Ancient Strengthening Technique - AST 2435 - Tyrannous Mountain Split, Ling Chen’s Terrifying Potential

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AST 2435 - Tyrannous Mountain Split, Ling Chen’s Terrifying Potential

Ling Chen couldn’t help the twitch of his lips when Qing Shui said his little tiger was not bad. He valued this white tiger the most. It was a pure white tiger breed, a true divine creature. Its ability was even more powerful than his own and still had space for development.

“Why don’t you give it to me if you lose? I’ll boil it into soup and have a drink.” Qing Shui pondered and spoke again.

Ling Chen’s expression turned nasty. He wasn’t angered before and had a good attitude. However, at the sound of Qing Shui’s words, he was starting to be infuriated even though he felt that Qing Shui didn’t mean any of it. Who would bear to drink soup made from a white tiger? Or rather, who would be deserving?

“You better beat me first then.” Ling Chen answered coldly.

“Alright. I’m going to start attacking now. Be careful.” Once he was done, he unleashed his weakening abilities.

Divine Weapon Flying Sword engulfed everything around it, suspending around Qing Shui, ready to assist at any time.

Ling Chen started his assault without hesitance. Not just him, even the few demonic beasts had rushed towards Qing Shui imposingly. It was clear that the strength of those around Ling Chen was much stronger than Qing Shui.

Thump, thump…

The loud sound of collision rang out. Dragon Slaying Beast, Diamond White Tiger King, Dragon Spider, and Primordial Dragon Elephant’s resistance were decent and had the assistance of Divine Weapon Flying Sword’s weakening. However, they were still flung aside despite this.


Even so, there were still two by Qing Shui’s side which stayed unmoving. They were the Primordial Golden Bear and Divine Battle Puppet.

In fact, Primordial Golden Bear had cast Great Buddha Star Elephant aside in just a short moment and was rushing at the peacock now. These weren’t real demonic beasts but an Origin Spirit Form, belonging to a form of half demonic beast and half Origin Qi.

Divine Battle Puppet wasn’t weak now either. With caves and formations, as well as the reduction in damage, it was just enough to obstruct the white tiger.

This was the white tiger which had been weakened by Qing Shui. Qing Shui’s focus was on their opponents. Who knew that despite this, they were still only barely counter them after using all of Emperor’s Qi, Art of Pursuing, Buddha Diamond Seal, and Buddha Wisdom Seal.

Otherwise, Qing Shui did wonder if Divine Battle Puppet would have been beaten to a pulp by the white tiger. If not, would it be flung aside and to what extent?

Qing Shui used his control once more, ceaseless in using Gouging Strike, Buddha Bright Seal, and Dragon-Capturing Hands.


Dragon-Capturing Hands caught onto a demonic beast with dragon blood and gorged blind one of its eyes.


The hysterical growl made one’s heart quiver, but Qing Shui didn’t show mercy. Divine Weapon Flying Sword stabbed into the other eye socket almost simultaneously and seemed to have penetrated through the demonic beast’s brain.

Its large stature struggled but was soon falling from the sky, emitting a dull thud when it landed.

Ling Chen wore a nasty expression. One of his demonic beasts had perished. Even though he had a few in excess, it still frustrated him.

A trace!

A trace of Ling Chen’s silhouette flitted past and lunged towards Qing Shui. Qing Shui was well prepared in welcoming the attack but just as Ling Chen was nearing him, his shadow took a ninety-degree turn and rushed towards Diamond White Tiger King instead.

Diamond White Tiger King’s defense was not bad, but it depended on who it was up against. In the face of Ling Chen, any defense could be neglected. If the hit landed its mark, it would likely be killed in an instant. After all, Ling Chen was able to kill an Ancient Berserk Dragon instantaneously, a Peak Cave Realm creature.

Qing Shui’s strongest demonic creatures were only nearing Peak Cave. Dragon Slaying Beast was a little more unique and could likely withstand it. As for the rest, even if they don’t die from the hit, they would be severely injured. However, with Divine Weapon Flying Sword’s ability, perhaps they could escape death but not from being wounded.

It was then when Dragon Spider spat a dense web and shielded Diamond White Tiger King with it.

Diamond White Tiger King fled with all it had as Dragon Slaying Beast rushed forward. However, the white tiger opposite mirrored the move at the same time, targeting the fleeing Diamond White Tiger King.

Qing Shui was frantic. There was no doubt that this white tiger would be capable of killing Diamond White Tiger King in just a second.

Divine Weapon Flying Sword!

Three-inch long sword shot towards the white tiger’s eye.

Divine Weapon Flying Sword’s speed was quick but so was the white tiger. It dodged the attack and continued its pursuit for the Diamond White Tiger King.

By then, Qing Shui had also rushed forth and kept Diamond White Tiger King into Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal and Dark Phoenix, leaving Primordial Dragon Elephant, Dragon Slaying Beast, Black Ice Divine Worm, Divine Battle Puppet, and Primordial Golden Bear.

These few creatures’ attack abilities were all formidable, especially the Primordial Golden Bear. It could fight against three without defeat and its Ten Caves abilities doubled when they reached Level One. This was scary. After all, the others only had a quarter of the tenth cave.

Ling Chen’s Level Four Nurture Gold Realm’s caves weren’t even as strong as Qing Shui’s Level One tenth cave.

Divine Battle Puppet restarted its obstruction against the white tiger. Divine Battle Puppet was Qing Shui’s consciousness, and hence, it was still pretty decent.

This battle had kept Qing Shui busy for a moment, but his heart finally calmed down a little now. As long as there was Qing Shui’s support, it would be difficult for them to lose from this position.

Ten Paramitas Sword Formation was changed into Five Elements Formation. Dragon Slaying Beast stayed by Qing Shui’s side, ready to strike a fatal blow at a moment’s notice.

Five Elements Formation was a defensive ability. During this time, Qing Shui had already used Buddha Wisdom Seal and had amazingly allowed his demonic beasts and him to endure and fight. After all this, it had finally closed the distance in power between both parties and almost leveled it out.

Qing Shui’s Nine Stances of Ancient Divine Battle Technique was obnoxious. It allowed him to spot flaws along with the help of Windwhisk Willow. Qing Shui still had Dragon Slaying Beast and Divine Weapon Flying Sword by his side too, and hence had grown courageous the longer they fought. He began to fight as he willed the longer it went on.

Dragon Spider’s webs were also proving useful. One unlucky demonic beast was wrapped like a dumpling and killed by Dragon Slaying Beast. Dragon Slaying Beast was an executioner when up against any immobilized demonic beasts. It was able to break through their skull and kill its target in an instant.

Ling Chen no longer dared to belittle Qing Shui. He realized now that his opponent was strange. While his own ability surpassed them, Qing Shui’s formation was strong and must have had some unique techniques or treasures. Qing Shui was surprisingly capable of hindering their advances.

Even so, Ling Chen didn’t panic. On the contrary, he was becoming excited as he held onto the silver spear. Once again, he rushed towards Qing Shui. To shoot a person, one must first target their horse. Similarly, you capture an enemy by capturing their chief.

Qing Shui was not to be outdone either. Waving the Golden Battle Halberd, he rushed forward.


Golden Battle Halberd emitted a ray of golden light as it struck towards the snow-white, dragon-looking spear. The sound of collision and halo was piercing to the ears.

Qing Shui’s body recoiled backward while Ling Chen followed relentlessly. The spear in his hand struck down once more.

Tyrannous Mountain Split!

Ling Chen knew that his might was his advantage. He had already observed the intricacies of Qing Shui’s techniques and it was clear to him now. He didn’t allow Qing Shui to use the techniques, just strength. Using force to break the opportunity. The thing he could count on was his strength and he was borrowing strength from the simple Tyrannous Mountain Split. It would be useless regardless of how intricate the technique was. This attack only allowed for collision or dodge. There was no weakness, making it almost impossible to pull a fast one.

As for dodging, with their current speed, there was no way Ling Chen would let Qing Shui dodge it.

Qing Shui gritted his teeth and raised his Golden Battle Halberd to the sky.


Qing Shui was struck down as blood trailed from the corner of his lips.

What tremendous power. This was his opponent’s true strength.