Ancient Strengthening Technique - AST 2256 Valuable Ingredient, Ninth-Grade Divine Chicken

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AST 2256 – Valuable Ingredient, Ninth-Grade Divine Chicken

“Capture the Ninth-Grade Divine Chicken first before anything else. This is critical to the Nine Continents Food Residence. You can talk about whatever else later,” said Yang Shao gravely.

The words got Qing Shui’s attention. These people were from the Nine Continents Food Residence but that wasn’t what he was surprised about. The person named Yang Shao brought up the Ninth-Grade Divine Chicken. That was great stuff. Legend had it that Ninth-Grade Divine Chickens were raised by Gods.

The important element to the Ninth-Grade Divine Chicken was its eggs. Of course, its meat was tender and contained a divine element. It could be used as medicine or consumed directly. However, it was too luxurious to consume it like that. Even Gods didn’t do it so. Hence, people usually ate the eggs.

Ninth-Grade Divine Chicken’s eggs were not ordinary. It could increase a child’s aptitude and cultivation. It could be used for Constitution Nurturing, healing, and more than nine other uses. This was why it was called the Ninth-Grade Divine Chicken.

Eggs of Ninth-Grade Divine Chicken were also delicious. After all, only Gods could use them according to legend. The Ninth-Grade Divine Chicken could be labeled as a miracle medicine, and even its eggs were extremely valuable with many willing to pay much money for it. As a result, competition for the Ninth-Grade Divine Chicken was ruthless.

Qing Shui was excited about the news. Since he had found the opportunity, then he must acquire this Ninth-Grade Divine Chicken. He was in for a treat now, and its eggs could replace any non-main medicinal ingredients, as well as to improve and maintain a youthful look.

“Yang Shao, the news about the Ninth-Grade Divine Chicken might not be true. Look at that woman. I really can’t control myself. If I miss the chance today, I’m sure I won’t have another in the future.” Bing Shao kept a blazing gaze at the beautiful silhouette from afar.

“When are you going to break this habit of yours? You can’t move on once you set your sights on a woman; you dare to provoke any woman you see. Have you forgotten the lesson learned?” Yang Shao knew that Bing Shao succumbed to lust as though it was his fate. Once a woman got his attention, he’d use every way to have her. Those women he had toyed with could amount to a thousand.

At this moment, two men walked over and said something to Yang Shao. Yang Shao spoke out soon after, “Let’s go. We can’t delay any longer.”

Bing Shao took one last longing look before following Yang Shao and the other men’s steps reluctantly.

A smile decorated Qing Shui’s facial features before he left as well, tailing the few men. About Tantai Lingyan, he could only let it go temporarily. In any case, there weren’t many who could hurt her with the strength she currently had.

What a dense amount of Spiritual Qi.

They arrived at a huge valley with rubble littering the place. The vegetation was thick and incredibly lush, with innumerable branches, leaves, as well as blooming flowers. The place seemed to be thriving.

Mountain Boar Spirit!

Qing Shui spotted a pig that was approximately a foot long in size. It looked like a wild boar with stripes lining its body. Although it was small, the muscles on its body were well developed. It just looked small, but it was actually already an adult.

The Mountain Boar Spirit was quick and had sharp teeth, but they could only be considered as wild beasts. The only thing about them was that they were valuable food ingredients. Though it still wasn’t a match for the Ninth-Grade Divine Chicken, it was still one of the premium ingredients within the Main Continent.

This place was truly a paradise. Qing Shui spotted a Wild Phoenix Chicken right after, another premium food ingredient. He heard that this beast had just a tiny bit of phoenix blood in them…

Qing Shui stopped moving. Proficient in remaining unseen, Qing Shui easily camouflaged into the surroundings.

There were many delicious things there, and it was secluded, deeply hidden. If he hadn’t followed the few men, Qing Shui reckoned he wouldn’t be able to find it either.

The five men were advancing with caution as well, placing some medicinal powder around the surroundings. With just a sniff, Qing Shui could tell that they were strong, incapacitating medicines.


A string of chicken cries rang out, but it was as reverberating as a tiger’s roar.

Qing Shui had never witnessed a Ninth-Grade Divine Chicken and hence, he didn’t have any idea in mind. When he would soon see it for himself, he exclaimed, “This is a chicken?!”

The Ninth-Grade Divine Chicken was about the height of an adult with three meters in width, wearing a five-colored, dotted tail. Its eyes were sharp and alert as it observed its surroundings. When the wings opened, it was about fifteen meters wide.

Qing Shui had no doubt that it could fly.

It was no wonder that the Ninth-Grade Divine Chicken carried the word divine in its name. Its alertness had detected that something was wrong, and it fled in the other direction, expanding its wings.

Warriors could fly too, but when skills are comparable to it, those without wings would be three times slower than those with wings. This was a type of natural balance.

Just like how winged beasts would be less efficient fighting on land.

The Ninth-Grade Divine Chicken didn’t count as a demonic beast, hence it was a given that its abilities weren’t great. However, since it had divine in its name, it possessed a strong ability. The strongest ability which the Ninth-Grade Divine Chicken possessed was fleeing. Its flying speed was remarkable, faster than many other demonic beasts. The mystical ability seemed to leap in longitude and latitude, and in an instant, it had moved thousands of meters away.

This ability was similar to Qing Shui’s Nine Palace Steps. Therefore, Qing Shui didn’t panic either. If he wanted to catch, then it wouldn’t be able to run from him. His only problem was the few men. Qing Shui deliberated over killing them.

Thinking back to that Bing Shao fellow who wanted to make a move on Tantai Lingyan, Qing Shui decided to keep them alive.

Nine Palace Steps!

Qing Shui appeared by the Ninth-Grade Divine Chicken’s side in an instant. The Ninth-Grade Divine Chicken shifted and attempted to flee, but Qing Shui knocked its head with his knuckles at almost the same time.

The Ninth-Grade Divine Chicken fainted, and Qing Shui threw it into the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal.

All of this happened within a split second. Those people had already caught up to them. “Who are you? Put down the chicken.”

Qing Shui smiled at the person speaking, Bing Shao, then laughed. “Why should I?”

“Young lad, don’t you know who we are? You better not offend us,” Another man spoke up.

“Who are you? You’re just a chicken-catcher for others!”

“You have a death wish!” Bing Shao bellowed before launching his slap towards Qing Shui.

A blood red imprint of his hand covered Qing Shui.

Bing Shao abilities were decent. It was a pity that Qing Shui’s abilities were far different from a year ago. Bing Shao and the others were not a match even for the past him, let alone now.

Dragon-capturing Hands!


Qing Shui strangled Bing Shao as he smiled. “I don’t care who you are. What do you think? Would it be a waste if I strangled you to death here? I was just passing by.”

Qing Shui’s words sent a shiver down Bing Shao and the other’s spines. If they were killed here and burned, who would ever know that they were killed?

It was that thought that sent chills through them, and Bing Shao was still being strangled.

At that moment, Yang Shao’s eyes flashed with determination. With a raise of his hand, he threw something towards Qing Shui. It was quick and as big as a person’s head.

Qing Shui was stunned at the sight as well. To think that such a thing existed.

Exploding Crystal!

This was made using a strong a demonic beast’s core and blood to refine. The energy itself had been filled. Once it was thrown out, any disturbance or energy collision against it would cause an explosion in a split second. Such an explosion would cause great damage.

The materials were all retrieved from the demonic beast’s body. The more powerful the demonic beast, the more terrifying the Exploding Crystal’s power would be.