Ancient Strengthening Technique - AST 2308 - Subdue and Kill, Suppress, She Dao's Means

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AST 2308 - Subdue and Kill, Suppress, She Dao\'s Means

This was what Chi Yang wanted to say and was also the results that he wanted. He had been through a lot of pain until the extent that he could have been better off dead. He was forced to give away his son and daughter, and the chances of his father and other seniors in the family surviving were very low. This was considered a broken family. Was there anything that was worse off than this?

His words were very heavy, and even the She Clan and the other clans felt that it was very heavy. Right now, they didn\'t feel reassured and fearless, because they felt that how things would turn out might really be an unknown. They had a faint feeling that they might have to pay some kind of price before they would be able to wipe out these people from the Chi Clan.

"Old Snake Freak, I\'m going to start the kill with you today!" Chi Yang looked at the She Clan\'s head and charged out.

At this moment, the Mighty Strength Battle God swung his huge hammer up in the air and after Qing Shui had increased his strength by a sufficient amount, he suddenly smashed down towards the ground.

Impact Waves!

This was a unique battle technique that the Mighty Strength Battle God had—using a powerful strength to smash and create a huge trough in the ground, forming a huge dilacerated area. As long as the targets didn\'t leave this area, they would be affected even if they were floating in the sky.

Buddha Bright Seal!

Qing Shui lashed out his towering golden Buddha, whose golden glow was so piercing that it was hard for one’s eyes to open. Quite a number of people next to the She Clan\'s head were hauled out by the dilacerated force, but the She Clan\'s head was still within it and only felt a little faint.

He wanted to retreat the moment he regained his senses, as at this time, Chi Yang\'s violent slash was already pouncing toward him. That powerful attack left him on tenterhooks. And just as he was about to use an instant teleportation technique, he realized that a huge golden Buddha had encompassed him.


At this moment, his expression was that of despair. He knew that it was all over for him. To think that he was going to be killed just like that with a single slash...


Chi Yang\'s merciless slash cut off the head of the She Clan\'s leader.

All of these happened in just a moment. The head of the She Clan\'s leader fell on the ground, and the sound struck the hearts of everyone in the She Clan. This was a heavy sound to the She Clan, but to the Chi Clan, it was a very pleasant sound. After putting up with grieving for several decades, they had finally had a small vent to their anger.

The eyes of Third Uncle Chi, Fifth Uncle Chi, and Chi Yang turned red, and they felt a little excited, especially Chi Yang. All these years, Chi Yang had felt that the burden on his shoulders was extremely heavy. Moreover, his hidden illness that he had had previously made him feel that it was really hard for him to hang on anymore.

Chi Yang looked at Qing Shui, this mysterious and powerful man. He didn\'t harbor any thoughts toward Qing Shui. In the past, if someone could let him take revenge, he could give up everything he had. Even if he was asked to give up his life, he wouldn\'t have a moment of hesitation.

"The clan\'s head was killed! Kill them!" Someone from the She Clan shouted out.

She Dao\'s eyes turned red. Everything happened too quickly and at this moment, he wasn\'t impulsively wanting to seek revenge for his father. Instead, he turned to those old men in the clan.

Those old men immediately stepped up, bringing out their weapons as they looked at Chi Yang. In an instant, a series of light and shadows flashed as they charged out toward Chi Yang.

"After the She Clan is done with, you guys will be next. What are you guys still waiting for and not making a move? Back then, we had done the deed together, and we should all attack at once to wipe them out, returning peace to our Eight Desolates City." She Dao shouted out with all his might.

The Divine Buddha Sect made a move, and a large group of people dashed out toward the Chi Clan. The people from the Demonic Elephant Sect and the Wu Clan made their moves as well.

She Dao stared at Qing Shui with vicious eyes, but in the end, his gaze landed on Wu Xingyun.

"Junior Sect Master!" An elderly man arrived next to She Dao.


Art of Pursuing, Emperor\'s Qi, Area Dominance!

Qing Shui kept on performing his skills. Nine Continents Mountain, Seal of Xuantian, Buddha Wisdom Seal...

There were too many people on the opposing side. Qing Shui called out his demonic beasts. The other people called out their demonic beasts as well. The scene suddenly became an impressive sight. There were huge demonic beasts everywhere, and Qing Shui and the people from the Chi Clan stayed together. Right now, they were a team and weren\'t very far from each other. This made it easier for the application of Qing Shui\'s formations and the Divine Weapon Flying Sword\'s ability.

Qing Shui kept on moving about but was still unable to assure that there were no injuries or deaths. He did his best to reduce the casualties to a minimum. In order for them to have fewer casualties, they had to deal with the leader amongst the enemies as soon as possible.

There were now several tens of experts from the She Clan coming. Qing Shui, Chi Yang and his wife were putting up a tough fight. Although they were quite strong now, the enemies had an advantage in numbers, and they were held back.

Nine Continents Mountain!


The Nine Continents Mountain was considered quite strong at the moment. Moreover, with its Shield Attack, it was beyond terrifying.

Great Buddha Imprint!

Qing Shui put out his hand and used a powerful suppressing force to press down on the Nine Continents Mountain.

Quite a large space was smashed in the area. When those people were sent flying, Chi Yang and his wife, together with Qing Shui\'s demonic beasts all made their moves.

The Diamond White Tiger King\'s huge body kept on darting around in the crowd, and there were occasional agonizing cries that rang out.

The two ladies of Qing Shui called out their Sun Phoenix and the Black Ice Divine Worm!


When Wu Xingyun saw the situation, he gradually backed off.

At that moment, She Dao looked toward the old man next to him and said, "Grandfather Nu, kill him!"

The old man nodded and his body, which was only skins and bones, flashed out like a gust of wind. The sharp dagger he was holding pierced into the back of Wu Xingyun\'s heart.

Wu Xingyun wasn\'t weak to begin with, and he was still quite strong even after he had been weakened by Qing Shui. After all, he was from the Divine Rain Sect. However, he was directly killed by the old man without any warning. The old man\'s speed was like that of a ghost, not bringing up any Origin Qi waves in the surroundings.

"You!" Wu Xingyun fell silent after saying this word, looking at this old man from the She Clan with his bitter eyes.

Then, the old man abruptly kicked onto the back of Wu Xingyun\'s heart, creating a bloody hole there. Wu Xingyun\'s dead body landed amongst the people from the Wu Clan.

"Xingyun!" The Wu Clan\'s head cried out in great pain.

Qing Shui found it strange. Wu Xingyun wasn\'t weak to begin with, so how did he get killed without any warning? Neither he nor Chi Yang and his wife had made a move, and as for the others, it was either they didn\'t make any move or that they didn\'t have the ability to achieve such a thing.

However, he didn\'t give it too much thought. He was here to kill and these people needed to be killed sooner or later.

The battle continued on and lives were lost at every moment. Weapons swung around everywhere. Qing Shui\'s Buddha Wisdom Seal would lash out once in a while, reducing the damage inflicted by the opponents without them realizing it.

This was also one thing that Qing Shui relied on a lot. It was because even Miss Bu\'s strength was at 800 billion Dao Force, and it would be very normal for there to be dark horses in the Eight Desolates Region. However, Qing Shui still didn\'t feel any pressure. It was because he could reduce the damage of the opponents\' attacks to an unbelievable stage.

There were few casualties on Chi Clan\'s side, and It was thanks to their knowledge of the simple Combination Attacks. Although these Combination Attacks were simple, they were very practical. If they worked together with the demonic beasts, even the weaker ones would be able to protect themselves at the very least.

Pfft pfft...

Chi Yang\'s saber was like a butcher\'s knife, and those old men from the She Clan kept on falling.

"I knew that not only would I have to pay with my life for the debt left behind back then, but I would also have to pay back in interest." An old man felt freed just right before his death.

Subdue and kill! Suppress!

Qing Shui\'s Nine Continents Mountain and Stellar Transposition kept on subduing and killing the opponents. Occasionally, he would also use his Divine Weapon Flying Sword to save others. The battle was intense, blood filled up the place, and the people from the Wu Clan, She Clan, Divine Buddha Sect, and the Demonic Elephant Sect kept on falling.