Ancient Strengthening Technique - AST 2306 - Our She Clan Is Righteous And Isn’t Afraid of What Others Say

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AST 2306 - Our She Clan Is Righteous And Isn’t Afraid of What Others Say

These people from the She Clan were badly bashed up by Qing Shui until they were covered in bruises and also sustained internal injuries. Qing Shui\'s group then left the She Clan\'s teleportation array and headed for the She Clan’s manor which wasn\'t far away.

Qing Shui\'s group moved too quickly. The She Clan and other forces had scouts in Hua City, and thus, they knew when the Chi Clan had set off. However, it would take some time just to travel from Hua City to the Star City, and they hadn\'t expected that Qing Shui and the group would arrive in the Eight Desolates Region within only three days.

The most valid reason the Eight Desolates Region got its name from was because of the existence of desolate lands in all eight directions of the Origin Region. The eight desolate lands were very dangerous, with complicated terrain, strange beasts, powerful demonic beasts, as well as heavenly and earthly treasures. It was the most dangerous place but was also like heaven to many people.

The She Clan was located in the extreme east of the Eight Desolates City, having an extravagant manor that took up a lot of land area and had massive structures. The structures there weren\'t pavilion buildings but were of about the same height. They only had one story, the buildings were strong and sturdy while appearing dignified and rustic, just like a huge Desolate Beast that was in deep sleep.

The sun was shining brightly, bestowing great vitality to everyone. Qing Shui looked around as he walked with calm breathing. It was as though he was traveling and enjoying himself, not feeling anxious at all. However, the entire group seemed to have been prepared by him and was ready for battle.

Qing Shui took in a deep breath and said, "Brother, after wiping out the She Clan, rebuild the Chi Clan immediately and then continue to wipe out the rest. Oh, right, have you sent people to inform the Wu Clan?"

Chi Yang was actually not as calm as he appeared to be. "Alright. I\'ve already sent someone over, but we haven\'t seen any actions from them!"

"I hope that the Wu Clan won\'t make an unintelligent choice." Qing Shui sighed and said.


At this moment, a member of the Chi Clan was standing at the Wu Clan\'s entrance, stopped by the guards.

"Who are you? What matter do you have?" One of the guards who appeared smart in his middle age walked over and asked.

"We\'re from the Chi Clan and are looking for Mister Wu Tianchou." The member of the Chi Clan said seriously.

Hearing this, the man was taken by surprise and a thought ran through in his mind. "Duanhu, lead this brother to the hall. I\'ll go in and inform his arrival."

The young man felt a little puzzled. Wu Tianchou hadn\'t returned, so what was there to inform? Regardless, he still decided to lead the person to the hall.

The smart looking man was from a side branch of the Wu Clan, but he still had the Wu Clan\'s blood running in him. He was going to report to the clan\'s head that the people from the Chi Clan had actually arrived so quickly. He hadn\'t left very far when a handsome man walked toward him.

"Junior Sect Master!" The man bowed respectfully.

"Mmm, Uncle Gua, why are you in such a hurry?" The man smiled and asked.

"The Chi Clan has fought their way here. They are already in the Eight Desolates Region. Someone from the Chi Clan has come to look for Brother Tianchou. I got someone to lead him to the hall. Junior Sect Master, what do you think we should do?"

Wu Clan\'s Junior Sect Master frowned, shocked to find out that they had arrived so quickly. He said, "Alright, I\'ve got it. You can take your leave!"

It didn\'t take long for the Wu Clan\'s Junior Sect Master and clan\'s head to arrive in the hall. The Wu Clan\'s head, Wu Tiannan, was a sharp man that was like an unsheathed sword. He wore purple robes and stood upright. He could be said to be an outstanding talent of his generation.

The Wu Clan\'s Junior Sect Master, Wu Xingyun, was in no way inferior when he stood next to his father. He had a long and slender figure as well as handsome features. Most importantly, he was a disciple of the Divine Rain Sect, and this status was very powerful. The Divine Rain Sect was the top in the Lower Three Regions and even the Divine Buddha Sect would have to lower their heads before them.

The Wu Clan naturally hated the Chi Clan a lot. Wu Tianchou had died. He had been a character with an inestimable future before him. Thereafter, they knew that the Chi Clan was already rushing over for the She Clan and therefore, the reason they had sent one of their members to relay Qing Shui\'s words was so that they could get the Wu Clan to head to fight against the She Clan with them.

This made Wu Xingyun so angry that he slammed his palm out.

This member of the Chi Clan had initially thought that he had found a good task to do but hadn\'t expected to die just like that. Until the moment he died, he still didn\'t understand why.

"Father, what should we do now?" Wu Xingyun asked the other man.

"Don\'t make a move yet. Let\'s see what the She Clan would do and then observe what the other clans will do," Wu Tiannan gave it some thought before saying.

"Junior Sect Master, someone outside is looking for you. He says that he is your friend and has an important matter to tell you." At that moment, a man walked in through the hall\'s entrance.

"Alright, I got it. I\'ll head over immediately!" After saying that, Wu Xingyun got that person to leave first.

"Since you have something to attend to, then you can leave first. Be careful!" Wu Tiannan instructed.

"I got it, Father!"

Wu Xingyun walked out and saw a man in the front courtyard. He knew this man—She Clan\'s She Chenggang. When he saw Wu Xingyun, he smiled and walked up, "Hello Brother Wu!"

"I was wondering who it was, so it\'s Brother She. Come in and have a sit." Wu Xingyun warmly invited She Chenggang in.

She Chenggang shook his head, "Brother Wu, other than inviting you to help out, someone also came to ask me to pass you a piece of news."

"What news?" Wu Xingyun ignored the first part about the request for help.

"That guy from the Chi Clan, currently an important figure in the Chi Clan, has an abnormal relation with Miss Bu. Many people know about this and it\'s not good for Wu Clan\'s reputation," She Chenggang looked around and said softly.

Wu Xingyun was raging in flames. Although he knew that this She Chenggang didn\'t come with good intentions, there were no waves without wind. Moreover, Miss Bu was his reverse scale and there was no way he could let others taint her reputation like this.

"Aren\'t you here to seek for help? Come, I\'ll go with you to meet this proud talent." Wu Xingyun said outright.

She Chenggang nodded, "Come, let\'s go and get rid of him together. To think that people from the Nine Continents Star Ocean Domain are so arrogant. And that Chi Clan as well... I shall see what right do they have to be so arrogant."

Wu Xingyun looked at She Chenggang, smiling coldly inwardly. He looked down on She Chenggang. She Chenggang was many notches inferior to him no matter in which area they were to compare.


Chi Yang stepped out while standing in front of the She Clan\'s gates. "People from She Clan, listen up! Our Chi Clan is back! We\'ve come for the debt many years ago!"

His voice wasn\'t very loud, but it reached out for very, very far. Basically, everyone in the Eight Desolates City could hear him.

"It\'s been several decades. The Chi Clan is back," said someone.

"Back then, the She Clan has gone overboard. I hope that they can wipe out the She Clan this time around. But I wonder if they\'ll be able to do it."

"Back then, She Clan wasn\'t the only one involved. Therefore, there\'ll definitely be others who stand with them. When that happens, the Chi Clan won\'t be up against only one force. It\'s very hard for the Chi Clan to seek vengeance!"

"The people of the Chi Clan are no fools. They must definitely have some backing to dare to come back and issue a challenge so openly. There\'s no way that they\'re here to court death." Someone held a different view.


"Back then, your people from the She Clan joined hands with the Divine Buddha Sect to make our Chi Clan a scapegoat. You even brutally massacred countless of our people. So many years have passed. It\'s about time for us to settle this." Chi Yang continued to say slowly. Before they sought revenge, he wanted to let many people understand what was going on. They must be on on the righteous side.

Although people fight with their fists on many occasions, righteousness must not be forgotten.

"Hahaha, you\'ve really become capable. Who dares to kick up a fuss before the She Clan? Why, are you guys going to bully the She Clan in the Eight Desolates City? I don\'t remember what happened back then, but our She Clan is righteous and aren\'t afraid of what the others say. Don\'t blame our She Clan for not standing on ceremony when you come to slander us." A group of people came out from the She Clan. The one in the lead who spoke up was a mature man who looked devilish.