Ancient Strengthening Technique - AST 2459 - Divine Earth-Grade Artifact, Great Solar True Yang Mirror, Phoenix

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AST 2459 - Divine Earth-Grade Artifact, Great Solar True Yang Mirror, Phoenix

Not much time passed and the three-inch long Divine Weapon Flying Sword emitted a brilliant glow. In that instant, it was like the stars, sun, and moon that were in the sky, brilliant yet not piercing to the eyes. The glow was sustained for about the time taken to finish half a cup of tea. During that period of time, Qing Shui felt that the power of the Flying Sword was increasingly incessantly.

The glow dissipated and the three-inch long Divine Weapon Flying Sword was still in its original size. Of course, this was its smallest form. If Qing Shui wished for it to become bigger in size, he would only need to channel Origin Qi. However, the smaller it was, the sharper it would be. Its destructive power wouldn\'t be small just because of its small size. When its terrifying powers entered the opponent\'s body, it would produce a powerful explosion.

Its size didn\'t change, but it appeared slightly sturdier and more rustic. Moreover, its powerful pressure was a lot more terrorizing than before.

Qing Shui smiled in satisfaction after taking a look at it with his Heavenly Vision Technique. Its quality had risen by a lot, especially in terms of its attack. Right now, it was already a divine earth-grade artifact, one grade higher than it had been before. The difference between the two grades was worlds apart.

Big Dipper Sword, Divine Weapon Flying Sword!

Divine earth-grade artifact, possessing amazing speed, attack, and penetrating abilities.

Grade 29!

Allowing members from own party to receive 20% less damage. The effect would last throughout the entire battle.

Increasing 28% of self-recovery speed, all attacks and defense were increased by 5.6 billion dao force, and increasing additional damage inflicted by 5.6 billion dao force. Also reduced additional damages received by 5.6 billion dao force, as well as reducing 28% of damage received.

Divine Weapon Seal: Activated. Can embed Talisman Stones.

Attack, defense, avoidance, recovery, endurance, speed, flexibility, and violent strike all increased by 10%.

There had been some changes. The damage reduction applied to himself and the people around him had increased by 10%. Another thing was that it had increased by one grade as a divine artifact. It also had improved speed, attacking, and penetrating abilities to which there was no concrete explanation for. It seemed that he would have to figure this out on his own.

However, Qing Shui was still very happy. One mustn\'t underestimate a divine earth-grade item that had risen from the divine mystic-grade.

Qing Shui thought of giving it a test run. With a single thought, the Divine Weapon Flying Sword appeared in his hand. Then it extended out towards the front, bringing along a series of afterimages in accordance with Qing Shui\'s thoughts. Qing Shui wasn\'t able to see it clearly despite his current vision. This made him especially astonished.

What a great speed. With just this speed and sharpness alone, he would be able to kill a person with a single thought.


Qing Shui activated his Heavenly Vision Technique and then began to think. Very soon, Qing Shui felt that other than his Divine Weapon Flying Sword\'s attacking abilities, it also had will force and his defensive abilities.

Qing Shui had no idea how much will force there was, but the Divine Weapon Flying Sword\'s attacks had previously been relying on will force and its sharpness. In the past, it had already been capable of destroying everything, but now, it was equipped with an attacking ability that was at the same level as his defense. This made Qing Shui very excited. His defense was the most daunting and Qing Shui soon got the feeling that if his attack became the most devastating, it would probably come with additional attacking capabilities. It was because the Divine Weapon Flying Sword appeared to have attacking, speed, and penetrating abilities worthy of boasting.

The last thing was its penetrating abilities. Qing Shui gave it some thought before he brought out the Nine Continents Mountain. He could test out the Flying Sword\'s penetrating abilities with this. However, Qing Shui hesitated a little. He was afraid that there would be actual damage dealt to the Nine Continents Mountain. Regardless of which item was damaged, he would still feel heartache.

However, the Divine Weapon Flying Sword appeared rustic, sturdy, and was hard to be damaged. As for the Nine Continents Mountain, it was a Sky Sword and moreover, it could recover by itself. Even if a crater had been left on it, it would return to its original state after a few days\' worth of time.

Qing Shui gritted his teeth and decided to give it a try.


A piercing sound rang out and Qing Shui watched as the Divine Weapon Flying Sword sunk completely into the Nine Continents Mountain. However, it stopped there, unable to advance anymore. The Nine Continents Mountain wasn\'t very big and was only about one feet thick. However, this one-feet thickness was pierced through around one-third of the way by the Divine Weapon Flying Sword.

What person or demonic beast would have a body that was more resilient than the Nine Continents Mountain that they wouldn\'t be pierced?

Qing Shui now felt exhilarated, very much so.

After getting back to his senses, Qing Shui thought of the mirror-like treasure he had gotten from He Fan\'s hands today. He quickly took it out and after having a look, he smiled.

Great Solar True Yang Mirror!

It was no wonder he felt a scorching feeling when he had been attacked earlier. He understood its mechanism after looking at the item with his Heavenly Vision Technique. This was really a powerful item. This mirror was a treasure that was refined from a piece of Yang Stone and could release Solar True Fire. Though it could only be considered a small Solar True Fire, this in of itself was already extremely dangerous. The Solar True Fire could leave a one-inch deep mark on the Nine Continents Mountain. How could it possibly be an ordinary treasure?

The Great Solar True Yang Mirror could recognize an owner, but He Fan was a fool and didn\'t have this good fortune. Qing Shui didn\'t set the ownership. He wasn\'t planning on using it for himself in the first place.

Qing Shui then took out that Advance Paragon Pill. Right now, he felt very hesitant. He had no idea which demonic beast he should give it to. The Primordial Dragon Elephant, Long Zhu`er, and the Dragon Slaying Beast were already considered to have the primordial bloodline. If they used the Blood Strengthening Pill in the future, they would be able to reach an even more terrifying realm.

The ones remaining were Dark Phoenix, Diamond White Tiger King, Thunderous Beast, and the Black Ice Divine Worm.

This made Qing Shui feel torn. The Black Ice Divine Worm was a dangerous venomous beast. If it could advance to the next level, it would definitely become even more of a force to deal with. The Diamond White Tiger King was a buddha\'s ride and if it advanced further, it would probably be on par with Ling Feng\'s White Tiger. The final demonic beast Qing Shui had was the Dark Phoenix.

The Dark Phoenix had been the Fire Bird at the very beginning and slowly grew to its current level. With the phoenix blood lineage, if it were to move onto the next level, it might become the totem phoenix that was mentioned in Qing Shui\'s previous life. Even if it couldn\'t reach that stage, it should at least be able to reach the level of the Golden Winged Roc.

As Qing Shui\'s legacy was the Ancient Inheritance, the phoenix would definitely be a phoenix, unlike the dragons in this world. To Qing Shui, the dragons here seemed only like a powerful demonic beast and couldn\'t go up to the level of a saint. Qing Shui hadn\'t seen an actual divine dragon yet.

In the end, Qing Shui decided to let Dark Phoenix test the pill out.

After taking the Advance Paragon Pill, burning flames lit up on the Dark Phoenix\'s body. Its huge body kept changing, becoming bigger and then smaller in size. Qing Ming was still used to calling it Dark Phoenix. Dark Phoenix had already become the Icefire Phoenix previously.

However, it underwent another change once again, presenting red flames all over its body.

Retrace ancestry!

It was really returning to its original state. Qing Shui felt very agitated. This time around, the Dark Phoenix might genuinely become a true phoenix. A true phoenix was known as the Vermilion Bird, or also the Fiery Phoenix. The others were just unorthodox versions and weren\'t really pure-blooded phoenixes.


A graceful screech rang out, its crisp and loud voice was filled with a dominating pressure. It wouldn\'t lose out to the disposition of the king of all birds.

After one hour passed by, when the flames dissipated, a big fiery-red bird that was about 30 meters in size appeared before Qing Shui. This was an authentic fiery-red color, and it emitted a terrifying fire-attribute Qi. It was handsome, mighty, and illuminated a strong feeling of poise and dignity.

Even the Primordial Dragon Elephant and other demonic beasts backed off, feeling unease.

Right now, the Primordial Dragon Elephant, Dragon Slaying Beast, and Long Zhu`er weren\'t just ordinary demonic beasts. Other than the dragon blood lineage, they also had the primordial bloodline on them. Despite so, they were still wary toward the current Dark Phoenix. What they were wary about was its phoenix bloodline.

Qing Shui\'s body was trembling slightly. This was a true phoenix. A Chinese person would feel nervous at the sight of a divine dragon or a phoenix. Both creatures were a representation of prosperity and good fortune. It was hard to describe the agitation that Qing Shui was feeling right then.