Ancient Strengthening Technique - AST 2264 - Scapegoat

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AST 2264 - Scapegoat

The pure-blooded Western White Tiger\'s descendant was extremely decisive, but it really ended up in a bad state to be forced to self-explode.

Huge and majestic energy rapidly spread out and in that instant, the countenance of everyone in the surroundings changed.

Some people weren\'t sure yet what the situation was like when an extremely terrifying vortex extended out. People who knew what was going on rapidly retreated, but it was too late, a huge explosive bang rang out.


A huge area of white light extended out from the explosion, getting the people nearby involved and they rapidly vanished into thin air.

Although that Young Master Fang and the lady from the Beiming Clan had retreated on the first sign of danger, they were still inflicted with quite a huge damage. That man from the Sea Moving Immortal Palace depleted a great amount of his powers from performing the Sea Moving Art. To be encountering such a thing right after he had just performed his move was out of his expectations. After all, self-explosion required too great of a determination.

It was also because of this that Young Master Fang and the lady from the Beiming Clan spurted out fresh blood and received quite serious injuries. The Sea Moving Immortal Palace\'s Young Master Ming was also severely injured with a considerable number of his internal organs crushed. He had lost an arm with a large part of his shoulder as well.

An area of intense light appeared in the area where the White Tiger had detonated. There weren\'t any people there and just then, no one saw that a thin and long spider thread had entangled that Origin Essence Pill and retrieved it.

Right now, the Dragon Spider was in the form of a lady who was wearing a green dress with a mantle over it.

The Dragon Spider’s voice was no longer that of a young girl. She sounded like a young lady now. Her voice sounded a little androgynous but was also very pleasant to the ears. Qing Shui treated her like his own daughter. Not only Qing Shui, but even the Golden Scaled Dragon Elephant, the Dark Phoenix, and the others treated the Dragon Spider very well. Her mental age was the youngest and when she possessed intelligence, she was still too young.

When the environment returned to its original state, the Dragon Slaying Beast had already disappeared. The Golden Primordial Bear\'s Origin Essence Pill had also disappeared. It contained all of the Golden Primordial Bear\'s Origin Essence and even though it had died for very long and much of it had dissipated, it still held a terrifying amount of energy.

It would be impossible for ordinary demonic beasts to swallow it in one go. Otherwise, they would really explode. The Origin Essence Pill could be refined into medicinal pills and broken down. Otherwise, even an existence like the Dragon Slaying Beast would explode after consuming it.

This was just the beginning. The White Tiger was forced to self-detonate, and the humans didn\'t get much out of this. Three of the human masters had lost their battle prowess and that Young Master Ming from the Sea Moving Immortal Palace might even have a problem to get out of that place alive. He was so seriously injured, and the demonic beasts would definitely not let him off.

Roar roar!

Waves of ferocious bellows rang out, and that Heavenly Golden Bull dashed into a sea of people, crashing about. Terrifying gleams of light shot out from its feet, and the people who were hit by the light were mutilated as if they had been cut by a sharp blade.

There were also many humans who went all out to massacre the demonic beasts around them. The true chaotic battle started from when the White Tiger detonated, and it worsened the state of the situation. On the other hand, there were still people or demonic beasts who were still laying their hands on the Golden Primordial Bear\'s body. However, once one of them found something that wasn\'t bad, they would become a living target regardless if they were humans or beasts.

It was a terrible state. Regardless if they were humans or demonic beasts, they had tremendous greed and hoping that they would be lucky enough. Therefore, even though many of them had found something good, they would all lose it in the end. Their only crime was that they were in possession of a great treasure. But when the treasure was before them, how could they resist?

There were too few of them who could turn away from the temptation when it was right before them. It was something that could allow them to soar to great success, have everything they wanted in life, to enjoy their life in riches, and be surrounded by wives, concubines, and beautiful ladies. It was just right in front of them! Without it, they would become useless.

During times like these, many people would choose to take a gamble, even if it was at the risk of their lives. If they were to die, it would just mean that this wasn\'t meant to be and they had no one to blame for it. But if they were to succeed, they would soar to great heights immediately. It was worth it no matter what price they had to pay.

Qing Shui stood near their group—the Dragon Slaying Force. Many things had happened earlier, causing many teams that were formed at the last minute to break down.

Qing Shui and Wang Ping took the initiative to stand a little apart from the Dragon Slaying Force. It was because a few of them already had their guards up against Qing Shui and Wang Ping.

On the other hand, Gu Yaoyao was unwilling to let Qing Shui stand so far away. However, seeing that Qing Shui still chose to stay a suitable distance away, she commented on it a few times. But sometimes, words were useless. Facts spoke louder than words.

Moreover, they were really only a group that was formed at the last minute and didn\'t have much of a bond between them, let alone strong feelings.

The Dragon Slaying Beast had entered the Golden Primordial Bear\'s brain, seemingly having come into contact with the skull. Its sharp teeth had already bitten off everything around it. Even with the Dragon Slaying Beast\'s terrifying bite, it would still need a large amount of effort to break off the Golden Primordial Bear\'s skull.

Since the Dragon Slaying Force team had come all this way, they also hoped to be able to get their hands on something. Each of them got themselves some bit of hide or flesh. Just this little bit would not garner any jealousy from others. They would at most get bits of the bone. Not only could the bones be cooked into a broth, but they could also be turned into weapons or added into other things to forge weapons or armors.

Such a scene could only be seen in this world—rivers of blood flooded the place. However, the ones alive would try hard to look for things. Even the dead would be robbed. It didn\'t take long for the corpses to pile up into a mountain.

The piles of large demonic beasts were taller than humans. After all, the size of a demonic beast was many times that of a human.

The Heavenly Golden Bull was very domineering and strong, and it took up a large area for itself. Other than the Heavenly Golden Bull, there was also the Divine Hog King. That huge Divine Hog had tusks that were bigger than that of big elephants, sharp claws, and a body that was like a small mountain. Its big mouth could bite through even the Golden Primordial Bear\'s hide. It had eaten quite a lot of the Golden Primordial Bear\'s flesh, and its body was now glimmering in a golden color. It had received a lot of benefits and quite a number of people around it had been killed by its tusks.

There were many Heavenly Elephants with endless strength. Their huge and sharp tusks could pierce through a mountain. They had a powerful defense as well, as thick hide and flesh. They were said to be the favorites of the gods, and each time their four huge legs stomped, they would be able to bring down an area of people.

Qing Shui got his hands on a bear palm in addition to quite a number of other things. However, he chanced upon the man from the Nine Continents Martial Association who had wanted to work together with him. He suddenly tossed out something toward the Dragon Slaying Force that was near Qing Shui.

It was glimmering in gold—one of the four bear palms!

Qing Shui\'s countenance changed. This guy was trying to shift the blame!

Pan Gang caught it by reflex and when he saw it, he seemed to be pleasantly surprised. However, he was no fool. The bear\'s palm was a very precious part of the Golden Primordial Bear. Although it couldn\'t be compared to the Origin Essence Pill, the skull, and some other parts, it could definitely be considered as one of the best things available.

The bear\'s palm was extremely sharp and tough. If it was added into the process of forging a weapon, the weapon would definitely end up becoming a small Divine Artifact, and there might even be an unexpected surprise.

As expected, the situation was very complex. Many people and demonic beasts were in a rage from all the killings. The moment a target appeared, they would just kill before doing anything else.

This spot immediately became a target for all demonic beasts, and even some humans as well.

Seeing that there were so many demonic beasts and humans, if Qing Shui wished to save the Dragon Slaying Force, he would need to kill a demonic beast with sufficient power. With that, he might be able to shock the others and then either take the bear\'s palm or toss it out to change the target onto someone else.