Ancient Strengthening Technique - AST 2317 - Two Ladies, Amorous Feelings

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AST 2317 - Two Ladies, Amorous Feelings

The Divine Rain Sect left while the people in the Chi Clan were in a state of commotion and panic. After everyone knew that Qing Shui had killed a member of the Divine Rain Sect, they found it hard to believe.

The Divine Rain Sect had always been an invincible existence that shouldn\'t be offended. There were few people who would comment about the Divine Rain Sect in public, let alone killing one of them.

"I\'ve thought it through. The Divine Rain Sect will definitely not leave this matter be. We can only fight it out," Chi Yang said.

Qing Shui wasn\'t anxious at all. He smiled, "It\'s impossible for an existence like the Divine Rain Sect to be filled with people like them. It\'s probably only the people at the bottom who act so arrogantly. We\'re just helping them in clearing out the bugs. Don\'t worry, it\'ll be fine. Even if someone were to come, they wouldn\'t dare to do anything to the Chi Clan."

Chi Yang and the others trusted Qing Shui a lot. Qing Shui had given them a lot of confidence. For example, in the case of Hao Tian and the Mighty Strength Battle God, as long as they were to fight together with Qing Shui, they wouldn\'t worry even if they were to head to the Upper Three Regions.


Right now, the Eight Desolates City was extremely lively. After all, someone had dared to make a move against the Divine Rain Sect openly.

Somewhere else, there was a golden and shimmering palace, filled with detailed drawings which were engraved with a luxurious and extravagant feeling. Right now, in this palace, an elderly man saw a person carrying a dead man’s body; his countenance was extremely grim.

"Shi Yan, tell me what\'s going on!" The old man said in a low and deep voice.

These two men were the previously poised and dignified men who had gone to the Chi Clan. However, one of them had died, and the person who had survived was named Shi Yan. That elderly man was their Master. The elderly man wore golden and luxurious robes but had a pair of triangular bereaving brows that made him appear very fierce.

The man who had survived felt very stuffy, but he still slowly spoke about what had happened in the Chi Clan, sparing no detail.

The elderly man\'s countenance turned even grimmer, and he only spoke after very long, "You overconfident little b*stards. You\'re forcing me to wipe out the Chi Clan."

The elderly man abruptly unleashed a powerful aura, suppressing the man and making it hard for him to stand up.


Qing Shui studied the Berserk Dragon Fist since he had time on his hands. The Mighty Strength Battle God used fist arts and therefore Qing Shui studied it together with the Mighty Strength Battle God, imparting the technique to him. He wanted to see if other people could also achieve the Heavy Strike effect if they used the Berserk Dragon Fist.

A long time afterwards, Qing Shui realized that other people could also achieve the same effect after cultivating the Berserk Dragon Fist. However, he knew that it was impossible for them to achieve the exact same effect as him. Even if the others were to devote their lifetime’s effort trying to perfect it, they wouldn\'t be able to achieve Qing Shui\'s level. However, it was good that they could also learn it.

Qing Shui was never one who would be stingy toward imparting others with his battle techniques. As long they were techniques that he could teach to others, he would do so.

Therefore, Qing Shui taught the Berserk Dragon Fist to everyone present. They could practice it if they had time. Those who relied on fist techniques were all overjoyed, but even those who didn\'t, felt very happy as well, being able to acquire an additional self-defense ability.

The Mighty Strength Battle God was like a tiger who had gained wings after getting the Parry Heavenly Fate Treasure Pagoda. Right now, after being taught the Berserk Dragon Fist, he soared in leaps and bounds again. His powerful battle prowess increased time and time again.

This was an increase in battle prowess as his own strength didn\'t increase much. It was just an increase in strength distribution, being able to unleash the power of one jin to an extent of several jins. Moreover, his own defensive ability was also increasing at a terrifying rate.

Many people from the Chi Clan seemed to have forgotten about the Divine Rain Sect. It was because they couldn\'t accept seeing the people from the Divine Rain Sect take Chi Yang\'s head. Without Chi Yang, the Chi Clan wouldn\'t be able to stand its ground. Therefore, what Qing Shui had done was right. The worst that could happen was for them to give up their lives. After all, they hadn\'t expected that they would be able to survive their previous battle anyway.

In the courtyard where Qing Shui and the two ladies were staying...

Qing Shui was watching the two ladies practice the Berserk Dragon Fist. He had to say that no matter what martial techniques the beauties practiced, they would always look very beautiful. The two ladies were usually both graceful and cold, but now, they were emanating an additional wild and powerful aura.

There was an indescribable impact after seeing it with both eyes. The two ladies had never practiced this first art before others and had only practiced it in front of Qing Shui. They also practiced traditional martial arts since those were the foundations. However, the Berserk Dragon Fist was different. The way it attacked from a distance and the way it exerted force was different. Otherwise, they wouldn\'t have been able to hit with such strong powers.

Qing Shui felt a little hot at the sight of this. His eyes kept on looking at their well-developed peaks. The two ladies knew what Qing Shui was looking at and it made them blush. After their practice, both of them glared at Qing Shui, their faces flushed.

Qing Shui rubbed his nose and walked over, "I really want to have a bite!"

Qing Shui took each of them by the hand and looked at the two of them. The great peaks right before his eyes took his soul away. And even with Qing Shui\'s strong will, he still couldn\'t hold it in.

Directly, two small hands reached the sides of Qing Shui\'s waist and pinched.

Qing Shui cooperatively let out a cry and then embraced the two of them, groping their well-rounded butts. The two ladies shivered, gritted their teeth so they wouldn\'t cry out. Since both ladies were shy, they resorted to burying their faces into Qing Shui\'s neck.

Qing Shui felt very agitated and his Soft-Tendon Hand Technique moved to and fro their butts while his chest rubbed against their peaks. That pressure made Qing Shui feel their protruding tips.

Qing Shui\'s Soft-Tendon Hand Technique was very powerful, and the two ladies\' cries kept ringing into his ears. This made Qing Shui have the feeling that he was enjoying the best of both worlds. He knew that it was really hard for one to be able to enjoy it like him. However, this feeling—to have two great beauties crying out softly in his arms… it was simply priceless! Their bodies trembled slightly as Qing Shui did what he wished.

When the two ladies stopped trembling, they realized that they were both on Qing Shui\'s bed. Earlier on, when the two ladies had just turned weak, they were already on the edge of bed. Right now, they were still feeling very weak and even if Qing Shui were to do anything to them, they wouldn\'t be able to resist...

Qing Shui was now on top of the two ladies while their clothes were in a mess. Their tops were almost all taken off. Although Shen Huang and Beihuang Fan hadn\'t really gone all the way with Qing Shui, they had their fair share of ‘fun’ moments with him. Shen Huang had even satisfied him using her hands before.

Right now, the two ladies appeared as if they had just woken up. As they noticed the state they were in, their expressions became even redder due to their feelings of exhilaration.

"I want to feast on you two!" Qing Shui\'s hands removed the ladies\' tops.

The two ladies only closed their eyes, and Qing Shui\'s heart thumped fiercely. Judging from the ladies\' reactions, they didn\'t seem to be objecting?

Could it be that he really was going to enjoy a threesome now...?

After knowing about the matter with the Divine Rain Sect and having been with Qing Shui for so long, the two ladies knew that this day would come sooner or later. It wasn\'t really good to get him to keep holding it in...

Looking at the snow-white proudly protruding peaks with perfect shapes, Qing Shui gnawed on them wildly. The ecstatical feeling enchanted him.

However, Qing Shui noticed a hint of awkwardness in their eyes. This woke him up immediately. It didn\'t seem fair for him to take them together for their first time. It would still be better for him to ‘guide’ them one-on-one for their first time. At the thought of this, Qing Shui suppressed his burning desire bitterly, but not until he had bitten all over their bodies...

"I\'m a little nervous. Leave the doors unlocked for me. Tonight… I want the two of you to become my women." Qing Shui laid down between the two of them, holding each of them, their heads resting on his arms.