Ancient Strengthening Technique - AST 2361 - The State of Fire’s Demon Gate, Chaos City

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AST 2361 - The State of Fire’s Demon Gate, Chaos City

Upon seeing Qing Shui, the two girls were happy. After all, they had just gotten married. Though they hadn’t been separated for long, breaking the last barrier meant that they naturally got more clingy to each other.

Nalan Qing was stunned when she saw Qing Shui hug the two girls. Beautiful women were always confident, and Nalan Qing was confident in her appearance. However, after seeing the two girls, she could neither see herself as superior or inferior.

Comparing the three was simply a matter of personal preference. However, Nalan Qing was not happy with her status as a widow. She felt weird after realizing that both of them were Qing Shui’s wives. She knew that Qing Shui had wives, but didn’t expect them to be such beauties.

The two ladies were also very happy to see Nalan Qing, though they were quite surprised. This man seemed to be a beauty magnet…

Yet Hao Tian looked at Nalan Qing with even more intent, but quickly shook his head and sighed, “Ignoring that my cultivation is inferior to you, I’m more handsome and manly. How come I don’t have such beauties falling for me?”

Qing Shui looked at Hao Tian’s depressed look to say, “Men who only rely on their looks can’t be trusted. Though I do rely on my looks myself, my physical characteristics are even better.”

Hao Tian became anxious, “My physical characteristics are superb as well!”

“Yours are alright, I guess. Definitely above average but it’s far from great.” Qing Shui chuckled.

The two of them were not especially loud.

“Palace lord, buddy, brother, teach me please. You see that I still don’t have a single woman,” Hao Tian said in resentment.

“Haven’t you had many girls already?” Qing Shui asked him back.

“I’m talking about finding a suitable woman to marry. I don’t have higher standards, Someone around the level of the women around you will do,” Hao Tian said sheepishly.

“You’re not asking for much. Just work hard. I have a good feeling about you. A woman not in her right mind might just marry you!” Qing Shui nodded and said seriously.

“Shit, looking down on me. Just you wait. I will go and find many women similar to yours,” Hao Tian said in a huff.

“That’s the spirit! You’re looking really manly. I look forward to it,” Qing Shui said as he patted Hao Tian’s shoulder.

“Brother, you should teach me some tricks then!” Hao Tian sullenly said once again.

Qing Shui froze, “I don’t have any tricks. I’ve always been chased by them, and forced to marry them.”

“Screw yourself and your boasting. No sincerity at all. I’ll figure it out myself…”



The Divine Palace had settled down in Crystal City. The Water Nation had no sightings of the Demon Gate, but there was the Nine Continents’ Martial Gate with a branch located in Crystal City.

The Nine Continents Martial Association’s headquarters should be at the Upper Three Regions, but it was uncertain whether the Gate would be at the last domain. The Nine Continents Martial Association and the one in the Upper Three Regions were not related by much, but having “Nine continents” was, in a way, a type of stressing of the name. It was typically a safety talisman, just in case Qing Shui tripped on something random and hurt himself. That would be very unlucky.

The mention of Nine Continents’ Martial Gate brought Qing Shui back to the time he had battled one of their members who had tried framing him at the Primordial Gold Grizzly’s grave, killing him at Kaoshan City. He had a master, but at this point in the Demon King’s Domain, the Gate would be wise to not offend him, else he would decimate them too.

While on the Nine cave realm, Qing Shui wanted to breakthrough to the tenth, but unfortunately, he still had not seen any signs of such a breakthrough. However, he had finally finished the golden refinement of all caves. This was also a sort of luck. These were the benefits of using the Primordial Gold Grizzly’s skull as a cultivation material.

The Primordial Gold Grizzly in his caves had reached a terrifying level with the aid of the skull but it was still unable to compete with the Divine Battle Puppet. It was, however, able to easily exceed Qing Shui’s maximum strength when he used the Berserk Dragon Punch.

This was Qing Shui’s unique cave ability. Not all cave realm experts could have their own abilities. After reaching the cave realm, one’s strength would skyrocket. However, obtaining a unique cave ability would require ungodly comprehension, or the absorption of a powerful beast.

One could easily switch out the beast that one had absorbed, but rarely would powerful and suitable beasts appear.

Qing Shui’s Primordial Gold Grizzly was sufficient for him to train for a lifetime, allowing him to become a Primordial Gold Grizzly once this technique was trained to its peak.

Crystal City rarely had foreign powers, compared to the innumerable kingdoms in the Demon King Domain, of which Chaos City enjoyed the most attention and bustle.

Chaos Cty!

It sounded like a city, and indeed it was one. This city was too big, enormous in fact. This was truly a place where all sorts of people existed, with powerhouses gathering and coexisting. Each nation had powerful figures of their own, even some figures from the Forsaken Earth and Forsaken Heaven Domains.

As for the Upper Three Regions, the situation was unclear. Under normal circumstances, people from a higher place would tend to stay at a higher altitude, rarely voluntarily going down. Even those who were average in the Middle Three Regions would not want to go down to the Lower Three Regions to be some expert. As the saying goes, “The head of a chicken does not match up to the tail of a Phoenix.”

There was no grand opening for the Divine Palace. It was gradually integrated into the sights of the area. Many people did not even know when it appeared, but they slowly got used to its existence.

Human’s ability to accept things was strong. Slowly, they were able to get used to anything.

Though few bothered, there would be some who caught on to the Divine Palace. Just as the Divine Palace had been paying careful attention to the Demon Gate, they too had done the same for the Divine Palace.

The Divine Palace members here, lead by powerful Battle Gods, simply cultivated in serenity. They were getting ready to deal with any trouble makers.

Nuo Lan also came. After all, it was to gather information. Nuo Lan quickly knew about the Demon Gate in the Demonic King’s Domain.

Fire Nation!

The Demon Gate was situated in the Fire Nation, a mortal enemy to the Water Nation. Water and Fire couldn’t co-exist naturally, and this was true for the nations as well. They frequently spied on each other and it was the Fire Nation’s intelligence networks that alerted the Demon Gate about the Divine Palace’s establishment.

After Qing Shui knew that the Fire Nation had a Demon Gate, he immediately thought of Tantai Lingyan. She had come to the Nine Continent’s Nine Domains, but he didn’t know her precise location. Though they had already come here, Qing Shui couldn’t confirm that she hadn’t left the area. By his intuition, it was likely that she wouldn’t be at the Lower Three Regions. She seemed to want to contend for true legitimacy amongst all Demon Gates, meaning her destination was probably the Upper Three Regions.

At last, she was returning to the Upper Three Regions, on the premise that she could advance triumphantly.

Qing Shui soon learned of some of the happenings of the Fire Nation’s Demon Gate, like the fact that Tantai Lingyan was not there. This news made Qing Shui feel conflicted. Perhaps their confrontation would be soon or perhaps it would take longer. Either way, Qing Shui was no longer afraid.

Strength. Qing Shui was still thirsting for strength, but blind pursuit of strength would easily lead people down the wrong path. There were no limits to strength. Other than chasing brute force, one also had to pursue precision in techniques, allowing one’s strength to surpass physical limitations and be displayed to the absolute fullest.