Ancient Strengthening Technique - AST 2238 - Grade 19 Divine Weapon, Wanting to Make a Move on the Five Tiger Immortal Palace

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AST 2238 - Grade 19 Divine Weapon, Wanting to Make a Move on the Five Tiger Immortal Palace

Without realizing it, four months passed by. And right now, Qing Shui had established his fourth cave. He was now in the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal, looking at the Hundred Treasure Chest. Its fourth level had opened up, and the things inside were the same as the third level\'s, but more. Qing Shui was still satisfied with it.

There were 240 Aptitude Pills, 240 Potential Pills, 240 Growth Pills, 600 Divine Square Cauldrons, 600 Divine Weapon Crystals, 60 Cultivation Pills, one Grade Offensive, Defensive, Movement, Recovery, Endurance, Power, Tenacity, and Evasion Talisman Stones respectively. They increased 7% of a Divine Weapon\'s basic attributes.

Next, he would need to increase the quality of the Hundred Treasure Chest and the Treasure Basin.

The increase in the Divine Weapon Flying Sword\'s grade made Qing Shui heave a sigh of relief. Raising its grade to the 17th, 18th, or 19th grade would require the same number of Divine Square Cauldrons and Divine Weapon Crystals. Each grade required 200 of each.

This amount was what it was required after the Treasure Basin and the Hundred Treasure Chest increased their grades.

With that, the 600 Divine Square Cauldrons and Divine Weapon Crystals, which he obtained this time around, would be just enough for him to increase three grades for his Flying Sword and allowing it to reach Grade 19.

After improving the quality of the Divine Weapon Crystals and the Divine Square Cauldrons, Qing Shui went to work on improving the Divine Weapon Flying Sword.

Big Dipper Sword, Divine Weapon Flying Sword!

Grade 19!

Allowing members from own party to receive 10% less damage. The effect will be sustained throughout the entire battle.

Increase 19% of self-recovery speed, all attacks, and defense by 3.8 billion Dao Force, reducing additional damages by 3.8 billion Dao Force, and reducing 19% of damage received.

Divine Weapon Seal: Activated. Can be embedded with Talisman Stones.

Attack, defense, avoidance, recovery, endurance, speed, flexibility, and violent strike increased by 7%.

The Divine Weapon Flying Sword\'s greatest part was that it reduced the damage inflicted onto oneself. Right now, it could reduce about 30% of the damages received and this was definitely very terrifying. Moreover, the increment to his attacking prowess was considered good to Qing Shui. Another thing was that the Divine Weapon Flying Sword\'s own attacking abilities were also very heaven-defying. That, together with the damage reduction were its most terrifying effects.

The improvement to his Cave Realm, in addition to the breakthrough to his Divine Weapon Flying Sword, made Qing Shui\'s strength increase.

His own defense reached close to 250 billion Dao Force. Breaking through to the fourth level of the Cave Realm increased this by about one billion Dao Force. In addition to the Divine Weapon Flying Sword\'s 600 million Dao Force, as well as the effects of the Defense Heavenly Fate Treasure Pagoda and the Parry Heavenly Fate Treasure Pagoda which included reducing additional damages, Qing Shui\'s defense was currently at about 320 billion Dao Force.

The Nine Continents Mountain didn\'t attain a breakthrough and was still at Grade 7. It could explode with five times of his physical strength, reaching an attacking prowess that was slightly over 20 billion Dao Force. Qing Shui was very satisfied with it.

Right now, the realm he was at wasn\'t that bad and there weren\'t many people who could suppress him. Even if they could, there would be a limit to how much they could do so. For example, when he had encountered that old Golden Yaksha who had the Golden Wolf the other time, Qing Shui hadn\'t been able to hurt the old man even with his Stellar Transposition. Right now, his Stellar Transposition might be able to kill the old man instantly.

This was their gaps. This was what a breakthrough meant. Moreover, Qing Shui also discovered a problem. His gold cave and the violet-gold cave in his Dantian seemed to have a domineering power.

What Qing Shui found strange was that after he had attained a breakthrough to the Cave Realm, his Emperor Qi\'s Pellet also seemed to have gone through some kind of breakthrough. It filled Qing Shui up with a sovereign\'s aura that could be used to suppress others. After all, it was the Emperor’s Qi.

Legends had it that in ancient times, there were humans and gods. Human Emperors were said to be existences that could be a match for Divine Kings, Divine Emperors, Demonic Kings, and Demonic Emperors.

Qing Shui wasn\'t sure if it was that the Cave Realm brought about the breakthrough of the Emperor Qi\'s Pellet or that the Emperor Qi\'s Pellet brought about the breakthrough to the caves. However, it was a good thing overall, and he now had the Emperor\'s Might. The "Emperor" ruled over all lives in the world, and as long as one\'s Emperor\'s Might was strong enough, a person would be able to suppress his opponents.

Qing Shui\'s Emperor\'s Might wasn\'t especially terrifying yet, but he could definitely stop the pressure from other people except for Royal Kings and above. He might even be able to suppress Royal Kings a little.

The violet-gold cave\'s vortex swallowed and released energies, emitting essence that nourished Qing Shui\'s body. Right now, the Emperor Qi\'s Pellet was getting increasingly brilliant and glistening, and the violet-gold cave reflected a faint violet-gold glow onto it.

Although it still only reduced 20% of all the opponent\'s abilities, the Emperor\'s Might was extremely powerful. In the future, it could be used to suppress the opponent, allowing Qing Shui\'s strength to be displayed at an extraordinary level.

During the few months\' time, Qing Shui had stayed in the Imperial Cuisine Hall to cultivate, occasionally treating patients and experiencing life. Beihuang Fan hadn\'t appeared once these few months as she had gone into a very long secluded cultivation. When a person went into seclusion, it wasn\'t that they wouldn\'t eat or drink, but that they would look for a quiet place where they wouldn\'t be bothered by others. They would then comprehend the Heavenly Dao, cultivating and meditating in peace and silence.

The Golden Yakshas, one of the four great clans, had disappeared. Although they weren\'t completely wiped out, there weren\'t many of them left. The remnants wouldn\'t have many chances to rise up in the Nine Continents anymore and even if that day were to come, it would be many years later.

Right now, Qing Shui felt like making a move on the Five Tiger Immortal Palace.

He felt that his strength was about there and during this period of time, he had undergone a terrifying change, a qualitative improvement. He felt that he might be able to fight it out with the Five Tiger Immortal Palace now, but just wasn\'t sure what kind of Guardian the Five Tiger Immortal Palace had.

This was what Qing Shui had been the most concerned about. Therefore, he planned on making a trip to the Divine Palace to get some information about it. It had been very long since he had gone there.

Although Zhang Yue wasn\'t very strong, the Imperial Cuisine Hall was now a property of the Divine Palace. Moreover, the Imperial Cuisine Hall belonged to Qing Shui whose reputation was no longer like what it had been before. He was now well-known and was also seen as a miraculous physician.

Right now, the Imperial Cuisine Hall was also considered to be a sacred place.

Qing Shui wasn\'t worried that other people would lay their hands on the Imperial Cuisine Hall. Right now, he had many things in his hands. For example, there were some people who he had yet to fully treat, and they wouldn\'t let anything happen to the Imperial Cuisine Hall. Even if the patients had been fully treated, no one would guarantee that they wouldn\'t get injured or have other problems in the future. Therefore, the Imperial Cuisine Hall\'s safety could be said to be guaranteed.

Divine Palace!

Seeing Qing Shui\'s arrival, many people greeted him happily. There weren\'t many people in the Divine Palace and all of them were now aware of Qing Shui\'s powerful abilities and medical skills. They also knew that the old Golden Battle God had always wanted to hand the position of Palace Lord to Qing Shui, but the latter was insistent in rejecting.

Qing Shui greeted the others on the way and made his way to where the old Golden Battle God was.

The old Golden Battle God was just about to step out from the hall when he saw Qing Shui and broke out into a smile. "Why have you thought of coming to visit this old man?"

"Old Master, I\'d always thought of coming, but my plans had been delayed by some matters and I\'m only able to come now." Qing Shui walked up to the stone table in the courtyard and poured two cups of tea.

"Go on, I know that you\'ll probably not come if there wasn\'t anything bothering you. What do you want to know?" The old man was getting on in age and thus could tell what was going on. He actually felt very happy. At least, his judgment was still good and he was very satisfied with this young man before him. Qing Shui could really be called an unparalleled existence of a generation.

"I want to know if the Five Tiger Immortal Palace\'s Guardian is strong."