Ancient Strengthening Technique - AST 2368 - Terrestrial Tarantula

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AST 2368 - Terrestrial Tarantula

Upon hearing Priest Purewood’s reply, Qing Shui did not hesitate and spoke forthrightly, “I want those two Ancient Blue Topaz Leopards.”

Ancient Blue Topaz Leopards were Ancient Beasts so they naturally had many treasures on them. Their skin, bones and intestines were all very valuable. It would be a waste on ordinary people as they couldn’t use them.

Priest Purewood was also a medicine master. The Ancient Blue Topaz Leopard was not his goal coming in here, but he did want something from it. However, since Qing Shui had requested, he did not hesitate. He answered, “I can promise you that but I’m afraid other people may intervene later.”

Of course, Qing Shui understood that he was referring to the Demon Gate and laughed, saying, “That’s but a trifling matter. As long as you allow it, no one else will dare to intervene.”

“Ok, we have a deal then. If there happens to be people who want to intervene, I will help you to defend against them,” Priest Purewood said confidently.


There was a vast expanse with a sea of trees in front of them. The trees were all massive, at least ten meters high. The tree trunks were not straight but spiraling, brimming with vigor, and exuding timelessness.

There was quite a distance between each tree and every one of them was distinct; just like huge umbrellas, making them very pleasant looking from afar. Such a scenario was unprecedented. It was almost as if they had been pruned before.

“Be careful, everyone. This place is called the Death Forest. It is filled with many unknown dangers. It won’t be too late to pull out now,” Priest Purewood gave out a last warning to the people present.

Quite a number of people had backed out previously, even though it turned out to be not really dangerous, so very few people decided to pull out this time. However, the words “Death Forest” did end up making some people go back. Although there were indeed many treasures ahead, it was too much of a risk to put their lives on the line, for the sake of fortune. One needed to survive to enjoy those treasures.




A sound of screeching. It had been just an hour since everyone entered the forest when an enormous colorful spider appeared from the ground and bit off the lower body of a warrior. It took no time to engulf the remaining body parts and disappeared into the ground again.

The person only managed to screech once the whole time but many people around still managed to catch it.

It was a Terrestrial Tarantula

Many people began sweating. Terrestrial Tarantulas were roughly 10 meters large, with toxins of their own, able to freely travel underground, and even conceal their presence perfectly. They were experts at ambushing weaklings.

“I’m out. It’s impossible to stay in this bloody place.”

More than 10 people had been ambushed by the spiders in three hours. This place seemed to be Terrestrial Tarantulas’ territory. Now, someone was unable to tolerate it and wanted to pull out; this sentiment received widespread affirmation.

These people were initially here to try and take advantage of any crisis for personal gains anyway, but they soon realized that they were the most vulnerable here, and were victims of the spiders who had brought up leaving.

Priest Purewood did not oppose but instead nodded and said, “Anyone can pull out at any time.”

A group of people began their return trip. Safety was still a question, but their chances were still much better than if they had continued. These people began to envy those who left early.

“It’s getting dark already. Everyone can rest here. Let’s recharge for one night and continue the journey tomorrow,” Priest Purewood said to everyone as he looked at the sky.

They walked to a relatively high slope filled with very hard rocks. There were no trees around the area, allowing for a wider line of sight. The Divine Palace group set up tents and basic formations.

Always be mindful to guard yourself against others!

Nalan Qing had always been together with the people from the Water Nation. It wasn’t a suitable time to develop any relationships with her, especially since Shen Huang and Beihuang Fan were with him.

Although the two women didn’t restrict Qing Shui in any manner, Qing Shui still had not reached a stage where he would dare to ‘seduce’ another woman in front of them.

“This place makes me uneasy,” Shen Huang looked around before saying to Qing Shui.

“The danger lays under our feet. This is a legitimate Ancient Beast, an ancient terrestrial tarantula king,” Qing Shui said as he laughed.

“Since you knew already, why didn’t you tell us?” Beihuang Fan glanced at Qing Shui and asked. Her charming looks were still super seductive.

“It was because I didn\'t have time to say it.” Qing Shui pulled the two women along as they headed toward the peak of a mountain.

“Are you trying to look for the Tarantula King?” Shen Huang looked at Qing Shui and asked.

“Yeah. Are you scared?” Qing Shui held his hand gently with force.

“Why would I be? There’s nothing to be afraid of with you by our side.” Shen Huang laughed and said.

The three had developed such a harmonious relationship to the point that all three of them were very comfortable with each other. Still, Qing Shui wouldn’t dare try and have both of them service him at once. This was simply a step he dared not take.

There was still a long time ahead. Moreover, this was already an enviable position…

A stone cave!

The three of them reached the other side of the slope and found a gigantic stone cave. The stone cave was slanted toward the ground. The cave was easy to overlook if one didn’t pay attention. The end of the cave couldn’t be seen even with Qing Shui’s vision. There were some waves of cold air felt or even sounds of chewing of bones that could be heard occasionally from outside of the cave. The sounds could be quite piercing, especially in such a quiet environment at the back of the hill.

“Do we go in or do we lure it out?” Beihuang Fan looked at the entrance of the cave.

“Let’s go in. Luring it out and alarming others can cause trouble. I’m in need of ancient beasts right now anyway,” Qing Shui said after thinking about it.

The two women followed Qing Shui into the cave.

They only realized the immensity of the cave upon entering and walking for over a hundred meters. The walls were totally made of stone, shiny and reflective, but with a slightly pungent, rotting smell.

The two women were also powerful cultivators. Though the environment wasn’t good, they didn’t show any signs of discomfort. The stench was getting thicker. It was the stench of blood and rotting flesh; one could already vaguely sense the threatening atmosphere and hear the crisp sounds of bones being crushed.

Zhi Zhi!

A sharp scream echoed, and even the incomparably hard walls began to tremble and turn to powder. It was like the endless billowing of waves, piercing through ears. Weaker cultivators would find themselves bleeding from their orifices, as even blocking off your ears wouldn’t help.

The two women were pretty strong, but Qing Shui still took the lead. He applied all his skills and wielded the Primordial Demon Refining Furnace.

The Primordial Demon Refining Furnace was like a tiny bowl in Qing Shui’s hands, exquisite and antiquated, with billowing waves of energy spewing out. The Furnace was a powerful deterrent against any demonic beasts. Though it couldn’t actually weaken opponents, it could literally scare beasts to death. This was its natural effect on demonic beasts.