Ancient Strengthening Technique - AST 2440 Beating The Shameless Miraculous Physician Hua

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AST 2440 – Beating The Shameless Miraculous Physician Hua

Qing Shui was the most experienced at attacking weaknesses, and this strike had completely crippled the man’s arm. While it was possible to heal the arm, it would still be a difficult task to heal it completely. After all, the valuable herbs and pill medicines refined by an alchemist was stronger in Nine Continents; they even had medicine which could revive the dead.

Even so, this wasn’t something that could be enjoyed by just anyone. Typically, only exceptionally strong organizations would have such medicine, but they were still very scarce. Hence, they wouldn’t usually use them. Someone like this man wouldn’t have the rights to use them.


Thereafter, Qing Shui cast the man aside with a palm.

The man wasn’t Qing Shui’s match, but he was still stronger than Hao Tian. Such warriors already had some form of position, but the man didn’t have a good reputation. He was also being used by Nine Continents Medical Sect this time around, with the intention of causing chaos in Imperial Cuisine Hall.

Miraculous Physician Hua’s expression shifted once more. He was aware of the man’s capabilities and thought that this man was enough to deal with Qing Shui. Who knew that he would be crippled in just one move. How strong must this young man be? However, thinking back again, they must have reserve strength to be this daring and brash in Nine Stars Emperor City, especially in front of the Nine Continents Medical Sect.

His thoughts drifted to Qing Shui’s skills. Miraculous Physician Hua felt a wave of nervousness; this was how humans were like. He didn’t know where Qing Shui came from. For a young man to be this skillful, would those who were backing him up be simple?

Humans loved to speculate, or rather, it was some kind of habitual thinking. It wasn’t a bad thing. Qing Shui made use of his mysterious origins to keep others guessing. He had once said that he was from the Martial Saint Divine Palace, Martial Saint Palace, and even Martial Saint Sacred Land. Most importantly, all these places seemed to exist.

However, after all this time, he had never heard of them. He didn’t bother about it though; people could think whatever they wished to.

Qing Shui didn’t force the man to admit who was behind this. Firstly, the man would never say, and even if he did, there wouldn’t be any meaning to them naming Nine Continents Medical Sect. He didn’t wish for the troubles with Nine Continents Medical Sect to turn even worse. He had no intentions of starting a fight or a feud.

Hence, he didn’t ask anything and neither did he care about Miraculous Physician Hua. He simply began his free treatments.

This time around, Qing Shui did everything himself. He didn’t have a choice since there wasn’t anyone around him who was suitable. Qing Shui knew he needed to get someone to hold the fort here, but who could he find?

As he pondered, he began his treatment, grabbing medicine where it was necessary, providing acupuncture when it was needed. The speed at which he worked was startling. Miraculous Physician Hua began to frown as he watched from the side. Even though these patients’ illnesses weren’t a big deal, Qing Shui’s fluency, skill, speed, and effectiveness were still surprising.

What followed after was even more shocking. Among these people, there were those with an ineradicable or undisclosable disease such as the hobbling man from before. Miraculous Physician Hua would be able to cure them, but it would take time and precious herbs. Yet, Qing Shui only took fifteen minutes, a few Golden Needles, and techniques to cure them.

He was in disbelief, dazed by the scene. If it wasn’t because this hobbling man had consulted him before, he would have thought that this case was just a rehearsed show.

“Come over here. Let me take a look and see if you’ve completely healed.” Miraculous Physician Hua called out to the man.

Old Tie—the ex-hobbling man—frowned slightly when Miraculous Physician Hua called out to him. He had once approached the latter for treatment, but the cost was sky-high which caused him to forego the treatment due to his inability to afford it. There wasn’t anything wrong with this, but Old Tie was uncomfortable. Miraculous Physician Hua hadn’t wanted to treat him, yet he ordered him around like this.

He didn’t mind letting him check if he was fully healed, but his lips spouted something else. “Forget it, I can’t afford it.”

“No, I won’t charge. I just want to help take a look. Don’t you want to know if your leg is completely healed?” Miraculous Physician Hua responded.

Qing Shui had naturally overheard the commotion but said nothing. If Miraculous Physician Hua claimed that it wasn’t fully healed or that it would relapse, he wouldn’t mind giving a harsh beating to his face.

Old Tie still approached Miraculous Physician Hua in the end.

Miraculous Physician Hua inspected his leg and frowned. He was surprised; this young lad’s medical skill was terrifying! Even so, his words contradicted his thoughts. “Old Tie, even though your leg looks fine now, there would still be a bit of problem in the future.”

“Ah, what problem?” Old Tie was surprised. After all, his leg felt fine. However, he was ill at ease about it being a problem in the future. After all, losing what you gained was worse than regaining what you lost.

“Your leg looks healed now, but it’s only temporary. It would revert to its original state in half a month’s time. Believe me and let me treat you. How about this, since money was the issue, I’ll treat you for free,” Miraculous Physician Hua said solemnly.

Qing Shui laughed. He had seen shamelessness before but never to this extent.

Old Tie wasn’t a fool, but this matter concerned his own leg. When he had gone to Miraculous Physician Hua previously, the latter wouldn’t even treat anyone when the price was only a little lower. Although he didn’t have that kind of money, why was Miraculous Physician Hua suddenly so gracious in offering free treatment?

Miraculous Physician Hua could see Old Tie’s doubts and couldn’t help but stare coldly. “Alright, we’ll treat it as though I’ve never said this. Don’t come looking for me after half a month’s time and say that you need help with your leg!”

“Haha, are you planning to break his leg after half a month?” Qing Shui laughed at that.

“You, you…” Miraculous Physician Hua was surprised. He did have that thought. After all, he had boasted his verdict previously, so he must cripple the man after half a month.

“Miraculous Physician Hua, right? I’ve seen shameless people, but none of whom were as shameless as you. Do you think I’m easy to pick on? Don’t you think I will know if I’ve managed to cure someone or not? Moreover, your kidneys are already half-damaged. You can’t have intercourse, right? You can’t cure it, right? This is the karma of schemes. Before this, you could claim that medical practitioners don’t treat themselves, but it’s really because your medical skills are poor. Don’t embarrass yourself here, scram.” Qing Shui aimed his words at him disdainfully.

“You, you… You’re spouting nonsense.” Miraculous Physician Hua spat back furiously.

“I’m spouting nonsense? I have a few acupuncture techniques here which can make you speak the truth. Do you want to try?” Qing Shui took out a Golden Needle and looked at Miraculous Physician Hua.

Miraculous Physician Hua’s expression changed drastically. He had heard of this acupuncture skills which would leave one almost hypnotized. Before he could stop Qing Shui, the latter had already pricked him. Toward the public, Qing Shui asked, “Anyone has any questions? He will say whatever that comes to his mind now.”

“Can you really not have intercourse with women now?”

“Yes!” Miraculous Physician Hua replied in a daze.

“Is my leg really not fully healed? Will it revert to its original state in half a month’s time?”

“Your leg is healed. It won’t revert to its original state. I lied.”

“Is the treatment fee you quoted previously overpriced?”

“Yes, about five times the price…”


Eventually, Miraculous Physician Hua was beaten by the public and thrown to the streets. At the same time, Nine Continents Medical Sect’s reputation declined at a rapid rate and the news spread.

If it wasn’t declared, then nothing would have happened. After all, medicine was priceless. However, now that everyone knew about it, it became a whole new issue.