Ancient Strengthening Technique - AST 2373 - Nurture God Realm, The Nurture God Realm of the Peach Blossom City's City Lord

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AST 2373 - Nurture God Realm, The Nurture God Realm of the Peach Blossom City\'s City Lord

Qing Shui\'s outright cursing caused the Peach Blossom City\'s City Lord to be stunned. He hadn\'t expected that Qing Shui would start cursing like this. When he got back to his senses, he wasn\'t angry but instead, laughed and looked at Qing Shui, "I thought you were strong, but it seems that you\'re just a guy who likes to bitch instead."

Qing Shui, who had gotten a lot stronger, could sense the strength of the Peach Blossom City\'s City Lord. The latter was really quite strong, with strength at eight trillion Dao force. This was especially strong. After all, people in the Demon King Domain generally had a strength of approximately 4.5 trillion Dao force. Therefore, the Peach Blossom City\'s City Lord was considered to be at the top among the top existences.

This was the Forsaken Heaven Region\'s Peach Blossom City. Furthermore, it was ranked amongst the top ten cities in the region. The person who came was the City Lord, one of the top-notch existences in the Peach Blossom City. The City Lord wouldn\'t pay any heed to the other people present. Even Priest Purewood was a far cry compared to him.

"Don\'t go crying to your mom later," Qing Shui smiled and taunted him.

"Mister Qing, the other party is very strong," Priest Purewood reminded Qing Shui.

"I know. But regardless of how strong he is, he can\'t be allowed to snatch my women. No one is allowed to do that. Even if the other party is twice as strong, I\'ll make sure that he dies," Qing Shui said calmly, but there was a strong hint of confidence in his tone.

The two ladies didn\'t say anything. They wouldn\'t tell Qing Shui not to bother about them. If the situation somehow managed to turn out to be so, it would be useless anyway, even if they were to say that. Moreover, Qing Shui should be able to escape even if he had to bring them along. In the case that he couldn\'t, Qing Shui wouldn\'t leave them behind.

"Haha, alright. You\'ve got guts. But I still won\'t change my earlier decision. Instead, I\'ll give you a chance. If you can withstand three attacks from me, I won\'t kill you." The Peach Blossom City\'s City Lord smiled and said.

Qing Shui couldn\'t help but laugh. He said, "Do you think that makes you look very merciful and kind?"

The Peach Blossom City\'s City Lord was stunned, "Isn\'t that the case? This is a world where survival of the fittest applies. Only strong people are able to have beautiful ladies. Isn\'t it normal for me to kill you and have them for myself? If I don\'t kill you, won’t I be merciful?"

The Peach Blossom City\'s City Lord said this with no signs of joking. This idea was applicable in the Nine Continents, especially in Chaos City. Although they weren\'t in the Chaos City itself, the entrance to the divine area was here. Therefore, what the Peach Blossom City\'s City Lord said wouldn\'t be considered overboard to many people here. Moreover, many people knew that the Peach Blossom City\'s City Lord had the tendency to act in this manner.

"If a man who snatches your women can\'t beat you, what would you do?" Qing Shui asked very seriously.

"Of course, I\'ll make sure that I kill him and crush him into ashes." The Peach Blossom City\'s City Lord smiled, not thinking much of it.

The corners of Qing Shui\'s lips curled up even more as he nodded, "I understand it now. I hope that you will, too, understand what you\'ve said earlier."

"Come on and make your move, kid. I\'m going to snatch your women. If you have it in you, then come." The Peach Blossom City\'s City Lord walked over and gestured toward Qing Shui with his finger.

Qing Shui circulated his powers and with the Divine Weapon Flying Sword\'s damage reduction, then dashed toward the City Lord. Right now, even if he were to stand there without moving, the City Lord still might not be able to hurt him. After all, with such a strong damage reduction, it would mean that he had reduced the opponent\'s strength by three trillion Dao force.

Emperor\'s Qi! Art of Pursuing!

Qing Shui wasn\'t anxious. Since he was going to have some fun, he would do it thoroughly. It would be no fun to kill the other party immediately.

His opponents wouldn\'t be able to sense the Divine Weapon Flying Sword\'s damage reduction. However, it wasn’t the case for the Emperor\'s Qi and Art of Pursuing reducing the opponent\'s speed by half.

The City Lord frowned at having his strength reduced by 20% and his speed reduced by about half. However, at this moment, Qing Shui\'s attack had already arrived. He attacked using the Iron Fist with both hands violently.

The City Lord\'s fan drew out a circle and struck out toward Qing Shui.

Qing Shui\'s eyes gleamed. To think that the City Lord\'s attack had a hint of Taichi to it.


Qing Shui was pushed back by his opponent\'s attacks, but wasn\'t dealt any damage. He didn\'t even feel any pain at all but was merely thrown very far back.

The Peach Blossom City\'s City Lord was now extremely surprised. He was unable to believe that Qing Shui could receive his attack and remain unscathed. After all, he was a lot stronger compared to Qing Shui and his Heavenly Laws also surpassed Qing Shui\'s. The Peach Blossom City\'s City Lord had already attained a breakthrough from the Cave Realm and was now at the Nurture God Realm.

The Nurture God Realm was to nurture gods in the Cave Realm\'s caves. This was one way of saying it, but it meant that the Nurture God Realm was very powerful. At the Cave Realm, the nurturing had already started, but only when one had reached the Nurture God Realm would they be able to unleash the prowess of the existences in the caves.

The great power of the Nurture God Realm was naturally related to the level of this realm. With each additional caves nurtured, one would be able to advance one tier higher. Therefore, one would be able to get stronger when they had more caves and reached the highest realm. If a person only had four caves, they would only be able to reach the fourth level of the Nurture God Realm. If one had eight caves, they would be able to reach the eighth level, and so on. This was why the Cave Realm was a huge foundation. Once a person had reached the Nurture God Realm, a great line of demarcation would appear upon reaching it.

The Peach Blossom City\'s City Lord could sense that Qing Shui was at the Cave Realm. However, he discovered that despite his current status of being at the eighth level of the Nurture God Realm, he was still unable to suppress Qing Shui. This was something that made him extremely astonished.

The Peach Blossom City\'s City Lord had always been a careful person. Although he had only exchanged one blow with Qing Shui, he sensed that Qing Shui was very amazing. Right now, the caves behind him were opened up and three huge demonic beasts appeared. The three demonic beasts were the same, with scales that were like that of steel armor. There were sharp spikes on the scales and their backs were bulging like fans. Their twisted looking heads bore some resemblance to the dinosaurs from Qing Shui\'s previous life. There were seven sharp horns on the top of their heads that crossed each other.

They had four thick and strong limbs, and their huge tails were no shorter than their bodies. From the head all the way to their tails, they were about over four hundred meters in length. These huge creatures emitted an overwhelming aura.

Moreover, three of them appeared in one go.

Things weren\'t looking easy for Qing Shui. Although his resistance to physical attacks was decent, the people around him were unable to stop those from the opposing side. Moreover, he didn\'t have the confidence of fending off everyone. After all, they were strong in numbers and if they were to mix in various means, Qing Shui might end up being overwhelmed by them.

Qing Shui didn\'t dare to be careless. Right now, he had no idea if he should challenge the Peach Blossom City\'s City Lord. If he were to kill the City Lord and cause the remaining people from the opposing side to attack all together or come back again for him in the future, how could he deal with them?

Qing Shui realized that his support here was still insufficient.

However, now that things had come down to this, the situation seemed to be hard to control, even if he didn\'t kill the City Lord.

Roar roar...

The three huge beasts charged out toward Qing Shui. These three ‘demonic beasts’ from the Nurture God Realm were a lot stronger than when they were in the Cave Realm. These three demonic beasts should also be ancient and rare species. What there were in the caves were real demonic beasts or Heavenly Techniques. If the real demonic beast were to die then there wouldn\'t be one anymore. The cave would become empty. However, for the ones that were similar to Heavenly Techniques, like Qing Shui\'s Golden Primordial Bear, if they were to be wiped out, one would still be able to summon them again the next day.

These three demonic beasts were actual ones and a thought ran through Qing Shui\'s mind. He had yet to refine the big spider in the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal and now there were three more. This was good. He could refine a few more Blood Strengthening Pills.

Berserk Dragon Fist!

Qing Shui charged out toward the three huge beasts while concurrently letting out the Dragon Slaying Beast.


The Dragon Slaying Beast could only be seen to be extremely small before these three demonic beasts. However, its loud roar caused the three giants to tremble and their strength clearly dropped a little.

Qing Shui smiled. It appeared that these three creatures had dragon\'s blood lineage. This was good. It would make the fight easier.