Ancient Strengthening Technique - AST 2228 - The Incomparably Sturdy Diamond White Tiger King

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AST 2228 - The Incomparably Sturdy Diamond White Tiger King

Just as Qing Shui was about to step out, Beihuang Fan called out to him. “Be careful. You can summon your white tiger. Its abilities are comparable to that of the Golden Yakshas.”

“Why didn’t you say so earlier, woman?” Qing Shui responded without cheer.

While he realized the Diamond White Tiger King’s strength, he still felt that something was off. Its greatest strength was in its defense, but its attack abilities were not as dangerous. However, if they were incomparable in state then it would be hard to exploit these traits, placing it on the same level as the Dark Phoenix. After all, the Spirit Gathering Lamp would not increase the strength of the Diamond White Tiger King. Not unless the Heaven Shaking Drum attained the Grand Perfection Stage of nine grades.

However, with Beihuang Fan’s words, he had a change of opinion. If the Diamond White Tiger King could be matched in strength with that of the old man’s, its attack abilities should definitely surpass the Dark Phoenix’s with the help of Qing Shui’s amplification. It wouldn’t lose to that experienced fighter even when fighting solo.

Qing Shui was dejected as well. If only the Diamond White Tiger King was an attack type instead. With the Spirit Gathering Lamp and Qing Shui’s amplification, along with the deduction of their opponent’s stats, it would definitely be able to eliminate the majority of the Golden Yakshas. It was too bad that there was nothing much to the Diamond White Tiger King, apart from its defense, might, sharp claws, and teeth.

“I thought you already knew…” Beihuang Fan muttered.

Qing Shui summoned the Diamond White Tiger King the moment he stepped out.

Their opponent didn’t react much to Qing Shui’s summoning. After all, they couldn’t possibly prohibit the other party from using demonic beasts. All they would gain from it would be a round of reprimanding.


The Diamond White Tiger King used the Buddha Diamond Seal right away.

The physical attack of the Dragon White Tiger King was terrifying. After all, it was the mount of Buddha. Even without any enhancements, it was on par with the Dark Phoenix. If Qing Shui had used his halo formations, its physical attack could reach up to 150 billion Dao, and this was without the effect of the Heaven Shaking Drum. If the Heaven Shaking Drum could reach the ninth grade, Qing Shui was confident that the Diamond White Tiger King could annihilate every single one of their opponents.

If only it was the Heaven Shaking Drum that had broken through into the Grand Perfection Stage instead of Spirit Gathering Lamp. How great would that be…

Even so, these were mere fleeting thoughts. Qing Shui had invested much effort in training the Diamond White Tiger King as well, even to the extent of using Heavenly Magic Stars. It was too bad that it only enhanced its defense. While Qing Shui couldn’t tell the level of defense it had now, his instincts told him that these Golden Yakshas wouldn’t able to deal much damage to it.

It was most definitely categorized under the invincible type.

Qing Shui conveyed his intentions telepathically to the Diamond White Tiger King, and it rushed towards the Golden Yakshas.

Meanwhile, Qing Shui initiated the Buddha Wisdom Seal.

Thereafter, Qing Shui increased his own status as well as the Diamond White Tiger King’s as he swam away.

Roar, roar!

The tiger’s roar spanned across the entire battleground. The Diamond White Tiger King’s deafening roars seemed to have chained up into one. There was a saying that a lion’s roar was horrifying, but the fact remained that any cries from creatures of a certain might would be just as scary. Rings of sound waves began to spiral outwards, visible to the naked eye, and the air around them seemed to have been struck by a clash of thunder.

The enormous Golden Yaksha waved a bulky golden trident, pushing it towards the Diamond White Tiger King.

Its golden trident was sparkling in the same color, emitting faint scripture-looking words and an aura that it was seeking souls to be devoured.

At the bottom of the sea, smoke billowed in the air, and gusts of wind sliced through it like knives. The sky seemed much darker than before as a layer of fogginess akin to dark clouds obstructed the view of anything above.

The Diamond White Tiger King’s body was glowing in bright light, looking divine beyond comparison.


When the giant trident landed its attack on the Diamond White Tiger King, Qing Shui couldn’t help the quiver in his heart. Much as he had faith in the Diamond White Tiger King, he couldn’t help his reflex. It didn’t take long before the circle of bright light combusted.

What followed was a sound that made the people present cringe and clench their jaws, and the golden trident was deflected by the force.

The Diamond White Tiger King was certainly a tough creature.

Qing Shui was exhilarated by the display. The mount of Buddha had been a worthy title. If Qing Shui had known about it earlier, he would have summoned it sooner. Though, on second thought, it would have served no real purpose being summoned any sooner. Even if it was only summoned now, it seemed as though not even the Diamond White Tiger King would be able to counter its opponent.


Sustaining the impact from its opponent’s attack, the Diamond White Tiger King let out a howl and leaped without warning, seemingly having jumped right out of the dimension where his realm was. Its sharpened claws were near two meters long, shimmering in a pale glow with the thickness of an adult’s arm. It pierced towards the Golden Yakshas’ chest.

Whimper, whimper…!

A hair-raising sound rang out, and a gaping hole of approximately three meters in size appeared at the back of Golden Yaksha. Inside the hole was unclear but it seemed deep. From it, a strange, gigantic python lunged forth.

The python had three heads with the one in the middle acting as its commander with a dragon head. The other two were made up of snake heads. A pair of horns decorated the commanding dragon head. This wasn’t a true demonic beast. This was what Qing Shui deemed similar to those under the Nine Yang Dragon Soul category. At this moment, it directed its attacks towards the Diamond White Tiger King. The dragon head sprayed a pale gold vortex, wishing to suck the Diamond White Tiger King in.

Cave Realm.

This was the first time Qing Shui had seen the vortex of the Cave Realm and he was curious. He realized the might of those who had attained Divine cultivation and beyond once again.


The Diamond White Tiger King let out a roar as its body enlarged in size. A mouthful of halo spilled from its mouth and collided against the three-headed python’s golden vortex. The collision made the Diamond White Tiger King fly back on impact. While it wasn’t injured, the force of impact was still enough to destabilize it.

Right at this moment, Qing Shui struck.

Stellar Transposition!

As if during the split second of the Diamond White Tiger King’s withdrawal, Qing Shui’s Stellar Transposition landed its attack on the three-headed python.


The three-legged snake disappeared. With a sway of the Golden Yaksha’s body, the three-headed snake was disabled temporarily. Qing Shui didn’t understand why the Diamond White Tiger King didn’t use its vortex, as it would have brought up a beast soul or a magic treasure upon exploitation. The vortex was basically an improved Dantian.


Just as Qing Shui was pondering, he noticed a vortex appearing behind the Diamond White Tiger King. Before he could even see what was inside, a sharp claw emerged from it.

Qing Shui was startled before realizing it was the leg of a white tiger. It emitted a limitless pressure. This was a magic treasure, an inheritance treasure from the mount of Buddha—the Diamond White Tiger King. This was the White Tiger Divine Feet Spiritual Seal left by its ancestors.

The Golden Yaksha’s expression changed at the sight of this and retreated in haste. The White Tiger Divine Feet seemed to be a terrifying weapon, piercing right through the Golden Yaksha’s body and disappearing right after.

As Qing Shui had subdued the Diamond White Tiger King, he got to know the reason. While the White Tiger Divine Feet was incredible in attack power, it was a pity that effectively, it could only be used once a day.

It was a defiance to the natural order indeed. In that short instant, Qing Shui had felt that it had gotten even stronger than his Flying Sword. Its claws were too sharp and terrifying, slashing through the body of the Golden Yaksha as if it were made of butter.

Still, no matter how obnoxious and terrifying it was, it exhausted just as much energy. With the display, the Diamond White Tiger King’s Origin Qi was depleted by a third. Even without restrictions, it could be used three times with much difficulty. The stronger it was, the more restrictions there would be, and the higher price needed to be paid.