Ancient Strengthening Technique - AST 2442 Peculiar Physique, Lao Husan

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AST 2442 – Peculiar Physique, Lao Husan

Qing Shui kissed Beihuang Fan and embraced her slim waist. With his other hand, it climbed to the divine peaks and groped gently, displaying his soul-sealing, nimble hands. The suppressed moans and panting voices circled around Qing Shui’s ears, provoking his sense of hearing and touch.

Soon, Beihuang Fan climbed on top. The enchanting swaying felt as good as the swaying of waves. Qing Shui stretched out his arms and embraced Shen Huang, letting her lay on his body. In that position, her peaks looked even more magnificent.

The tender buds exuded a fatal temptation. Greedily, he tasted it, filling his mouth with the fragrance of a woman’s natural scent…

The melodious sound continued well after midnight as the two women collapsed in Qing Shui’s embrace.

This was the moment Qing Shui enjoyed the most: when he could quietly watch the two goddess-like women. Before this, he had never dreamt that there would be a day like this. To have wives like these, what more could he ask for? This was why he felt that this was his proudest achievement.


The day was about the break after they had rested their eyes for a while. The women in his arms woke up and Qing Shui, who had recovered his strength after the nap, had an encore of the night before. They were simply too charming to resist. It was fortunate that he had Nine Yang Golden Body, or he would have been unable to handle it.

While the lifespan of warriors in Main Continent was long, but they were never able to reach it. Some due to undisclosed illnesses, but in reality, the vital cause was the self-indulgence in debauchery.

As long as one had the ability to indulge, they would and wouldn’t stop until their last breath. Even someone who was unwavering would indulge in it in moderation. Those without control would similarly indulge in it without restraint. In that way, either they died earlier, or they stopped being able to raise it.

Qing Shui wasn’t worried about this. The two women’s physique was decent, but they still couldn’t handle it. Strong cultivation had nothing to do with this; hence, it took them a few days to recover…

The women looked radiant after they got up. They all said women needed love to hydrate them. The balance of Yin and Yang was the way to do so.


Imperial Cuisine Hall was going to open for business, and it was their second day. The prices were inexpensive, but they were still limited. They only had limited quantities of food and would close once they were sold out.

Qing Shui didn’t do it for money, but he did it to boost reputation. Hence, it was affordable for anyone. Some people came earlier and could only buy two at most. Jade Steamed Bun was about the size of half a fist. Imperial Cuisine Hall would sell two thousand of it a day, and only about a thousand people could get their hands on it.

Those who had an opportunity to buy would always buy the maximum quota of two because of its affordability.

“Boss, we have a feedback. You can’t sell it this way, we can’t ever get our hands on it. You can increase the price on it,” said a young man among the crowd.

“What a piece of rubbish. How are we supposed to buy it then? So what if you have money? Do you believe me when I say I would beat you up?” roared a big and tall man.

“Lao Husan, a pauper yet you dare to threaten to beat me up. Do you believe when I say I’d take turns on that wife of yours?” countered that young man from earlier.

Lao Husan kept quiet at that. He had a bit of energy, but he didn’t have any money. He did have a beautiful wife who many remembered. However, he did everything he could to protect her as though his life depended on it, so they were fine for now. It didn’t stop him from worrying though.

“Haha. Say, Lao Husan, you are the epitome of a beauty being married to a vulgar husband. Why don’t you give her to me? I’ll pay you whatever amount you want.”

“Go to hell!” Lao Husan’s tiger-like eyes glared at the man.

Contempt laced the young man’s expression. Without a word, he turned his body right before the punch landed on him. His arms were like guns and his body was curved slightly. He was suddenly filled with power as he aimed the fist toward Lao Husan.

Lao Husan looked crude, tall, and powerful, but he wasn’t that old. He was a young man without cultivation and relied only on brute force.

The young man, on the other hand, obviously had cultivation albeit just a little.


The punch landed squarely on Lao Husan’s chest but in a surprising turn of events, Lao Husan merely took two steps back from it as though nothing happened. The young man retreated in shock.

The young man’s expression shifted, his arm shaking. It was as though he had struck on a stone wall. The power of the punch had injured his own arm.

“Great physique!” Qing Shui’s eyes lit up. He knew that Lao Husan didn’t have any form of cultivation but had the natural ability of rebound. Of course, a stronger warrior would still have been able to kill Lao Husan in a second.

However, this physique was one of the scariest among those at the same level of abilities. Unless the other party used poison or confusion, they would find it difficult to defeat someone of this physique.

It was a pity that Lao Husan wasn’t that young, perhaps older than twenty years old but younger than thirty. Qing Shui could tell from his vitality.

Even if others knew of Lao Husan’s physique, there wasn’t much to do anymore. The critical period was over; even cultivating wouldn’t reach any worthwhile results. However, Qing Shui was different. He didn’t know if Lao Husan would be able to reach any decent level of cultivation, but he knew that people with such physique usually had decent innate abilities. It was why Qing Shui wanted to develop him.

“Stop, both of you. Go out if you want to fight.” Qing Shui walked over.

“Sorry, Boss. I don’t wish to fight with him. There’s no meaning,” Lao Husan replied frantically.

Qing Shui smiled. “Please follow me. I have something to discuss with you.”

Lao Husan was stunned but nodded nonetheless before following Qing Shui into the hall.

“Please sit!” Qing Shui sat down and called for Lao Husan to do the same.

“Hm. What does the Boss want to talk about?” Lao Husan sat down calmly, a far cry from the ferocious man he was before.

“I saw that you were very fierce outside.” Qing Shui smiled.

Lao Husan laughed. “I’m not afraid of being mocked. I’m just a regular man. If I’m not a little fierce, I would get bullied by others.”

“Do you have any interest in learning from me? You and your woman can stay here at Imperial Cuisine Hall. I can guarantee no one will bully you if you’re here.” Qing Shui smiled. He was confident that Lao Husan would stay.

Lao Husan was startled and looked at Qing Shui in confusion.

“Are you not willing?” Qing Shui retained his smile.

“No, I’m very willing. I just don’t believe in having something fall into my lap like this. Can you tell me why?” Lao Husan asked earnestly.

Qing Shui was delighted. If this had been someone else, especially a common folk, they would have agreed to it and not remember about anything else. Lao Husan was logical. Never belittle such a little issue, this meant that he had principles and a rational mind.

“I’ll be blunt. I’ll stay here for a few years if it’s long term and only one to two years short term. It’d be a pity to throw this place away when I go, so I’d like to choose a successor. I thought you could give it a shot after seeing you today. If you’re able to do it, I’ll let you take over. If not, then the things you learn from here would still help you be a few hundred times stronger than you are now.” Qing Shui explained with his usual smile still on his face.

“Really? That’s great. Thank you. I’ll learn with everything I’ve got. I won’t disappoint you.” Lao Husan was elated and agitated. The bow he gave was one used by disciples in bowing to their Master.

Qing Shui pulled him to his feet. “Alright. Go back, pack up then move here. You’ll start learning from me tomorrow.”