Ancient Strengthening Technique - AST 2422 - Lan Hechuan’s Depression, Ignorant Woman

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AST 2422 - Lan Hechuan’s Depression, Ignorant Woman

Qing Shui thought this guy was a man with perspective, mainly because he had a good background. With his father as a Lord of the city and a grandfather as the Ice Emperor, that was a glorious title. He could act recklessly anywhere he went. No matter how useless he was, many people would try to flatter him.

For a foppish guy like this, Qing Shui was surprised that this man would submit to him. Who said a foppish man was a retard? Who said a foppish man was brainless? Who said a foppish man was arrogant and heedless…

Qing Shui had just arrived and did not want to get into big trouble. Initially, Qing Shui thought of killing them, but he gave up on that idea. He wondered how many people he had to kill in that case. It was unnecessary to deal with insignificant people like this.

“Since it is a misunderstanding, it is alright now that it is clear. Let’s end this issue here. We are just passing by,” Qing Shui said after a brief thought.

“As the saying goes, from a blow, friendship grows. I’m a local anyway. It is getting late, and you won’t be able to leave the Blue Star City today even if you leave now, so how about you staying over at my place,” the young man smiled.

Qing Shui paused to think and said, “Is it convenient?”

“Yes. of course!” The young man smiled.

Qing Shui only wanted to find out the intention of this young man. He would not befriend someone like this. He definitely would not like a person who could simply step over and kill several people at a market in broad daylight.

Qing Shui agreed to go to the City Lord Manor because he knew the young man would not give up easily. Qing Shui had nothing to fear, either. Besides, he was trying to get to know some people of the higher class via the City Lord Manor. It might be tough for others to reach to the upper class, but Qing Shui and the others were strong and it would not be too difficult. They only needed to create a small mess.

Yet, Qing Shui had to think twice. After all, it seemed to be a bit too fast to mess with the Ice Emperor. Plus, the Ice Star Nation was one of the strongest forces in the Nine Star Domain. He had no idea about the Ice Emperor and others as well.

The Blue Star City was the biggest and most flourishing city in the southern part of the Ice Star Nation. The Lord of Blue Star City, Lan Hechuan, was from the local Lan clan which was a big clan in that region. Lan Hechuan was the absolute genius in the Lan clan, or else, he would not have married the Ice Emperor’s daughter.

The young man was the youngest son in the Lan Clan. He was pampered since he was young. He was also the son of the Ice Emperor’s daughter. When the Ice Emperor offered their marriage, Lan Hechuan already had several wives but the Ice Emperor still made them marry. However, when the princess joined the Lan clan, she definitely became the leader and the other women dared not to say a word. This was a fierce woman, and even Lan Hechuan could not go against her.

Lan Hechuan was in his adulthood and everything was at his peak. His cultivation was at the Nurture God Realm.

The young man was Lan Yewei. He had a lot of wicked plans running in his mind now. As long as he brought these people home, they would be placed under his mercy.

Lan Yewei was pampered by his mother but he admired his father a lot. However, his father had never shown him good faces. He thought he was a useless son who was spoiled by the brainless woman. Otherwise he would not be like this. Still, his father could not win over the woman.

The others envied him for marrying the beautiful princess who was pretty and from an outstanding family. But nobody knew the pain within Lan Hechuan. His house became a mess because of this woman. It had lost the feeling of a home since she often created trouble for no reason.

Qing Shui and his men followed Lan Yewei to the City Lord Manor. It was a very big place; there were pavilions and pagodas, fake mountains and lakes around the landscape. The decorations were exquisite and elegant. It was obviously expensive in many places, showing the magnificence of this place.

Lan Yewei ordered his man to lead Qing Shui to find accommodations while he left first.

Qing Shui smiled looking at Lan Yewei’s figure leaving.

“This brat is not someone kind. He won’t have a good heart, and he should be acting soon,” Hao Tian said with a smile.

“How could you smile? This is the Ice Star Nation and that beast is the grandson of the Ice Emperor,” Tang Xi rolled her eyes at him.

“Don’t we have Elder Brother Shui…” Hao Tian said alluringly.

Qing Shui and the others had a cold chill, then they laughed. The few women laughed too, the Tang Xi gave Hao Tian a straight punch, saying, “Can you be more serious?”

The courtyard was not small, with three compounds and six buildings in total. Each building had three stories, so it was not a problem to stay here.


Lan Yewei was in a room at that moment. A beautiful woman was sipping tea. Lan Yewei said to the woman, “Mom, I was hit on the street today.”

The woman looked at Lan Yewei with her thin eyebrows, “Wasn’t Elder Ge by your side?”

“Elder Ge said the opponent could kill him instantly,” Lan Yewei did not hide. He would not lie in big matters like this, even though he had a background to be proud of. There were not many who dared to go against him, as everybody looked up to his mother in the Ice Star Nation.

The woman’s eyes brightened. Although her strength was just ordinary, she knew the Elder Ge was considered extremely terrifying in the Blue Star City. She wondered who could instantly kill Elder Ge. Her man could do that, but her man was the cream of the crop in the Ice Star Nation.

“How did it end?” The woman frowned hard.

“I surrendered and invited them back home. I know we can’t be friends, and they won’t befriend me, either,” Lan Yewei said.

“You did the right thing,” An elegant middle-aged man walked in at that time.

Hechuan, these people bullied your son in Blue Star City. We should seek an explanation no matter what!” the woman said.

The man looked at the woman, “Why are you so immature? Now you’re not even as sensible as he is. It’s true that you’re the Ice Emperor’s daughter, but this is the Blue Star City, it is so far from the Emperor City. Plus, there are many strong warriors in the Ice Star Nation. What you see on the surface may not be the strongest.”

The woman gave a stare at Lan Hechuan, “You’ve been bullied at your doorstep and you don’t even dare to take any action. Are you a man? Why did I choose such a coward like you?” the woman said in despise.

Lan Hechuan tried hard to calm himself. He said while panting in anger, “You’re absurd!”

“If you don’t take action, I will,” The woman looked at Lan Hechuan and said.

“Can you not create troubles for me?” Lan Hechuan said with a headache.

Elder Ge met Lan Hechuan already, so he knew more than the woman did.

“You’re willing to get bullied, but I’m not.”

“That young man has an extremely scary strength. He is so young yet he is not any weaker than me. Do you think he has a background that is easy to bully? What do you have to fight against him? This is the furthest and most deserted place in the Ice Star Nation. Do you know the meaning behind ‘the mountain so high, the emperor is far away’. Do you know what is ‘beyond reach’?”

“But we can’t just let it be...” The woman said reluctantly. She actually did not believe Lan Hechuan’s words. Other than that, she had always been arrogant and had never taken anyone seriously. After all, her father was the Ice Emperor.

“Just a moment, let me check it out. You don’t have to join in,” Lan Hechuan sighed.

The woman nodded without saying a word.

Lan Hechuan left. He glared at Lan Yewei before leaving, “Ignorant, you only know how to play and eat, useless.”

“You’re the useless one,” The woman sounded mad and panted.