Ancient Strengthening Technique - AST 2262 - The Big and Tough Golden Primordial Bear

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AST 2262 - The Big and Tough Golden Primordial Bear

"Big Brother, with so many people and the powerful pure-blooded desolate beasts, along with the alliance of those strong contenders, what can we get out of this? I am bewildered by the number of people here, aren’t they just seeking death?"

Hearing Gu Yaoyao\'s words, Qing Shui smiled and said, "Humans will die for riches just like how birds will die for food. This is but a matter of course. Everyone here are gamblers who hope to strike it rich. If you don\'t believe me, go and ask them. There\'ll definitely not be anyone who will tell you that they are here to court death."

Gu Yaoyao laughed with a crisp and energized voice. She then said, "I won\'t say that I\'m here to court death either. With there being so many people, it can\'t be that everyone here will die. Therefore, if we\'re careful, the chances of surviving are still very high. It\'ll be even more than worth it if we can get our hands on some treasures. Big Brother, do you think the same way too?"

"If I were to tell you that I didn\'t intend on coming here and was only passing by, would you believe me?" Qing Shui asked.

"Of course I won\'t. I\'m not a fool," Gu Yaoyao said as a matter-of-factly.

Qing Shui knew that she wouldn\'t believe what he said and followed the group to the hall. He then once again saw the image of the Golden Primordial Bear. It was still so astonishing. And because it was so close to them, many people were groveling down, worshipping it.

There was the entrance to a huge stone cave below the huge image. It was pitch-black inside and chilling wind kept blowing.

The Golden Primordial Bear\'s influence remained for 15 minutes before it disappeared. At that moment, someone shouted in a loud voice, "This cave is the Golden Primordial Bear\'s grave. Everyone, go in! Those who go in earlier will be able to get that powerful skull."

These idiotic words had an effect, and over ten people rapidly charged in toward the cave.

Pfft pfft...

Blood splattered and agonizing cries rang out as most of the people were instantly killed. There was only one person who managed to charge his way in despite sustaining injuries. The ones who had made a move were the group of demonic beasts. Many people cursed the demonic beasts, but no one dared to charge out toward them.

Seeing that someone had entered and feared that others would get their hands on the skull, people didn\'t want to be the last in case that there were teleportation arrays or other things. Therefore, no man nor demonic beast made any further moves against each other but instead charged rapidly toward the cave.

Of course, Qing Shui dashed toward the cave as well.

Upon entering, you would find yourself in a pitch-black place, so dark that you could not see your own fingers. Agonizing cries, beastly roars, and curses kept ringing out. After a while, everyone had gotten accustomed to this place, and they started to be able to see the things there clearly. When they dashed in, they had been through an area filled with black fog which rendered the night vision ability useless.

Therefore, under such a situation, everyone would just dash forward, trying to leave the place that was densely packed. Otherwise, there was a high chance that they would be stabbed in the back by others.

Traveling through that very short distance, many people had died. Even two of Qing Shui\'s group had died. Qing Shui didn\'t even manage to remember their names, and he didn\'t feel good about this. The group, which had ten people with Qing Shui included, was now left with only eight.

Pan Gang felt very disappointed and upset. Those two were his brothers. Seeing that they hadn\'t caught up, it was practically sure that they had died. During that chaos earlier, their first instinct would have been to rapidly kill other strangers who were close to them to ensure their own safety.

Qing Shui felt a little upset too. Earlier on, he had been the victim of at least ten assaults, and as a result, he didn\'t hold back either and crippled those ten people. He had no idea if anyone amongst them had managed to kill the two from their group.

Right now, many pure-blooded Desolate Beasts were covered with traces of human blood all over their bodies. The traces were particularly evident in their mouths, horns, and claws. There were also some demonic beasts who had taken on human forms and were fully covered in blood.

The demonic beasts also suffered some losses but not as great as the human\'s. However, there were many humans around to begin with. To come here, one had to be prepared to face death; there was no one to blame. In this place, it was survival of the fittest.

The place before them started to become brighter and faint golden light shone.

"This is the light on the Golden Primordial Bear..." Someone said in surprise.

"What? The light on the Golden Primordial Bear? Is this Golden Primordial Bear still alive?" Someone asked with a trembling voice.

"It\'s definitely dead. But this Golden Primordial Bear was indeed very powerful, for its fur to still be able to emit such a glow, despite being dead for so many years."

Many people charged forth once again. The Golden Primordial Bear would definitely be split up between many people, split into countless pieces. It would be of great use to them even if they could only snatch a mouthful of blood or a piece of bone. At the very least, they would want to get their hands on a piece of its flesh. It was said that even the Golden Primordial Bear\'s flesh could be used to temper the body.

Many people charged forward, and in this case, the pure-blooded demonic beasts or Great Masters took the lead. They were thinking of keeping whatever they saw into their interspatial equipment and then running off. This time around, they came with quite a lot of good things on them which could be used to protect their lives or for them to escape. As long as they could get the most precious thing on the Golden Primordial Bear, they would be able to gain a lot of time to escape.

There were a lot more spiritual plants on the way. Dark Infernal LingZhi, Black Orchid, Lightless Flower... Many people couldn\'t be concerned with the spiritual plants and were all thinking about getting their hands on some part of the Golden Primordial Bear. However, there seemed to be some people who were very rational. They didn\'t dash that quickly and even stopped to collect the spiritual plants.

When the people recognized the intensity of the competition, there would naturally be quite a number of them who could accept the situation. Therefore, even though they were still going to be part of the competition, they went for things with lesser competition. Despite that, there were still quite a number of them who broke out into fights. This made the atmosphere a little strange. Many alliances started to become unstable. At the very least, they no longer trusted each other. The Golden Primordial Bear was already about to appear, and these spiritual plants were like a fuse for an explosion. There were already some cases where people launched sneak attacks on their partners over some medicinal plants.

This made everyone be on guard against the people next to them, especially those who had formed alliances at the last moment. Since such tricky thoughts had appeared, it showed that the alliances were over.

"Look, it\'s the Golden Primordial Bear. It\'s so big..."

Someone saw the Golden Primordial Bear and couldn\'t help but gasp.

When Qing Shui saw it, he was also surprised. This was a Golden Primordial Bear that laid down in a prostrated pose. It was about 5,000 meters in height and was indescribably thick and massive, just like a mountain.

It was almost impossible to store something like this into an interspatial equipment. Putting aside that most people\'s interspatial equipments wouldn\'t be able to handle its size, even if they could store it into their interspatial equipment theoretically, they lacked the spirit energy to move it. This was the Golden Primordial Bear and even if it was dead, it wasn\'t something that Peak Martial Saint\'s spirit energy could move.

"Can\'t store it!"

Hearing someone shouting that, a young man laughed, "You fool, this is a Golden Primordial Bear. Yet, you\'re thinking of storing it just like that? Idiot!"

Right now, everyone was half circling the huge Golden Primordial Bear. No one dared to make the first move for fear of being the target for others. In the end, they all turned their gaze toward the few large forces amongst the humans and demonic beasts.

Qing Shui looked around and silently brought out the Dragon Slaying Beast. Earlier on, Qing Shui had sensed that this Golden Primordial Bear\'s fur was extremely tough that even blades wouldn\'t be able to tear it apart. However, the main characteristic of the Dragon Slaying Beast was its sharpness and thus, it would be able to break through it. Moreover, the Golden Primordial Bear had died for a long time after all, and thus the toughness of its hide had plunged a lot as compared to when it was still alive.

Qing Shui used his thoughts to tell the Dragon Slaying Beast to get close to the Golden Primordial Bear. He might have to be the one to start this excitement today.