Ancient Strengthening Technique - AST 2465 - The He Clan's Old Ancestor Can Deal Qing Shui An Instant Kill

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AST 2465 - The He Clan\'s Old Ancestor Can Deal Qing Shui An Instant Kill

Qing Shui wasn\'t some cheeky lad and had met many people in his life. He was able to see the killing intent deep in He Lianba\'s eyes. Right now, He Lianba was merely restraining himself. It was just like how Ling Chen had said. Once they gave He Lianba the Nine-Mortal Steps and Giant Golden Spiritual Figure, this old man would definitely wipe out Qing Shui and everyone else at any cost.

He Lianba\'s promise was actually a great temptation to many people in the Mortal City. It was something that one couldn\'t get no matter how hard he fought to get his hands on it. This was also why He Lianba had the right to feel so confident as he gave this promise.

"It\'s a pity that I don\'t have any intentions to join anyone. I\'ll say it one more time, I don\'t have the thing that you guys mentioned. I won\'t pursue the matter of you having destroyed my formation. Now leave." Qing Shui waved his hand like he was pretending to be someone beyond his own capabilities.

"Since that\'s the case, there\'s no point in talking anymore. Don\'t blame us for being ruthless." He Lianba\'s countenance was extremely grim.

"Old Ancestor, there\'s no need to use a butcher\'s knife to kill a chicken. Let me kill him." A young man walked out.

"He Tian, don\'t be too careless. Go on!" He Lianba gave it some thought before saying.

He Tian was the top genius amongst the younger generation in the He Clan, an existence that He Fan wouldn\'t be able to catch up to no matter how hard he tried. Moreover, despite his young age, he had already surpassed He Yining. He was the oldest amongst those in He Fan\'s generation, and slightly younger compared to He Yining. However, he was in his prime and was over twice as old as Qing Shui.

He Tian stood tall and straight, looked handsome, and appeared to be a righteous person. His eyes were spirited and there was a hint of sharpness deep inside. He was very manly and was the dream lover for many women in the Mortal City.

After seeing He Tian, Qing Shui felt even more puzzled why the Nine-Mortal Steps and Giant Golden Spiritual Figure would be with He Yining.

"Make your move. Otherwise, you won\'t get a chance to do so later." He Tian smiled as he looked at Qing Shui confidently and said.

"Are you sure you want me to make a move first?" Qing Shui took a few steps forward.

"I\'m certain!" He Tian continued to say confidently.

Qing Shui had already circulated his strength to the peak long from the moment they had entered. Therefore, he struck out with his Emperor\'s Qi outright.

The Emperor\'s Qi affected an area, and therefore everyone opposing him was weakened by 20%.

He Tian frowned slightly, but his brows relaxed and he took a step forward using the Nine-Mortal Steps.

His Nine-Mortal Steps was very fast, deep and profound, different from He Yining\'s. Qing Shui struck out with a Taichi Single Whip.


He Tian made his move as well, accurately clashing with Qing Shui\'s hand.

Second step!

He Tian wasn\'t cut off by Qing Shui and took another step forward, completing the second step of the Mortal Steps.

Qing Shui swayed from the other party\'s attack and was surprised. The other party was very strong. This was only He Tian\'s second step and He Tian had merely struck out casually earlier. This was how terrifying the Nine-Mortal Steps was. With each additional step, the user\'s strength would increase by quite a lot. Therefore, even a casual strike would have great power.

As long as the Nine-Mortal Steps wasn\'t cut off, with each additional step taken, one would be able to strike once without causing the increased strength to disappear. For example, when one\'s realm had reached the Seven-Nine Mortal Steps, they would be able to have a chance to strike each time from the first, second, third, all the way to the seventh step without losing the strength increment. However, the moment they struck twice, the steps taken from earlier would all disappear.

Attacking after taking the last step would also cause the prior steps to disappear and the person would have to start all over again.

He Tian struck once on his second step, and thus his Mortal Steps wasn\'t cut off and he continued to take another step.

Third Step!

The strength on his body increased tremendously again and he slapped out a palm toward Qing Shui.

Mortal\'s Palm, One Hand Cover Sky.

Even a mere mortal can cover up the sky with one hand!

This palm strike was violent and domineering, coming with a powerful disposition. It made He Tian appear elegant yet strong. At that moment, the glory of this mortal wouldn\'t lose out to even celestials.

Buddha Wisdom Seal!

Qing Shui formed seals with his two hands and struck out a huge golden buddha onto He Tian.

He Tian\'s disposition was extremely strong at the moment. The Buddha Wisdom Seal wasn\'t a technique that specialized in attack, and thus it didn\'t cause much damage. However, it could reduce the damage dealt by the opponent without them noticing.


Qing Shui was sent flying out very far from this attack. Thankfully, he had a strong body and the damage reduction from the Divine Weapon Flying Sword, in addition to the Emperor\'s Qi and the Buddha Wisdom Seal. Although he was sent flying out, he didn\'t receive much damage.

Fourth step!

After taking this step, He Tian\'s figure shot out toward Qing Shui and struck out another attack.

How powerful... To think that the Mortal Steps could be used like this. He Tian\'s usage of the Mortal Steps was realms above that of He Yining.

Suddenly, Qing Shui recalled that he had also learned the Mortal Steps. Although he had only mastered the first three steps, he decided to not hold back and use it at this point.

Mortal Steps!

Qing Shui\'s learning ability was very strong and he took three steps very quickly.

This was how Qing Shui was different. He wasn\'t in any rush to reach a higher level, but kept on cultivating the first three steps and then integrating them with his other techniques. This was so that he could take the three steps in the shortest time possible.

Qing Shui\'s mastery of this technique was very high, and the first three steps were also the easiest to master. After staying in the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal for about three months, he had managed to hit his goal.

The Mortal Steps that Qing Shui performed were only left with a hint of their prior feeling. Only people who had mastered the Mortal Steps to an especially high realm would be able to tell that it was still the Mortal Steps.

After completing the three steps, Qing Shui received a huge boost in his strength. He knew that he mustn\'t let He Tian finish his moves. He didn\'t wish to take the risk since he couldn\'t afford to lose should there be any accidents. After completing the three steps, Qing Shui struck out a Stellar Transposition.


An attack that was like the Milky Way struck out and the brilliant glow oppressed even that of the sun\'s. Although He Tian was considered to be quite strong at the fourth step, Qing Shui had also walked three steps. Furthermore, Qing Shui\'s defense was especially terrifying.

The Stellar Transposition that could completely ignore the opponent\'s defense sent He Tian flying while spewing fresh blood, which drew a long trail in midair.

This attack was truly too domineering.

This was something that Qing Shui had thought of at the last moment after seeing He Tian battle. He hadn\'t expected that it would turn out to be so domineering, causing the Stellar Transposition\'s prowess to be over twice as strong as before. The prowess was truly terrifying.

The Mortal Steps was truly domineering. After completing the whole technique, one would come with the aura as if they would be able to kill gods or wipe out demons.

Qing Shui\'s figure flashed once again and performed the Mortal Steps a second time, taking another three steps. He then smashed out toward He Tian who was in midair.

Primordial Strike!

He Tian had been seriously injured from the attack earlier and had lost the effect of the Mortal Steps. Qing Shui\'s follow-up attack was out to kill.

"Kid, don\'t you dare!" He Lianba\'s eyes turned red. He Tian was the He Clan\'s future. After taking six steps of the Mortal Steps instantly, he struck out the One Hand Cover Sky toward Qing Shui.

Boom boom!

He Tian disappeared, dying thoroughly. Golden light flashed on Qing Shui\'s body and he returned to his original spot.

Paragon Golden Armor!

After hitting He Tian, Qing Shui\'s Mortal Steps disappeared and his strength dropped. At this moment, He Lianba\'s violent attack struck onto him, out to kill.

Qing Shui broke out in cold sweat. He was confident in his own defense and previously, he didn\'t think that He Lianba would be able to kill him. However, it seemed that he was wrong. Six steps of the Mortal Steps had given He Lianba the capability to kill him instantly