Ancient Strengthening Technique - AST 2303 - Golden Shield Talisman, The Mysterious Young Miss Bu

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AST 2303 - Golden Shield Talisman, The Mysterious Young Miss Bu

Qing Shui directly called out the Golden Primordial Bear. Even if he had confidence, he wouldn\'t let his guard down and would still go all-out even if he was fighting against someone weaker. Moreover, the Reverend Human Buddha, whom he was up against, was in no way weak. If he were to have some killer moves hidden up his sleeves and managed to turn the tables around, then Qing Shui could only die in regret.

Qing Shui needed to be decisive. Since he had already thought it through that he was going to get rid of the opponent, he had to get to action. If he could kill with a single move, then he really shouldn\'t use two moves. That meant If he were to drag things out, the situation could possibly change.


The Golden Primordial Bear pounced out fiercely toward the Reverend Human Buddha. Although those demonic beasts in the Reverend Human Buddha’s cave were powerful, they were a lot weaker as compared to the Golden Primordial Bear. Moreover, with their abilities, they wouldn\'t be able to retaliate against Qing Shui\'s current battle prowess.

The Reverend Human Buddha also sensed this, but it was a little too late; he could only live in regret. He was also feeling very anxious, fearing that he would die here.

Golden light... Brilliant golden light...

Just as the Golden Primordial Bear was about to land a hit on the Reverend Human Buddha, the latter broke out in a brilliant golden light. At that moment, Qing Shui saw something that was like a piece of a one cubic meter golden rug under the Reverend Human Buddha\'s feet. The Reverend Human Buddha then disappeared.

Golden Shield Talisman!

Qing Shui was extremely shocked. To think that there was such a great treasure. This was a life-saving treasure, used mainly for escaping. It could send the user 10,000 meters away and could also allow the user to conceal themselves.

There were many treasures in this world. Seeing that the Golden Shield Talisman had appeared, Qing Shui felt that there should be other Five Elements Talismans used for escaping as well.

This item was very precious. After all, it was used to save one\'s life. Each of these talismans could be used for about ten times. Of course, those of better quality could possibly be used more, and those of poorer quality could only be used once. Regardless of how many times the talisman could be used, this item was still extremely precious and had very high value as well.

The Reverend Human Buddha\'s escape made the others lose the will to fight. She Chou had died, and so did Xiang Ba. Right now, there was only Wu Tianchou left. Wu Tianchou felt like cursing the Reverend Human Buddha. This time around, the reason that he had come was all on the Reverend Human Buddha\'s account. He hadn\'t expected that he would be made a scapegoat.

"Can we discuss something?" Looking at the current situation, Wu Tianchou felt that only a fool would continue to fight. Therefore, he looked for an opportunity to speak to Qing Shui.

"Discuss something? You\'re here to kill. What\'s there to discuss?" Qing Shui smiled and controlled the Nine Continents Mountain to send it smashing incessantly while he continued to attack using hidden weapons. Right now, Wu Tianchou\'s face and his other vital parts were all dripping with blood.

"Isn\'t there a saying that there\'s no eternal foes nor friendships that last forever? I owed Reverend Human Buddha a favor, but I hadn\'t expected that he would make me a scapegoat." Wu Tianchou said bitterly.

Now that things had come down to this, he could only take a gamble.

"Sometimes, a person can have a chance to turn over a new leaf even if they had committed a lot of bad deeds, but sometimes, just one bad decision was enough and there would be no chance to turn over a new leaf. You must die, but some of the people in your clan might be pardoned," Qing Shui said seriously.

Wu Tianchou smiled bitterly. Knowing that there were no chances of redeeming himself, he sighed and said, "Thank you!"

"Qing Shui, the Chi Clan needs to have some friends in the Eight Desolates Region in the future. Maybe..." At this moment, Chi Yang spoke up.

Qing Shui gave it some thought before asking, "What\'s your status in the Wu Clan?"

Wu Tianchou\'s eyes lit up. He knew that this was a chance, and he quickly said, "The clan\'s head is my eldest brother, but my words still carry some weight in the Wu Clan."

"Alright, I can let you off. But when we head to fight against the Divine Buddha Sect and the She Clan, I hope that the Wu Clan will join us. Otherwise, I don\'t mind wiping out the Wu Clan altogether. You better think over this carefully." Qing Shui gave it some thought and threatened the poor man a bit.

Wu Tianchou left by himself as the others that had come along had all died. This time around, only Wu Tianchou and the Reverend Human Buddha hadn\'t died. The Reverend Human Buddha could escape only thanks to his Golden Shield Talisman. Qing Shui hadn\'t known about it, otherwise, he would have applied confinement on him.

Qing Shui had the Nine Palace Laws which had the ability to confine the opponent. However, the duration of the confinement would be dependent on the opponent\'s strength. Moreover, the confinement would be to confine the target into a domain, not allowing them to come out. It didn\'t affect any other thing.

Therefore, Qing Shui wasn\'t worried. Since he now knew that the Reverend Human Buddha had a Golden Shield Talisman, unless the Reverend Human Buddha were to escape immediately, it would be all over the moment Qing Shui got near him. Qing Shui had a Sacred Jade Divine Stone Ring and thus, it was very easy for him to get close to someone.

With the exception of the escaped Reverend Human Buddha and Wu Tianchou, everyone else was killed.

Hopefully, Wu Tianchou would make the right decision. Otherwise, Qing Shui really wouldn\'t mind wiping out the Wu Clan.

Qing Shui thought of the Bu Clan\'s Young Miss. Her fiance was the Wu Clan\'s Junior Sect Master, and it should be Wu Tianchou\'s nephew. He hoped that this lady would have a blessed life. If Wu Tianchou made the right decision, then she would have a good life. Otherwise, she wouldn\'t.

But even after some thought, Qing Shui had no idea if it was a good idea for this lady to be married into the Wu Clan.

This battle made the people from the Chi Clan even more agitated. The Reverend Human Buddha had run off, while Xiang Ba and She Chou had died. The people that they had brought with them, close to 1,000 people in total, were all killed. These people could be considered the strongest batch of people from various forces. Of course, this was just part of them. Despite so, these people were no match for the Chi Clan.

The members of the Chi Clan felt excited, especially the second batch of people who joined in later. They were already prepared to live and die together with the Chi Clan. When the Chi Clan was in danger, it was impossible for them to not come, even if they knew that they would be courting death. However, they hadn\'t expected that things would end up in this manner.

They still felt very happy, and everyone celebrated the victory with lots of good food and wine, as well as boastings. The place became very lively. After all, to many people, it was as if they had just been through a life and death situation—as if they had just been reborn.

The other forces in Hua City were also very shocked, especially the Bu Clan. Miss Bu was the strongest in the clan, and the Bu Clan knew that their Young Miss\' abilities were unfathomable. They weren\'t sure how strong she actually was, but when there were important matters, they would definitely look for Miss Bu to get her to call the shots.

Just then, a man entered, "Junior Sect Master, Wu Tianchou has been killed. Please give your instructions!"

Miss Bu nodded, "Continue to keep an eye on the Chi Clan!"

"Yes!" The man turned to leave.

If Qing Shui was here, he would definitely be very shocked. Why did Miss Bu kill Wu Tianchou? Which force did she belong to? Wasn\'t this action creating contradictions between the Chi Clan and the Wu Clan? Wasn\'t she arranged to be married into the Wu Clan?

However, Qing Shui didn\'t know about this at all and thus couldn’t make any assumptions.

The days in Hua City were unusually calm that it was unnerving. Everything was because of the Chi Clan. Many forces, who thought that they were quite strong in the Hua City, were very well-behaved, knowing that the Chi Clan was such a powerful existence.

These forces felt that they had been too much of a frog in the well in the past. The ignorants were all fearless. Only then did they realize how great of a difference their force had when compared to the Chi Clan. It was like how a household, with an annual household income of 10,000 dollars, was considered to be rich in a village, but they wouldn\'t head to the city. Although they were very rich in the village, someone had suddenly driven a car that was worth several ten thousand dollars into the village.

These martial arts cultivators naturally knew that there were people who were stronger than them, but there had not been such existences in Hua City. They grew up here, would live their lives here until they died and wouldn’t stray too far off. Therefore, they had never seen legendary experts before. They called the shots here and even suspected if the other regions had the same power level as theirs. After all, they were already considered to be at the top of the pyramid at their level. At least, this was what they thought. As for the differentiation between the Lower Three Regions, Middle Three Regions, and the Upper Three Regions, it was merely segregation of the regional tiers for them...