Ancient Strengthening Technique - AST 2223 - Strong Warrior of the Golden Yaksha, Must Die

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AST 2223 - Strong Warrior of the Golden Yaksha, Must Die

Qing Shui was no longer as worried as before, even though there were not many good warriors in the Sea King Palace who could participate in the battle. There were slightly more than ten warriors excluding the women. Several men from the Battle God Palace joined, together with Beihuang Fan and Beihuang Yu, Yunlong and his wife, plus two hundred men from the Silver Dragon Palace.

That number was only a small fraction from the Golden Yakshas, but Qing Shui and the women had some demonic beasts to compensate. With that, their battle strength increased greatly. The opponent had a huge group. It was redundant to use the demonic beasts.

Qing Shui was naturally irreplaceable, as he was able to go up against a hundred or even a thousand men by himself. Everyone knew the magical ability of Qing Shui now, including the Yunlong couple. Hence, they were not as anxious.

The recovery of the Divine Weapon and the Area Dominance could substantially reduce their consumption. Moreover, Qing Shui\'s formation had abilities which helped reduce consumption and increased recovery.

Unknowingly, three days had passed. On the fourth day, the Golden Yakshas came again with more people this time. There were roughly a hundred thousand of them, all of which were definitely a lot stronger than last time.

Especially the front line, where it was obvious that the three other clans besides the Ye clan had also sent their men here. Previously, about a thousand Golden Yakshas were killed and that had infuriated the entire tribe of Golden Yakshas. Hence, they decided to go against their common enemies and wipe out the Sea King Palace altogether. It was the Northern Ocean. It was underwater there and the Golden Yakshas were absolutely ruling the Northern Ocean.

Qing Shui’s formation defended the Sea King Palace and provided a backup plan. With the Formation Eye Stone, Qing Shui was assured that the opponent would never be able to break the formation quickly, even if they tried hard or hired a capable warrior.

Qing Shui aimed at the leading Golden Yakshas and those standing on the row behind. Those Golden Yakshas were tall and big, about six meters tall. Their hardened bodies appeared strong and shining like gold, giving out a terrifying aura.

Wearing a violet golden armor and a violet cape, even the brutal fork looked great and daunting. They stared at Qing Shui with their huge eyes at once. There was a cold killing intention in their ugly faces.

A Golden Yaksha was fine without looking at his face. That is because, his face was extremely ugly and unappealing. However, at this level, the Golden Yakshas would look more powerful and people would ignore their appearances as long as they were strong.

“Older brother, do you think this will bring more and stronger Golden Yakshas if all these people die here?” Qing Shui asked Yunlong.

“Younger brother, these people are not that easy. It is not so simple to kill them. You should worry if we can handle them first,” Yunlong said and smiled bitterly.

Qing Shui was not very worried. The strongest among these Golden Yakshas was comparable to the man of the Nine Continents Food Residence. This level of strength was alarming enough. Except for Qing Shui, nobody could fight against him and even Beihuang Fan could hardly do that.

Beihuang Fan was just barely qualified to fight in the battle with her current defense and so were the Yunlong couple. Over these years, they had improved tremendously and rapidly. It was the inheritance and the decision made by their old men after the previous injuries.

Qing Shui used the Battle God Hall straight away and covered the region with 40% of defense and attacking power. The Battle God Hall could enhance two abilities now with the limit of 40% at maximum whereas previously, only one ability was possible.

It was a great improvement for Qing Shui’s side. People around him improved greatly in strength and defense. A sense of profound, violent, and heavy feeling was added to their bodies.

The Great Formation of Thousand Kills!

Once the formation was activated, Qing Shui and his men felt their strength rising. The formation was originally of a normal kind, with a moderate increment. However, Qing Shui had the Formation Eye Stone which could increase the power of formations by seven folds.

Initially, this formation was very weak with only 10% increment of all abilities, including recovery and consumption-reduction.

With the Formation Eye Stone, the increment became 70%. This was the power of this Stone. The others could only increase 10% of all abilities.

Qing Shui used this formation since it was simple and required no learning whatsoever. He only had to activate it. It was unlike the other formations which required strict cooperation. Once it was disrupted, it would end up miserably.

The bigger the formation, the stronger its power of increment, but the harder it was to maintain.

In fact, it was not greater with more men in a formation. It was the contrary. For example, in a formation like the Thousand Kills, the power would be smaller if there were more people. The actual large formations were trap and killing formations which required powerful materials.

Qing Shui used the Thousand Kills formation since he possessed the Formation Eye Stone. In other formations, the Formation Eye Stone would not be able to get a seven-fold increment. Hence, this formation was functional when there was a big group of people.

Immediately, most of them doubled their strengths. Beihuang Fan and the Yunlong couple no longer feared their opponents.

“Young man, it has been ages since anyone had dared to murder our men like this,” An elder Golden Yaksha sounded as loud as a bell, making a lot of people\'s ears hurt.

“Do you mean that you can only kill others while others can only wait for you to kill them?” Qing Shui smiled and replied.

“Don\'t play with words. It is pointless. I know that you have killed many men of ours, and you shall pay for it today.” The Elder’s sharp and fierce eyes were as bright as two little suns. His entire body was sparkling in gold.

As soon as he stopped speaking, he dashed towards Qing Shui. Along the way, the surroundings were lit up with golden lights and flames as if a boiling golden vapor had appeared.

Qing Shui maximized his power and rushed over.

Emperor’s Qi!

Art of Pursuing!

The Elder paused in golden steam and expanded abruptly. His skeleton made a crackling sound and he became one-third taller than his previous height, about ten meters tall now. The huge golden fork slashed with a shadow of an enormous dragon.


A nearby hill was broken in half by the golden fork. The Elder made a great step forward and stomped suddenly.

A deep and boundless hole appeared.

Qing Shui was astounded by this old man’s hidden but terrifying strength. The stomp was like a reorganization.

Realm. This was a great realm. Qing Shui could not deny that this old man had a much higher realm.

When the Realm was high, the strength was terrifying. Previously, Qing Shui had already reduced the opponent’s ability. The remaining strength should not be so great that it would surprise Qing Shui. However, he was really dumbfounded by this incredible attacking power.

“Young man, you must die today. You are indeed an evil and rare genius who is hardly found in a thousand years.” The Elder was impressed after a brief encounter. At that moment, he was even more determined to kill this young man.