honest, He Lianba\'s strength had been weakened a lot by Qing Shui. After he had taken the eighth step, a large half of his killing prowess had been weakened. Even under such a situation, in addition to Qing Shui performing the Three-Mortal Steps and Taichi\'s Seemingly Sealed Shut, he had been hit to the point that he had spurted blood. If it was someone else, without the Divine Weapon Flying Sword, Emperor\'s Qi, Buddha Wisdom Seal, and Trinity Steps to stack up his defenses along with having other cards, there weren\'t many who would be able to receive He Lianba\'s attacks.

There were few in the Mortal City who could receive a compliment from He Lianba, saying that they weren\'t bad, and much fewer who could be complimented to be very good. So far, there had only been one who had been complimented by He Lianba as a genius and that had happened 200 years ago. This person was now also an important character in the Nine Suns Domain.

For Qing Shui to be able to be called a demonic figure by He Lianba... It wasn\'t a reprimand, but instead a compliment that he had surpassed a genius many times over.

Therefore, the people around looked at Qing Shui and felt extremely strange. He Lianba\'s praise for Qing Shui as being a demonic character was enough to let Qing Shui\'s name to inscribed in the Mortal City\'s history forever.

"It\'s no wonder he\'s so terrifying. He possesses ten caves and all of them are golden caves."

"Look at how all ten of his caves are connected. Furthermore, that tenth cave is very big..."

"He is definitely considered a Martial Saint. In the future, he\'ll definitely be a Martial Saint. Martial Saint... an extremely high level of existence... It\'s such a pity." An old man shook his head, feeling great pity.


After He Lianba heard Qing Shui\'s words, his aura rose tremendously as well and several demonic beasts appeared next to him.

Qing Shui frowned. This He Clan\'s Old Ancestor was really wary, even when dealing against him.

Roar roar!

Next to Qing Shui, the Dark Phoenix, the Primordial Dragon Elephant and Long Zhu`er appeared. Even the marionette, the Primordial Golden Bear, and the Dragon Slaying Beast had also appeared.

Qing Shui didn\'t call out the rest. They would be instantly killed.

He instantly applied his reinforcing abilities on them.

"To be honest, I really don\'t want to kill you. If you were my descendent, I\'d wake up smiling even if I were in my dreams. I\'d even be willing to die immediately if that were the case." He Lianba felt extremely complicated. This person must be killed. If he wasn\'t, he\'d be able to wipe out the He Clan with great ease in the future.

Seventh step, eighth step, Mortal Slays God!

Qing Shui formed seals and performed the Three Mortal Steps, Heavenly Vision Technique, and Seemingly Sealed Shut once again!

Divine Weapon Flying Sword!

At the instant of contact, the Divine Weapon Flying Sword brought about a brilliant glow and pierced through the old man\'s throat.

The entire place fell silent. Qing Shui spurt out a mouthful of blood once again and landed backward. After falling to the ground, he spurted out two consecutive mouthful of blood, as if there was no end to the amount of blood he had.

Qing Shui stared at He Lianba. A person would definitely die after having their throat pierced, but he had this feeling that something wasn\'t right. Very soon, he understood why.

Mortal\'s Regrets!

Mortals can regret.