Ancient Strengthening Technique - AST 2450 - Nine Moons Domain, Wenren Wugou?

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AST 2450 - Nine Moons Domain, Wenren Wugou?

"I can. I can send you guys over directly to the Nine Moons Domain\'s borders." The lady answered.

"Then we\'ll have to thank Senior. However, you\'ll have to withstand the agony of having 10,000 arrows piercing your heart if you do so."

"This bit of pain is nothing. I\'ve been through it countless times."

Qing Shui was stunned and didn\'t ask any further. They were in the sky above the Death Ghost Ship and faint black Qi swirled around them. Qing Shui wasn\'t afraid that the lady would pull any tricks as there was no need for her to go to such troubles.

Then, with a slight moment of blurriness, everyone appeared in another place.

They were still out, in the Sea of Death, and there was no sight of the shore.

"I can only send you up until here. Head north and in three days, you\'ll be able to enter the Nine Moons Domain," The lady said to Qing Shui.

"Senior, thank you for the trouble. You\'ll have a remodeled body very soon but you will still need to spend several years on this ship. I\'ll give this as a gift to you. It might be of use to you." Qing Shui gave an Interspatial Silk Sachet to her. There was food, wine, medicinal pills, fruits, and other things inside.

The lady didn\'t refuse and gave a word of thanks before disappearing with the Death Ghost Ship.

After seeing the Death Ghost Ship\'s disappearance, everyone heaved a sigh of relief. They had avoided the most dangerous place and were now heading northward.

Nine Moons Domain!

There were nine moons the size of a person\'s head in the sky, shining bright. It was the Nine Moons Domain and regardless if it was in the day or at night, the nine moons would be up in the sky. If this sight was seen back in Qing Shui\'s previous life, it would be extremely astonishing. People might even find it terrifying. However, it was viewed as the most natural thing here.

The air was extremely fresh, filled with spiritual Qi that seeped straight into people\'s hearts. There was an indescribable sense of contentment and everyone was in an especially good mood.

After crossing the ocean domain, they arrived in a city, found a restaurant to take a quick break before they moved on with their journey.

Great South City!

It was an unrefined name. It was the extreme south of the Nine Moons Domain, a region called the Grand Cang Dynasty.

The Grand Cang Dynasty was one of the countless influences in the Nine Moons Domain. It wasn\'t even considered an Empire by the locals, but was just a small dynasty that was a subsidiary of the Grand Tang Empire.

The group appeared in the Great South City. With so few of them around, they managed to avoid causing any commotions. After arriving, Qing Shui\'s heart was very calm. He didn\'t have any pressing matters at the moment, but moving around in a city like this was disadvantageous for everyone\'s cultivation.

"Hmmm?" Qing Shui suddenly looked toward the distance and saw a familiar figure.

The figure entered a weapon’s shop. It seemed to be a blacksmith store.

"Go and look for a manor in the vicinity. I\'ll go and join you guys in a while."


Qing Shui grabbed the two ladies\' hands, "I think I just saw a familiar face. I\'ll go and take a look."

"Mmm, go ahead. We\'ll go look for a place to stay first. Be careful."

"Yeah, I know." Qing Shui grabbed their hands for a while before he headed to the blacksmith store.

Chengnan Blacksmith Store!

It could be that there were many risky places around the Great South City, given the many blacksmith stores and medicinal stores. There were probably many people who required weapons or got hurt.

Qing Shui walked into the Chengnan Blacksmith Store.

It wasn\'t very big but it wasn’t very small either. Qing Shui took a glance and it appeared that there wasn’t much good stuff around. However, it was sufficient for the use of ordinary cultivator. The weapon’s hall had all sorts of weapons laid out, with not less than 1,000 pieces. The many weapons were placed on the rows of weapon racks.

Ding ding...

Heavy blacksmithing sounds rang out from the inside. Qing Shui looked around and didn\'t find the figure he saw earlier. He was very sure that the person was still around and thus he wasn\'t anxious at all. He looked around at the weapons here while paying attention to the surroundings.

There were quite a number of people present, but most of them left after taking a quick look. However, there were also some people who bought a few weapons. Most of the sales were for sabers, swords, and hammers.

The one receiving the payment was a lad. He was very agile and was good at saying pleasant sounding things.

"Sir, which item have you taken a fancy of?" The lad smiled and walked up to Qing Shui.

He noticed that Qing Shui had been there for quite a while.

"Other than these weapons, do you have other better weapons around?" Qing Shui smiled and asked.

The lad was stunned for a moment as he looked at Qing Shui. This man was very young but was warm and smooth as jade, giving off a mysterious charm that gave off a very pleasant feeling. He smiled and nodded, "Sir, please wait a while. I\'ll go in and ask."

Not long later, the lad came out with a lady. When Qing Shui saw her, he was stunned.

Wenren Wugou?

The lady looked exactly the same as Wenren Wugou, but her expression wasn\'t as alluring as the real one. Very soon, Qing Shui knew that it wasn\'t her. Wenren Wugou was no longer around, and it had been so for many years.

There were all sorts of mysterious things in the world. To think that there were two people who bore such a huge resemblance to each other, to the extent that they could be said to look exactly the same. It was too amazing.

When the lady saw Qing Shui staring at her in a daze, there were no changes to her expression. However, she said, "Sir, you wish to look at better weapons?"

"Ah, sorry. Miss, you look very alike to a friend of mine. Or rather, I could say you look exactly the same," Qing Shui said softly.

"There are too many people in the world who look alike. It\'s nothing." The lady said slowly.

"I just find it unbelievable. It\'s a pity I can\'t bring her here to meet you. Otherwise, the two of you would definitely become good friends." Qing Shui sighed.

"Oh? It seems that she really looks like me," the lady said with some curiosity.

Qing Shui brought out a portrait of Wenren Wugou which he had drawn based on his memories of her. He had many portraits of her and it was a way for him to commemorate her.

"Look, the two of you are only different in expressions. You look almost identical in other aspects."

When the lady saw the portrait, she was also stunned. She was certain that the lady on the painting wasn\'t her, but they looked identical. It was just that the lady in the painting looked even more alluring. She took a long look before saying, "I thought you were just saying it casually. However is she? I also wish to meet her."

"You won\'t be able to. She left several decades ago," Qing Shui shook his head and said gloomily.

"I\'m sorry."

"It\'s fine. She was my wife\'s elder sister. When time allows, can I bring my wife to meet you?" Qing Shui gave it some thought before saying.

"You can."

Unknowingly, they had walked into the interior. The weapons there were much lesser in numbers, no more than 10% of what there was outside. However, the weapons there were clearly many times better than the ones outside.

Qing Shui took a look. There were no blacksmiths there. He only spoke up after very long, "You forged all these weapons yourself?"

"Yes, that\'s right," The lady replied gently. It seemed that she didn\'t like to speak much.

Qing Shui took a look at the place. It wasn\'t that different from what he imagined it to be.

She was really a blacksmith beauty. Wenren Wugou\'s looks didn’t lose out to Wenren Wu-shuang’s by much and this lady was almost identical to Wenren Wugou. Both of them had the same maturity, gracefulness, and slight curves. Her twin peaks on her chest were perky, well-rounded, and very eye-catching.

Qing Shui didn\'t harbor any interest in her. Back then, he had treated Wenren Wugou as an elder sister. However, if Wenren Wugou were still alive, he had no idea how their relationship would develop. After seeing this woman, Qing Shui had a special feeling. It was as if that alluring lady was standing before him. This elder sister had left him with a very strong impression.

"Are the weapons here to your satisfaction?" The lady said softly. When she saw Qing Shui lost in thoughts once again, she felt a little uncomfortable. After all, Qing Shui was just a stranger to her and she didn\'t like to be stared at like this.