Ancient Strengthening Technique - AST 2400 Despondent Su Xianjun, He Also Has Ten Caves Realm

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AST 2400 – Despondent Su Xianjun, He Also Has Ten Caves Realm

“I challenge you!” Su Xianjun remained calm as always, not angered by Qing Shui’s words. At this level, manners were something he definitely retained.

Su Chun was nervous now. He knew that his father loved combat and anticipated this happening but he didn’t have any way to stop him.

Qing Shui smiled at Su Xianjun. “Combative people are either confident in themselves or like the feeling of being stronger than others. They use these methods to fulfil their own vanity. Which one are you?”

“I’m whatever you think I am. Why? Are you afraid to fight against me?” Su Xianjun replied.

“Why must I fight?” Qing Shui asked.

“Some things do not require rhyme or reason. If everything required that, then it would be far too cumbersome.” Su Xianjun smiled.

“You lack restraint, or perhaps you’re lacking a baseline for morality. Such a person isn’t good news.” Qing Shui frowned. Su Xianjun was too casual. This was normal too. After all, the latter was a ruler of Zhongyuan City. On the contrary, it wouldn’t be normal if he didn’t have such a personality.

Su Xianjun frowned. “I do have a baseline; I will not willfully slaughter the innocent, nor would I do anything which would incur the wrath of the Heavens. Otherwise, I wouldn’t be where I am today.”

“The good don’t live long while the bad live a thousand years. There are many evildoers who have reached this level of abilities. So, be it wrath of the Heavens or a calamity, they aren’t too amazing either way,” Qing Shui spoke up again after some thought.

“Fight with me. This will be a good practice for both of us. Is it really that hard? It’s not like we’re fighting to the death,” Su Xianjun proposed once more.

“If that’s what you want, then let’s do it. However, please don’t be too demoralized if you lose too severely,” Qing Shui replied.

“I’m not trying to brag, but there are few who can make me lose severely in the Forsaken Heaven Region. In fact, I feel like I have yet to meet anyone who can do so,” Su Xianjun responded confidently.

“That’s because you haven’t met a truly stronger fighter. Alright, let’s start!” Qing Shui and Su Xianjun stood in mid-air.

“You first. You’re the guest,” Su Xianjun offered.

Qing Shui didn’t stand on ceremony. He wanted to check if his Emperor’s Qi was still effective as well and launched the attack.

A reduction!

Qing Shui took a sensing of his opponent’s abilities. It didn’t make any recovery. For example, one who had 12 trillion dao was suppressed to 10 trillion dao here, but with Emperor’s Qi, they were further suppressed to 8 million dao. That 2 million dao of discrepancy wouldn’t be unleashed.

Yet, to Qing Shui’s surprise, it didn’t recover. The suppression of 10 trillion dao meant that he just had exactly that, and even if it was weakened, there wasn’t any strength to be unleashed.

Su Xianjun was shocked by the weakening of his powers by 20% from Qing Shui. The latter knew that his abilities were still useful and didn’t bother with anything else. He lunged a fist towards Su Xianjun.

Immortal Lord’s Palm!

At the sight of Qing Shui’s fist, he swung a graceful palm.

Qing Shui’s punch was focused on its ferocity. Although it didn’t reach 10 trillion dao, it was still about 1 trillion dao in strength. Compared to Su Xianjun, it was still a tad stronger.

Immortal Lord’s Step!

Su Xianjun’s footwork was profound. Qing Shui was not the only one who had strong battle techniques. As the Zhongyuan City’s City Lord, Su Xianjun’s abilities were naturally nothing to scoff at. Through this battle, Qing Shui realized that Su Xianjun was strong.

Boom, boom…

Both parties were ceaseless in their attacks at an incredible speed. In just that short period, their attacks had already collided more than thousands of times, igniting a series of crackling sounds in the air just like thunder.

Qing Shui didn’t pull out his trump cards and it seemed like the same went for his opponent as well.

Suddenly, a smile appeared on Qing Shui’s face. Without dodging, he allowed Su Xianjun to land an attack on him. After being weakened by 20% and on top of the Divine Soldier Soaring Blade’s weakening powers, his attack didn’t pose a threat on Qing Shui’s body.

Su Xianjun was startled and in that time, Qing Shui landed a punch, causing the former to fly back on impact.


Qing Shui didn’t dodge and struck with his Combination Punches. Su Xianjun was continuously thrown back. It was a chain of almost fifteen attacks from Qing Shui before he escaped from it.

Su Xianjun was dazed. What kind of technique was that? Like a downpour, there was nowhere to hide, making his incredible speed seem insignificant.

He had the Immortal Lord’s Step, but Qing Shui also had his own Windwhisk Willow as well as the Heavenly Vision Technique to boot. This increased Qing Shui’s speed by a lot.

The power of this chain of attacks could be easily used as long as Qing Shui’s powers and speed were on par with his opponent’s.

Gouging Strike!

Boom, boom…

Buddha Bright Seal!


Qing Shui always stunned his opponent before unleashing a chain of Combination Punches. Sometimes, he would use Mountain Push Stance to pave the way.

Buddha Wisdom Seal!

Su Xianjun was completely exhausted after this. He unleashed the Immortal Lord’s Critical Strike, landing the attack on Qing Shui’s body but it only managed to make the latter retreat by a few steps. It didn’t injure him despite the magnitude of its power. While his abilities were limited, the Immortal Lord’s Critical Strike’s damage level and restrictions weren’t too affected.

However, even this attack wasn’t enough to injure Qing Shui.

The Buddha Wisdom Seal could reduce the damage of attacks upon Qing Shui. With the addition of the Divine Soldier Soaring Blade and the weakening of powers, Su Xianjun’s attack didn’t have much effect towards Qing Shui’s defense and his Nine Yang Golden Body. It was like punching a person in the chest. He may feel a little pain at first, but it’d be fine after a few breaths. With such attacks, it wouldn’t be fatal even if Qing Shui stood there unmoving.

Dragon-Capturing Hands!

Just like that, Qing Shui continued fighting until Su Xianjun eventually realized that he had no more strength to retaliate. He was like a punching bag for Qing Shui.

Qing Shui controlled his strength and spoke only after a long while. “This has no meaning. Let’s stop.”

Su Xianjun wanted to cry but there were no tears. There was not much damage to being punched but the effect it had on his mind was the greatest. Besides, he was on the receiving end of the attacks.

“I told you that you weren’t my match, but you wouldn’t listen.” Qing Shui smiled.

Su Xianjun was a little embarrassed. Behind him, the caves began to appear. One, two, three…


There were ten caves, and the tenth was gold in color.

“I don’t understand. How can I lose if I have ten caves? If you have ten, then I will accept my loss wholeheartedly. Otherwise, let’s go again.” Su Xianjun said seriously.

Qing Shui watched Su Xianjun. He knew that if he didn’t let the latter know about his caves, then he would remain incomparably sullen. Qing Shui did it for Luan Luan when he revealed the caves behind him.

There were ten, all gold in color. Compared to Su Xianjun’s, they were even bigger.

Qing Shui’s ten golden caves made it impossible for Su Xianjun to compete.

Before, Su Xianjun’s ten caves had already been surprising to others. After all, people in such a realm only appeared once in a thousand years. However, now there wasn’t any glory to it compared to Qing Shui’s. In fact, it seemed a little miserable…

Su Xianjun was relieved but still startled as he kept his eyes fixated on Qing Shui. “How did you do it?”

In all honesty, Qing Shui was equally surprised. After all, he wasn’t sure how he managed to get ten caves; this was impossible without some form of grand destiny.