Ancient Strengthening Technique - AST 2287 - Encounter with Bu Clan’s Bu Feihua

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AST 2287 - Encounter with Bu Clan’s Bu Feihua

Just at this moment, a group of people walked over. It was led by a man, and his youthful vigor and stature were only matched by the beautiful girl next to him.

There was a youth behind this man who immediately yelled at Qing Shui and those beside him, “Who are you people, and what are you all looking at?”

Qing Shui furrowed his brows and looked at the newcomers. However, the handsome man only fixed his unblinking gaze on Shen Huang and Beihuang Fan, his eyes shining with pleasant surprise and irrepressible greed. The woman beside him looked as though she were filled with overwhelming envy and sorrow; as if she knew she had been cast aside by the man.

“What does what we see have to do with you?” Hao Tian shot back, clearly displeased.

The handsome man did not say anything. Qing Shui is naturally not good with words, and his words usually brought about shame. However, he wasn’t scared of losing his face and neither did he feel disgraced. Hao Tian knew this and spoke directly; he had unknowingly been sincerely convinced by Qing Shui.

“Oh! A pretty feisty bunch... they must not be from around here!” The boy, who spoke previously, flippantly exclaimed.

“Even if we really are foreigners, can Hua City really afford to offend us?” Hao Tian laughed along.

“You are correct. Locals mostly do not come here. But since you are foreigners, that means you all are definitely from the south side of the Nine Continents. Why act so feisty?” The boy schemingly said.

“Forget it, Hao Tian. Let’s leave,” Qing Shui said. This kind of meaningless banter served no purpose.

“You already provoked the Bu Clan’s young master and now you want to leave? Leaving so easily is not possible,” the boy servant said. He could tell that the young master was desirous of the two women, and he too was infatuated. But unfortunately, he had to concede to the young master.

“Oh, since we have provoked you, care to explain how we did so?” Hao Tian’s family background was prestigious, and his family also had a high social standing. He had seen many foppish dandies

“No such thing! I am Bu Feihua. Since it seems that our meeting is a sign of fate, I’ll treat everyone to drinks,” said the handsome leader of the group happily. At this moment, he finally regained his suave and dignified demeanor.

It was obvious how everyone’s eyes immediately lit up. Qing Shui did not want to pick up a fight as soon as they arrived. Moreover, the person right before their eyes was supposedly Bu Feihua, Bu Clan’s foppish dandy.

“It is fine, we still have other things to do. If we have time later, I will treat Mr. Bu to a drink,” said Qing Shui with a smile.

“You’re not giving the face to our young master,” spoke the boy from earlier again.

Hao Tian couldn’t help but say to the boy, “How can a lackey like you speak so rashly?”

Bu Feihua was immediately dumbfounded, and the boy who was just berated also wore a similar look on his face. Although the boy was just a follower, he also came from a clan barely inferior to the Bu Clan.

Qing Shui had never thought that Hao Tian would be this blunt. However, what was done was done, even Qing Shui was inclined to do so as it was a refreshing sensation.

“What gives you the right to say that to me? I dare you to say that again. You’ll regret it!” said the boy angrily.

“You’re just a lackey, only knowing how to suck up to others. If you have the ability to fight, come over here… I’ll break your dog legs,” Hao Tian said calmly.

Seeing Qing Shui reach out to stop the boy, Bu Feihua’s expressions started to change. “Is there a need to blow up this matter?” He questioned.

In fact, Bu Feihua was glad to see chaos unfold. Thereafter, he would be legitimately justified in dealing with this group, and the women would be unable to escape.

“There is no need to make the matters worse, we are just about to leave. Everyone should just pretend we never met each other, what do you say?” Qing Shui clearly saw through Bu Feihua’s true intentions.

“I can’t tolerate an insult like this. Let your man slap himself twice, and we’ll call it even. How about that?” Bu Feihua pointed at Hao Tian and retorted.

“Why don’t you beat yourself up to solve this matter?” Qing Shui already knew that this issue would not be resolved by words. A mere Hua City, he wouldn’t need to pay anyone any heed here.

Bu Feihua’s expressions were even more incredulous while he was gloating at this development. He looked at Qing Shui and slowly said, “You asked for it. Don’t push the blame onto others.”

“Let’s leave. If they try to stop us, I’ll give it to them.” Qing Shui told Hao Tian, grinning.

Hao Tian gleefully replied, “Don’t worry too much brother, I\'ll let you enjoy yourself.”

Hao Tian was brimming with happiness. The Palace Lord was still very protective of them. He had great foresight and intelligence. He knew that if he followed Qing Shui, they would be able to achieve a decent outcome in the future.

“Beat them up. If anyone dares to fight back, beat them half to death.” Bu Feihua’s prestige and dignity were being challenged, and he was furious.

Qing Shui did not move. Hao Tian was left standing alone at the front, and Bu Feihua’s entourage rushed towards him, only to be quickly and easily tackled down. Even though they survived, each one of them was severely injured.

At that moment, Bu Feihua knew that he had kicked a steel plate. But since he had already started the fight, it was impossible to stop halfway. After all, he carried the weight of the Bu Clan’s name, Hua City’s most powerful clan.

Even though there weren’t many people in this area, people were beginning to flock around. Ultimately, seeing the Bu clan getting beaten was a rare occurrence.

“For you and for your clan’s sake, do not come and provoke me, else you won’t even get a chance to regret it.” Qing Shui warned again.

At this moment, Bu Feihua was in a dilemma. Although he had suspicions that the other party was merely trying to intimidate him, he also knew that the other party had actual strength and power. If this man really had the strength to keep that promise, he would be a sinner to his entire clan.

As he was thinking through, three old men walked over and looked at Qing Shui. “Young man,” one of them said, “even though you might be strong, you do not understand the complexity of things. There are words that cannot be said, and things that cannot be mentioned.”

Qing Shui looked over at the old man that was speaking. His hair was covered fully in grey, and his redeeming facial features were the bright eyes, square nose, and wide mouth. He had a tall and broad stature with a restrained way of expressing himself.

“Third Uncle, Fifth Uncle, Ninth Uncle!” Bu Feihua respectfully called them.

The third uncle didn’t even turn, simply staring Qing Shui down.

“I do not want to make enemies. However, when others force my hand, I have no choice. You tell me that not all words can be said, but that is also not possible. Fine, if you tell me not to say anything, I will not say anything. I do not wish to involve others just for a single person.” Qing Shui slowly and calmly said.

“Truly presumptuous. Let us see if you have any abilities that allow you to back that up.” The third uncle immediately closed in on Qing Shui. He put his hands together to produce a demon mark which resembled a tiger-like beast that rushed towards Qing Shui.

Dragons and tigers lorded over clouds and winds respectively. In a flash, a strong and raging wind blew over. If it were buildings from his past life, they would be whisked away by the wind.

Qing Shui was too lazy to move. He willed the appearance of the Nine Continents’ Mountain.

To Qing Shui, the Nine Continents’ Mountain was a powerful killing weapon, and it clashed with the demonic mark. The Mountain was much faster than Qing Shui’s movement speed. Furthermore, the mountain had the ability of Shield Attack, making it a Supreme Treasure.

Up until today, the Nine Continent’s Mountain had close to 600 billion Dao Force and possessed the extremely powerful Shield Attack ability, directly destroying the mark. The Mountain comprehensively attacked the body, mind, and even the soul of its victims.