Ancient Strengthening Technique - AST 2343 - Void Wolf Leather, Obtained the Treasure Pagoda

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AST 2343 - Void Wolf Leather, Obtained the Treasure Pagoda

Qing Shui took out the Constitution Nurturing Pill. He thought it was a relatively great item. He knew that this item was an extremely precious item outside.

Constitution Nurturing and impurities cleansing were the most important in a warrior’s cultivation.

Impurities cleansing could eliminate the body’s toxins and make the body purer. This increased the body’s constitution and talent, making the training faster and strength higher. It could cut off part of the trainer’s hidden illnesses and contaminants. The amount of elimination depended on the extent of impurities cleansing.

Meanwhile, Constitution Nurturing stabilized the foundation and warmed up the meridians. Through nurturing, the Origin Qi became more pristine and stronger. A trainer’s foundation was the most crucial, just like how a skyscraper’s foundation was the most vital part. Otherwise, it could never stand tall.

The same thing applied to a warrior. The foundation determined the extent of training. If the foundation was unstable, a talented man’s growth would be stumped sooner or later. Thus, constitution nurturing and impurities cleansing were mandatory. Qing Shui knew that these bottles of Constitution Nurturing Pills would be sold at high prices.

The auction house’s offer to him was high, but they did not suffer any loss. They even made a fortune off it.

At this moment, an elder and a beautiful woman walked up the stage. An auction could never go without a woman.

The woman was mature, wearing a red, body-hugging robe, which outlined her wonderful figure perfectly. Her thin waist and round ass were asking for trouble. The two mountains on her chest were especially round and perky. Many people drooled over her alluring figure.

Lan City’s auction house had a powerful background. Otherwise, many people would plan to get this woman.

The woman had a charming and seductive face. She was mature and inviting. This was a woman who could ignite your inner fire instantly. She could seduce you with a single look or a tiny gesture. This was an eternal beauty.

Qing Shui also noticed the other side of her. This woman’s strength was similar to Chi Yang, about 1.5 trillion Dao. Without the Heavenly Vision Technique, Qing Shui would never know this woman’s strength.

The elder was ordinary with his strength at Martial King level. He looked friendly and plump, his tiny eyes were full of smiles. At that time, he stood on the auction stage and bowed to his surroundings.

“Welcome to the Lan City’s auction house. I’ll skip the rules since I know nobody wants to listen to that. This time, we have some good items. Everybody, please look forward to seeing them. Without further ado, let’s see the first item!” The plump elder gave a hand signal.

A woman walked from the backstage, holding a dish-like object which was covered with red cloth.

She placed it on the auction table. The elder revealed the cloth without saying a word. It was a folded beast skin which was about more than ten meters square when it was opened up.

“This is a Void Wolf’s skin. Everyone knows about the Void Wolf, right? It can make a leap into the sky. An outfit made out of its skin can make one invisible. Furthermore, one can escape the present location at once with this. This is a great, life-saving item. This Void Wolf Leather is around ten meters, more than enough to make a suit. The bid starts from 20 million golden jade. Each increment must not be less than one million. The bid starts now!” The elder explained in one go.

“30 million golden jade!”

As soon as the elder finished his line, someone started with 30 million golden jade. Qing Shui was perplexed with how many wealthy men there were. He had only 60 million golden jade now and he originally owned 10 million of them. Initially, he thought he was considered a millionaire, but now he was made to realize that he was poor when compared to other people present.

“32 million!” Not long after, a middle-aged man said.

“40 million!” The first man said again.

This man was the one Qing Shui saw at the entrance. He was the Young Master Fan.

The middle-aged man made a clenching gesture. He stopped his bidding.

“40 million once, 40 million twice, 40 million thrice, deal! Congratulations to this gentleman for getting the Void Wolf Leather. Now, you can make the payment at the back. You can also go when the auction is over,” The elder smiled.

“Alright, moving on to the second item now. This item is a little special so watch carefully.”

Then, once again, a waitress held a dish and walked up the stage. It was also covered with red cloth. The elder pulled the red cloth away, displaying a small pagoda to the audience.

Qing Shui gaped. Wasn’t that the treasure pagoda?

“We have no idea of this item and its usage, but my client insists for me to auction it. Our auction house will put up some strange items for auction as well. Plus, the client has some other items for sale. This is just a bonus. The bid starts at 100 thousand, each increment must not be less than five thousand. Those who are interested, you may begin now.” The elder said with a smile.

Qing Shui was definitely getting this. Though he did not know about the usage, this item was surely the most precious treasure and he must not miss it.

105 thousand!

Qing Shui made a bid. He sounded languid as if he was not really interested.

“105 thousand, is there any higher price?” The auctioneer continued.

“105 thousand once, 105 thousand twice, 105 thousand…”

“200 thousand!” At that moment, another voice was heard.

Qing Shui’s heart skipped a beat. Who was it? Could it be that he knew the value of this little pagoda too? If the others really knew the usage of this little pagoda, he could not even obtain it with 10 million golden jade.

Qing Shui was not a thrifty person. He would buy it without any hesitation if he had 10 million. After all, this kind of item was actually invaluable. Even the golden jade could not compare to it.

Qing Shui looked at that person. It was, surprisingly, the Fifth Young Master. Qing Shui felt speechless, but he said it, “ 500 thousand!”

The audience began to discuss.

“This little pagoda is obviously unattractive and useless but there is really a fool who bids for it. What a spendthrift.”

“Fifth Young Master, it seems like someone is fighting with you.” A young man laughed.

“It is an auction. It is clear that it is only interesting with some competition. One million.” The Fifth Young Master doubled the price.

Qing Shui did not expect to go against the nobleman upon his arrival. Still, he did not back down, “Five million!”


A lot of people withdrew a cold breath.

“What a wealthy fool. Who is this? Does he not know that he is opposing the Fifth Young Master?” A bystander said. He sounded extremely happy.

“Dear Fifth Young Master, who is that silly kid? He doesn’t take you seriously!” A woman beside the Fifth Young Master chuckled.

“Forget it. I don’t want it anymore. This thing doesn’t even look nice. Let’s not fight for it. This man probably just wants to make Young Master spend more. He knows you won’t let it go. Let’s not fight for it and let him be the one who spends a fortune. It is meaningless to fight here and there are more great items coming up next. We don’t have to waste it here,.” Another woman said softly.

“Elder sister, you are so kind. Young Master pampers you so much. I’m very kind too…” The previous woman hugged the Fifth Young Master and said in a coaxing voice.

“Okay, let’s listen to Yuan`er. Little girl, learn from Yuan`er next time.”

“Five million once, five million twice, five million thrice, deal! Congratulations to this gentleman for winning this little pagoda.”

“Fifth Young Master gave up. That is something unexpected and rare, but the man in that room is probably getting into some trouble.”