Ancient Strengthening Technique - AST 2391 Unable to withstand a single blow, Qing Shui’s Crushing Force

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AST 2391 – Unable to withstand a single blow, Qing Shui’s Crushing Force

“We need to execute Brother Poison Wolf’s orders well. We’ll leave that pretty boy half dead and crippled, to then send him back to the Divine Rain Sect.” The strong man who spoke seemed to be of decent standing in their ranks.

“Will Brother Poison Wolf be here?” A man with slightly upturned eyes asked.

“Brother Poison Wolf has some other commitments and won’t be coming. He’s not in the Forsaken Earth Region now,” The strong man said.

“Alright, let’s go. We’ll beat up those people who are so hated by Brother Poison Wolf. Why do you think he hates them so much? I heard there were a few beauties among them,” A young man said with a lewd smile.

“This is not the time to have any other motives. Brother Poison Wolf wants us to kill the men among them but didn’t mention a word about the women. Once we take them down, we can ask Brother Poison Wolf,” The strong man answered after some thought.

“I’ll be willing to lose ten or even fifty years of my life if I can have a woman like one of them.” The lewd man sighed.


Qing Shui and his companions stopped. He knew that they were being watched now and could sense that none of them were human. However, they were still far away and were great at concealing their presence. They weren’t slow either. Qing Shui didn’t wish to be lured away from his territory and decided against giving chase.

“We seemed to have been surrounded,” Qing Shui said as he watched the people around him.

They were merely surprised but didn’t hold a hint of fear. To them, there was nothing to worry about as long as Qing Shui was with them. Hao Tian laughed and said, “What are they to surround us? Are there many of them?”

“There’s quite a number of them and they’re likely not human. Their scent is ambiguous, they are great at concealment and are quick. Be on your guard against sneak attacks. They have poison, too.” Qing Shui thought of the Poison Wolf King and thought that there might be one here as well.

Poison wasn’t multifunctional. Warriors had an ability to resist poison. Besides, there was always a warning sign that came from poisoning others. For example, one could not eat poisoned food, nor breathe when the air is poisoned. It would be useless if a poisoned weapon couldn’t land a hit on its target.

There was also the poisoning of blood. This was a long-distance type of poison, but it would be useless if it couldn’t reach its target. Hence, one’s ability was important when it came to wielding poison or it wouldn’t have a chance to take effect.

In a chaotic battle, poison was still effective. Some poison couldn’t be defended against, like exploding poison mid-way, increasing the speed of these venomous powders, or widening the impact area. Injuries were common in a fight and once the weapon was tainted with poison, then the result was evident. After all, the discrepancy of abilities between either party wouldn’t be drastic.

The Wolf Kings began moving at midnight, surrounding the tents of Qing Shui and the others. The moon above illuminated the Earth below with a layer of silver sand. While it wasn’t as bright as daylight, it was still exceptional. Even normal people would be able to see each other’s face clearly.


The sound of movement shook the Earth. Qing Shui and the others had come out from their tents and looked to the distance. Innumerable Wolf Kings rushed towards them. They were all huge, over hundred meters in size and coming in large numbers. From a glance, they seemed to cover the mountains and plains, like a beast tide.

Tsk, tsk…

Horrifying and unpleasant cries pierced painfully through their eardrums. It was like scratching nails down a chalkboard, making you feel pain in your nails and an aching, cringing feeling in your jaws.

There were many cries, filling and shaking the skies. It was uncomfortable even with Qing Shui and his comrades’ abilities, but that was the extent of it.

Area Dominance!

Qing Shui watched the pairs of his opponents’ red eyes. Wolves were naturally cunning creatures. He didn’t waste any time either, announcing to his surroundings, “Attack. They won’t be able to infiltrate for the moment anyway. You can only attack from here.”

Qing Shui reserved a direction, like a door. From here, the two sides could attack each other. This wasn’t like the idiom with one man holding against ten thousand enemies, but Qing Shui and the others could still guard against a single entry. Of course, Qing Shui and the others still didn’t know the powers of their rivals. Who knows, they might not be able to withstand a single blow and the formation wasn’t necessary. There was also the possibility that their opponents were formidable, and they wouldn’t be able to counter against them.

The battle began. Qing Shui attacked with Nine Waves Great Golden Buddha Palm.

A golden palm rushed forward with a force which could seemingly topple mountains and overturn the seas.


The Wolf Kings which were on the frontlines cried out from the attack, but only two retreated from the impact. This gave Qing Shui the feeling that there were several formidable opponents.

Stellar Transposition!

Qing Shui pinpointed one who he thought might be the strongest and unleashed the Stellar Transposition.

Qing Shui was still the only one launching the attacks.

Like a milky way, the magnificent scene drifted from the skies as everything in its surrounding vanished.

Qing Shui was stunned. As it turned out, the Stellar Transposition wasn’t just targeted at one person. It could attack its target and anything in close range.

This attack made their opponents shrink in fear. The one who just got killed was one of their strongest contenders. Not only had it been killed in an instant, but the other strong warriors around it were also critically injured. Their survival was still a question unanswered and they suspected their capabilities would take a huge decrease.

Wolf Kings were unyielding and with their numbers, they suddenly rushed towards Qing Shui, leaving a trail of billowing smoke. In that moment, one would feel extremely tiny.

Still, Qing Shui didn’t panic but merely raised his hand into the Mountain Push Stance.

Mountain Push Stance!

The pack of Wolf Kings gushed towards Qing Shui like a deluge, but the Mountain Push Stance wasn’t something they could contend against.

Rumble, rumble, groan…

Crush. The Wolf Kings were pushed back by the force, but there were many others who were still rushing forward from between. It was through this setup that the Mountain Push Stance became a crusher, squashing the Wolf Kings within a few thousand miles.

Every Wolf King was about a hundred meters long, and this motion crushed a few hundred Wolf Kings…

With that, the Wolf Kings had completely lost their guts. Who would still have the courage to stay after being completely crushed? They fled, and Qing Shui didn’t chase after them either. He didn’t think that the Mountain Push Stance would be able to annihilate so many of them.

In certain places, the Mountain Push Stance could become a crushing machine.

“You’re still the most commanding. You managed to make them flee despite fighting alone.” Hao Tian clicked his tongue.

“Have you stopped calling me Brother because you have a beauty in your arms?” Qing Shui smiled.

“How can that be? You’re my brother, my blood brother!” Hao Tian thumped his chest.

Tang Xi had a smile on her face as she watched them. She had immersed herself into the group these past few days. Most of them were Battle Gods and they were just like siblings. She also got the chance to understand the Palace Lord, Qing Shui. He was kind, and strong…

Tang Xi felt the warmth here, just like real family. Besides, she found a man too and had her sights set on him. Their progress wasn’t bad, but they merely held hands or exchanged kisses at best.

Hao Tian wanted to take it to the next stage, but Tang Xi felt it was too soon…

Hao Tian respected Tang Xi’s decision and thought that it worked well too. If they progressed too fast, then they might find something lacking. This was how it was like to date. There was a process in place, and a little acclimation. Only in this way would they treasure each other and settle down.

Hao Tian was extremely loyal when it came to women. When he didn’t have anyone in mind, he would love any beauty who came along. Now, he only had his eyes on Tang Xi. Aside from that, he was also infatuated which left Qing Shui puzzled. He hadn’t realized Hao Tian would have this side to him as well and was impressed by Tang Xi’s taste in men and her fortune.