Ancient Strengthening Technique - AST 2462 - Killing He Yining, Interspatial Bangle

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AST 2462 - Killing He Yining, Interspatial Bangle


Qing Shui\'s kick stomped down on He Yining\'s chest, throwing him down towards the ground. A hint of blood once again leaked out from the corners of He Yining\'s lips.

Previously, He Yining had also raised his strength to the extreme. At that moment, his body was overwhelmingly powerful. Therefore, even though Qing Shui\'s attack was also very strong, it had barely managed to injure He Yining. The latter\'s injuries weren\'t too severe, but it was his Nine-Mortal Steps that had been interrupted.


Qing Shui\'s figure went crashing down and he stomped down abruptly once again!

Tiger Tailwhip Kick!

The Hidden Force damaged without leaving any trace. Qing Shui\'s Hidden Force had a soft strength that was comparable to that of a merger between one\'s spirit energy and physical body. When Qing Shui performed it, he targeted specific parts of He Yining\'s body.

Golden giant!

He Yining\'s figure suddenly rose up to become a huge golden giant that, looked like it had been cast with a layer of gold. His aura gave off the impression that it could engulf mountains, rivers, the sun, and the moon. A golden fog rose up slowly like a gold-colored ocean.


He Yining let out a huge bellow and the violent aura on his body swelled up as if he were King Kong. Scary looking sharp teeth filled up his mouth and he charged out toward Qing Shui with a loud battle cry.

A long stream of the golden river was pulled out from the golden fog as He Yining\'s huge figure shot out towards Qing Shui, just like a shining golden sun.

Qing Shui was speechless. This was the Mortal Legacy. What mortal could be so powerful? It was no wonder it had a long legacy in the Mortal City, allowing them to dominate over the Mortal City. This was a mortal who stood on the shoulders of the gods themselves.



Qing Shui kept on weakening his opponents incessantly. He circulated his strength to the maximum and performed the Windwhisk Willow, using both of his hands, even if he had suffered injuries. He would use either Hitting A Cow Through A Mountain or pushing force to negate the opponent\'s attacks.

If He Yining wasn\'t weakened, Qing Shui had the feeling that it would probably be very difficult for him to fend off He Yining\'s attacks.

Qing Shui knew that it was hard for him to extract anything further from He Yining. Rather than saying extract, it could be said as a form of tempering for himself. It would be even better if he could get his hands on the Mortal Legacy. The Mortal Legacy had strong oppression over humans.

Stellar Transposition!

Qing Shui didn\'t continue to drag things on and decided to try out the Stellar Transposition. Right now, Qing Shui\'s defense had reached 260 trillion after he had attained a breakthrough to the fourth level of the Nurture God Realm.

After being weakened, the strength of He Yining\'s giant status shouldn\'t be weaker than Qing Shui\'s defense. If Qing Shui hadn\'t applied weakening on him then it would be slightly higher.

Qing Shui\'s blinding assault that could completely negate the opponent\'s defense struck out with a visual impact that was like the Milky Way or the setting sun. He Yining\'s eyes were agape as he sensed the death threat. He did his best to dodge the attack.


A loud and crisp explosive sound rang out and He Yining\'s body was sent flying. The huge giant cracked upon impact. The giant was comparable to a small mountain but Qing Shui\'s Stellar Transposition was like overturned rivers.


The golden giant smashed onto a flattened a small mountain that wasn\'t far away. This was a prosperous land that relied on the mountains and rivers in the area. Therefore, the more prosperous a piece of land in the Nine Continents were, the more one could see mountains in the surroundings. However, most of these mountains weren\'t very big and only people with great statuses would be able to have such strong vigor.

He Yining was at the last of his breath. Qing Shui\'s attack had been too harsh and his internal organs had been basically shattered. He Yining\'s weakness was that his internal organs weren\'t strong enough. However, after he became the golden giant, he had the most sturdy physical body. If it weren\'t for the fact that Qing Shui\'s attack could completely ignore the opponent\'s defense, it would have been nothing to He Yining.

There were many abilities in this world that could ignore the opponent\'s defense. However, most of the good ones could only ignore 30% of the opponent\'s defense. Even so, such a level would still be nothing to He Yining. What He Yining hadn\'t expected was that Qing Shui\'s attack could ignore his defense completely...

He Yining had an item that was like a bangle with him and there wasn\'t any sight of an Interspatial Silk Sachet. Qing Shui picked up the bangle. If such a violent power couldn\'t destroy this bangle then Qing Shui was certain that it was an Interspatial Bangle. Therefore, he decided to keep it.

With He Yining\'s death, the remaining people were scared out of their wits. He Yining was the strongest amongst those who had come. However, the person who was considered to be a core pillar in the He Clan had perished.

There was silence. It was so quiet that it felt extremely strange.

"Leave. I don\'t wish to kill so many people." Qing Shui waved his hand and chased them off.

"Just you wait. The He Clan won\'t leave things be," someone said.

"If you were to say another word, you can forget about leaving." Qing Shui threw a glance in that person\'s direction.

As expected, the person shut up.

This time around, He Yining was just down on his luck. The He Clan didn\'t put Qing Shui and his group in high regard, and didn\'t send He Yining here. He Fan was He Yining\'s nephew in name, but was in fact his son. Of course, there were very few who knew about this. This was the reason why He Yining had come in such great fury. What he hadn\'t expected was that he would follow He Fan\'s footsteps.

All of the remaining people quickly scattered off after Qing Shui told them to leave. He Yining\'s death would definitely make the He Clan pay another visit and the next one would be even rowdier. It was certain that they would come. If they didn\'t challenge Qing Shui again to regain their standing, the He Clan\'s status in the Mortal City as the domineering party would waver.

Qing Shui turned to see that the others were all standing at the entrance. He smiled and beckoned for everyone to head back. He wasn\'t very worried. Right now, he wasn\'t a pushover. Moreover, he still had his formations. Qing Shui believed that as long as he stayed here, there would be no one in the Mortal City who would be able to force their way into the manor.

The Formation Eye Stone\'s great power had caused the formations to be a little heaven-defying.

"There are quite a number of old characters in the He Clan and their strength is very terrifying. With He Yining\'s death, there will definitely be quite a number of them who would come out." Nuo Lan looked at Qing Shui and said.

"It\'s fine, don\'t worry. Just go ahead with your cultivation as usual. They won\'t be able to do anything to me. In the worst case scenario, I can just stay here and they won\'t be able to barge in." Qing Shui smiled and said.

Everyone knew of Qing Shui\'s ability with formations and didn\'t doubt his words. Right now, they could be said to have a blind faith toward Qing Shui.

Qing Shui was also busy with his own cultivation, but he suddenly thought of He Yining\'s Interspatial Bangle and brought it out. In the past, he had gotten his hands on a number of Interspatial Silk Sachets, but now, he had reached a different realm. Therefore, he didn\'t touch many of the items after throwing them a quick glance. Although there were many items that other people might think weren\'t bad, they were nothing to Qing Shui.

However, things were clearly different with He Yining\'s case. Therefore, Qing Shui still held some anticipation to see what He Yining had in it.

"Not bad, there are some really useful items."

Qing Shui saw some precious medicinal herbs as well as medicine bottles. Other than those, there were also weapons, armor, and the likes, such as some unique ores and stones. There were many things and they were neatly sorted. The space in this Interspatial Bangle was quite big.

"There are battle technique manuals in this thing!" Qing Shui was surprised to see quite a number of beast leather books.

He took them out.

"Skybear Fist Art, Violent Fist, Strengthened Palm!"

Qing Shui picked up a book, took a glance, and then tossed it to the side before reaching for another one. There were quite a number of battle techniques here that were known to be of quite a good quality. However, Qing Shui didn\'t care for them. He took out another book and after seeing the few words written on it, he was stunned.

Nine-Mortal Steps!

This was a book made from golden beast leather and had golden pages. It was extremely sturdy and emitted faint spiritual Qi. This meant that the quality of these pages wasn\'t low.