Ancient Strengthening Technique - AST 2425 - Terrifying Stellar Transposition, Sacred Bangle

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AST 2425 - Terrifying Stellar Transposition, Sacred Bangle

Qing Shui’s words made Young Master Shui stunned. It was absolutely rare for someone of the younger generation to achieve this level. Young Master Shui was surely a talented genius. He had good judgement and he was a cautious man, so he would not take risks easily.

At the moment, he observed Qing Shui and the men beside him seriously again, to see if he had underestimated them.

However, Young Master Shui’s facial expression went back to normal very soon. He smiled at Qing Shui, “I’m from the Shui clan of the Sparkling Star Nation.”

Qing Shui knew that there were nine powerful forces in this Nine Star Domain. Each force was related to one star in the sky, including this Sparkling Star Nation. It was the same as the Ice Star Nation. Qing Shui did not know the standing of the Shui clan in the Sparkling Star Nation, but Qing Shui was not taking the opponent seriously now. In Qing Shui’s opinion, the opponent would be easily defeated.

“I’ve never heard of it. We are leaving now, so please get out of the way,” Qing Shui did not want to make enemies for no reason.

“What if we don’t?” Young Master Shui was still smiling.

“Then, I will have to make you move,” Qing Shui finished his line and dashed over without being formal anymore. He dropped the Berserk Dragon Fist at once.

Such a violent power, unrivaled momentum. It was more like a combination of the Yu Emperor Fist and Berserk Dragon Fist. Whirlpool-like layers appeared in the surroundings, visible with bare eyes. An angry howl of the fierce wind was heard, so loud that it could break stones and penetrate metals.

Young Master Shui’s face changed. This power was too violent and fierce. Suddenly, an ancient bangle on his hand gave out a faint glow. Following the glow, Young Master Shui’s aura and strength improved abruptly. Apart from that, Young Master Shui waved his hand.

A formation was formed instantly behind him.

Gold Shuttle Formation, also known as the Scissors Formation.

In this formation, the people at the back gathered their strengths in one line to the foremost person. It could greatly increase the strength of the person at the front. Yet, this formation had the drawback being easily broken. Except for the foremost person, the people behind could not move and could only get beaten passively. Otherwise, the formation would be dispersed. The person standing at the back was a chain. It was fine to be beaten to death but he could not counter the attack. Once the origin Qi operated, he would be killed as well, unless his strength could block the total origin Qi of half of the people in the formation.

At the moment, Young Master Shui’s strength increased substantially. Then, a three-meter-long weapon appeared in his hand. It was neither a sword nor a knife, neither a stick nor a mace. It was as if a mix of all these things. He dashed towards Qing Shui with extremely fast speed. Young Master Shui had a terrifying strength now, too.

Qing Shui was a master of formations, and he indeed saw it coming. He also knew that Young Master Shui wanted to finish this battle soon and kill him quickly with the formation. Unfortunately, Young Master Shui underestimated him.

Young Master Shui was still a lot weaker than Qing Shui even now. Of course, it was in comparison to Qing Shui’s current defensive power.

Stellar Transposition!

Qing Shui had no consideration for Young Master Shui at all. This person wanted to kill him, so Qing Shui went all out without the slightest hesitation. Qing Shui’s full strike exceeded 500 trillion dao. Most importantly, it could totally bypass defenses.

Young Master Shui was at the peak of the Cave Realm, and the bangle on his wrist was a sacred item which could increase half of his strength. Yet, the increment would not exceed the limit of fifteen trillion dao. With three hundred trillion dao, the usage of this bangle would increase fifteen trillion dao. With five hundred trillion dao, the usage of this bangle would also increase fifteen trillion dao.

However, even with the increment and the improvement of formation, his strength was around thirty-five trillion dao and did not exceed forty trillion dao. Qing Shui could simply break him with this Stellar Transposition.

A silver light flashed like the fall of the galaxy. A huge halo showered down like the huge galaxy and shielded all of these people.


A simple strike made everything stop and remain still. Smoke and ash filled the air, and a large trench emerged on the ground. Dust filled up the whole atmosphere, but nothing like flesh, skeletons, blood was left. Everything just vanished.

Hao Tian and the rest were astonished. Though it was not their first time seeing this, they were still extremely taken aback. Qing Shui smiled at this time, “That fellow had a divine weapon, go and search for it. Whoever finds it owns it, it can increase half of your strength.”

After Qing Shui finished talking, the others began the search. Soon after, Battle God of Agility found it and yelled happily, “Haha, I found it.”

Yet, Battle God of Agility wanted to give it to Qing Shui, “You’ll benefit more from this, it won’t make much significance even if I increase half of my strength now. But it is different for you if half of your strength is increased.”

Qing Shui shook his head, “Alright, this is your fortune. Drip three drops of blood onto it three different times, the intervals are one breath, two breaths, and the time of burning one incense. We said it, whoever finds it owns it.”

After this little event, everybody advanced again.

They came here late, so it was unsure if they could find anything good. Anyhow, Qing Shui wanted to check out the place. Now that he had the bangle, it was quite fruitful. The Dragon Slaying Beast took the lead and kept on searching. The Dragon Slaying Beast was a treasure hunting beast, it was one of the strongest in treasure hunting.

Daoist temple!

“There’s a Daoist temple in front. There are so many people,” Shen Huang said to Qing Shui softly.

Qing Shui saw it too. It was not a very big Daoist temple, but violet vapor kept coming out from the temple and gave out a mysterious energy. It was quite busy here. Many people were trying to enter it but they were rebounded over and over again. There was a formation, but no one was hurt or dead. Hence, many people stayed and kept trying.

“Let’s go, we shall have a look, too,” Qing Shui heard about the Daoist temple from Young Master Shui previously, but he was still slightly surprised to see this Daoist temple.

The Daoist temple had its length, width, and height at a hundred meters, fifty meters, and seventy meters. These numbers might not be accurate, but it would not differ more than one meter. Qing Shui had rather good eyesight.

This Daoist temple was considered small compared to others. For the Daoist temples they had seen before, some of the statues were even bigger than this Daoist temple.

“I can’t go in. I’ve tried over a thousand times,” someone sounded upset.

“Then you should be grateful. If you entered, you probably would not walk out alive,” somebody laughed immediately.

“That’s true, why are you here too? Don’t tell me you don’t want to get in,” the previous man replied instantly.

“Haha, money comes from danger. If you want to soar high up in the sky and be outstanding, it is impossible if you don’t take some risk. There is no strong warrior who hasn’t stepped on countless skeletons to be successful. There isn’t a man who doesn’t experience endless life or death fights,” The man laughed after replying.

“You say one thing and do another, it doesn’t take any effort to talk, I know how to talk as well.”


Qing Shui and others did not attract any attention as they approached. Many people were grilling the meat of demonic beasts around the place. While eating, they were drinking and chatting. This kind of life was relaxing: drinking good wine, eating meat, making friends, and finding a woman to warm up the body occasionally. This kind of life was not bad, it was free and easy, cozy and comfortable.

Qing Shui longed for it too. This was a lifestyle of warlords and risk-takers. It was also the life that many people were looking forward to. Wandering from north to south and experiencing the cultures and norms of different places, but it was a little bit dangerous. Perhaps, one would lose his own life all of a sudden one day.