Ancient Strengthening Technique - AST 2460 - Powerful Fiery Phoenix, Beihuang Fan's Breakthrough

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AST 2460 - Powerful Fiery Phoenix, Beihuang Fan\'s Breakthrough

Its fiery-red feathers were like burning flames that carried the weight of the world. Its voice was bright with a hint of bitterness, as if it were waking up the entire world. This was the real cry of a phoenix, sharp but also not piercing, while having absolute prestige at the same time.

Heavenly Vision Technique!

Fiery Phoenix, held 60% of the Vermilion Bird\'s blood lineage.

The Vermilion Bird\'s blood lineage provided the Vermilion Bird\'s origin powers. It could reduce the damage one received by 25%, increase attacks by 50%, negate adverse effects by 40%, increase all resistance by 50%, increase the recovery of depletion and damage by five times, increase 30% defense and flexibility, and increase 70% for speed and evasion. The Vermilion Bird\'s blood lineage provided a certain chance to attain a breakthrough. After attaining the breakthrough successfully, the ability of the Vermilion Bird\'s blood lineage would increase.

Dark Phoenix of Nine Heavens, passive battle technique, zero depletion, permanently increases one\'s strength. The depletion from any usage of battle techniques and attacks would be reduced by 80%.

Superior Flight: A powerful flying ability of the Hellfire Phoenix. Flying speed is increased by a hundred fold and depletion from flying is reduced by a hundred fold.

Phoenix Fire: Activate a powerful flame attack. The Phoenix Fire can incinerate everything and has a terrifying destructive prowess.

Phoenix Dance of Nine Heavens: Passive battle technique, permanently increases fire attribute attacks. The damage it receives would be halved. Zero depletion.

Phoenix Paradise: When the Fire Bird receives fatal damage, it would have a 30% chance to go through a Firebath Rebirth. The successful rebirth would be a transformation with its strength being twice as strong as before.

Phoenix Might: Absolute suppression over all bird-type beasts, with the exception of other phoenixes, suppressing their abilities by at least 10%. At most, it could cause the target to lose its battle prowess, but its suppression in other areas isn\'t absolute. Zero depletion, passive battle technique!

The Fiery Phoenix\'s strength had reached about 100 trillion dao force. Under the reinforcements from the caves, the Spirit Gathering Lamp, and Qing Shui\'s reinforcing abilities, it had exceeded 400 trillion dao force.

Qing Shui sighed. This Vermilion Bird bloodline was really powerful. The Dark Phoenix had just advanced to become the Fiery Phoenix with only 60% bloodline, yet it already had such an intimidating strength. Qing Shui’s strongest demonic beast was now the Dark Phoenix. At the sight of the might Fiery Phoenix, Qing Shui was unable to remain calm.

What strength the Phoenix possessed. Now, he not only had the terrifying Divine Weapon Flying Sword, but also a few demonic beasts that could help him out in battles, as well as getting reinforcements from the caves and other techniques. Right now, he wouldn\'t have anything to worry about, regardless of who he encountered in the Mortal City.

Being in a good mood, Qing Shui didn\'t cultivate. He continued to refine medicine and study his medical skills. He had unrivaled medical skills and countless precious medicinal herbs in the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal. He also had many other things such as the Nine Revolution Golden Pellet and the Fortune Golden Pellet. The strength of the people around him was also improving at a tremendous rate. This was also why Qing Shui was willing to put in such a great investment.

However, Qing Shui still felt that their pace was a little slow. There were 20 to 30 people in the group and their strength was already considered to be unyielding, but Qing Shui still wasn\'t confident about having the power to go up against the current He Clan. However, with the huge change that had just happened earlier, his confidence surged.

The moment Qing Shui came out from the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal, he could sense strange waves coming from the backyard. He quickly headed over and found Shen Huang on guard there. After seeing Qing Shui, she heaved a sigh of relief, "Fan`er is in the midst of attaining a breakthrough."

Qing Shui was slightly taken aback. Beihuang Fan was at the Ten Cave Realm and it seemed that she was unable to suppress it anymore. However, it was about time for her to attain a breakthrough. Her ten caves weren\'t ordinary caves either, especially the tenth. This time around, her breakthrough to the Nurture God Realm would be a great leap forward.

Beihuang Fan\'s clothes were fluttering and her hair was drifting up. Her translucent and jade-like face emitted a divine glow. Right now, her gaze appeared to be very calm, without any joy or grief. She was like a goddess who was at a spotlight, displaying her great beauty.

The ten caves behind her kept on spinning, connecting together. This was Qing Shui\'s experience. The caves would keep on spinning non-stop like a wheel. The cave that was like white-jade emitted a gentle white light, giving off a bright and soft feeling.

The ten caves kept on disappearing and appearing, as if they were regenerating and being destroyed. The invisible waves in the air kept on releasing stifled sounds and Beihuang Fan\'s hands kept on forming palm imprints. Sometimes, it would be like a lotus, while other times, it would be like lightning flashing across the sky.

Although Qing Shui had given Beihuang Fan the Tribulation Evasion Pill, he was still a little worried. The higher the starting point, the more dangerous it was when one was attaining a breakthrough.

Her beautiful face of unparalleled beauty had turned a little pale and was covered in sweat. However, Beihuang Fan was still hanging on.

Right now, she was forming a connection with the ten caves. She had failed multiple times, but she was just a little bit away from reaching success. However, she started feeling a little weak and helpless, unable to continue on.


A crisp sound rang out, accompanied with a stream of brilliant white light flashing by, then a terrifying power extended out from Beihuang Fan.

She had attained a breakthrough!

Nurture God Realm!

However, before they got time to celebrate, dark clouds filled up the sky. The tribulation was coming. This was the most dangerous part of the experience. If she were to fail the previous step, she could make another attempt some other time. However, after attaining a breakthrough, one would attract the tribulation. Most people tended to die at this stage. The further down the cultivation path, the harder the tribulations would be. People who were preparing to face tribulations often prepared many treasures, even if it meant that they had to borrow from others.

Beihuang Fan\'s physique was very good and even if she were to attempt to clear the tribulation by herself, she would have a 40% chance of success. That number was already considered to be good. With the addition of some treasures, her success rate was increased further. If things somehow still didn\'t turn out well, there was the strongest Tribulation Evasion Pill that Qing Shui had prepared. This was like a cheat item which could basically allow one to clear the tribulation safely.

If the people from the major influences were to find out that Qing Shui had the Tribulation Evasion Pill, they would probably ask him for some at the expense of any price. This was something that was by all means, priceless.

At the very end, Beihuang Fan still used the Tribulation Evasion Pill. The last bit of the lightning was too powerful and there wasn\'t a need for her to forcibly hang on.

Tier one of the Nurture God Realm.

Beihuang Fan now appeared to be very radiant as she went over to embrace Shen Huang and then Qing Shui. However, Shen Huang quickly took a look at herself and say, "I\'ll go and wash up!"

This was the happiest day for Qing Shui. Most of the people around him had reached the Nurture God Realm and the things they had to thank the most was Qing Shui\'s medicinal pills and Tribulation Evasion Pills. Many people were afraid of the tribulations and thus halted their advancement. If they were unable to delay the process and had to go ahead with the breakthrough, there was a large possibility that they would die.

There were also those who had advanced very quickly and didn\'t have firm foundations. However, Qing Shui had the Constitution Nurturing Pill and wasn\'t afraid. Moreover, he had some unique techniques such as the Yu Emperor Fist. Although this wasn\'t something used in battles against his enemies, it was very good in establishing one\'s foundations.

This was also the reason why the people around Qing Shui could advance at a rapid rate.

All of them had very stable foundations. Qing Shui had used his reinforcing skills and also refined and upgraded not only their weapons, but their armor and more. This allowed their battle prowess to increase by a lot. If they were to get their hands on treasures such as the treasure pagodas, Qing Shui would also get them to go through the owner recognition process.

The next day, many people came knocking at the door. Qing Shui smiled. He knew that the inevitable had arrived. However, they had come quicker than he expected.

There were quite a number of people outside, but they were stopped by Qing Shui\'s formations. Otherwise, it was very likely that they would charge into the manor without stopping to knock on a door.

"Who are you guys? Why are you blocking my door?" Qing Shui\'s voice wasn\'t loud but the people within 100 lis would probably all be able to hear him.

"You\'ve killed the He Clan\'s Young Master He Fan. A life for a life." Someone shouted.

"Haha, a life for a life. You\'ve said it well. When I came out from the auction hall, your Young Master He Fan blocked my way and attacked me. He destroyed a large stretch of manors, killing many people in the process. It could be because he had to pay for his deeds that heaven sent a few thunders rumbling down and then Young Master He Fan was no more. I haven\'t looked for you guys yet, why have you come looking for me?" Qing Shui shot out. His disposition was great and impressive, giving off a strange feeling of steadiness.