Ancient Strengthening Technique - AST 2204 - Chief Senior Disciple of Taiqing Immortal Palace

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AST 2204 - Chief Senior Disciple of Taiqing Immortal Palace

Qing Shui was contented with the effect of the Heavenly Magic Stars and kept his demonic beasts. He then said to Beihuang Fan, “Let\'s go back.”

Both of them returned to the Imperial Cuisine Hall once again.

Now, the Imperial Cuisine Hall had been fully passed over to Zhang Yue. In the case of unresolved issues, Qing Shui would deal with them. The current Imperial Cuisine Hall was more holistic—treating a range of illnesses, some of them of chronic nature, instead of only the incurable kind. Hence, the Imperial Cuisine Hall was very busy throughout the day.

As for the medicinal cuisine, it adhered to the same rule. Those dishes were invaluable.

There were a lot of rich men, but they had no other choice but to cope with Qing Shui\'s extraordinary rules. Some of them tried to force Qing Shui to cook via violence but they ended up failing miserably.

When they found out that they had underestimated Qing Shui\'s identity and that he had defeated the Lord of the Blazing Fire Immortal Palace, nobody came for trouble anymore.

Plus, the Taiyi Immortal Palace and the Divine Palace were strong and many wished to get closer with them. Previously, the Taiyi Immortal Palace and the Divine Palace were also strong, but there were a lot of people who were even stronger and did not take them seriously. Now, they were trying to befriend the Divine Palace and the Taiyi Immortal Palace.

These were all because of Qing Shui. He had given hope and pressure to others. Since the Divine Palace would become powerful in the future, they had to take quick actions before that happened. Unfortunately, they did not know that it was already too late.

Qing Shui ignored all of them. It was not an attitude problem of his, as he thought these people were nothing but trouble. It was easy to add recognition to someone successful, but it was tough to give assistance to someone in need. These people would never endure the pain together with you and they were only there for the money.

“Brother Qing Shui, you\'re really here!”

As Qing Shui was pondering in the Imperial Cuisine Hall, he heard a loud voice. Several tens of men walked in. The leading one had big eyes and thick brows with a square face, looking very powerful. He looked at Qing Shui happily as if he had met a long-lost brother.

“You are?” Qing Shui asked dumbfoundedly. He was unsure if he knew this person since there was no one such as him in his ocean of consciousness. Hence, he asked the question.

“We are from the Taiqing Immortal Palace. We might not be close now but we will be close soon. Come, let me introduce. I\'m the Senior Disciple of the Taiqing Immortal Palace—”

“Wait, wait,” Qing Shui interrupted immediately.

The leading man was slightly offended for being interrupted, but he paused.

“I\'m very busy now, please leave,” Qing Shui asked them to leave.

“You... I\'m the Chief Senior Disciple of the Taiqing Immortal Palace,” the man sounded annoyed.

“I don\'t know about the Taiqing Immortal Palace nor do I have any idea about the Chief Senior Disciple. I\'m very busy now. I have no time to entertain you,” Qing Shui said unhappily.

This guy pretended to be close to him, but his expression instantly changed after listening to Qing Shui\'s unpleasant tone. Qing Shui disliked this kind of people from the very beginning and had absolutely no liking for him anymore. Qing Shui had never heard of the Taiqing Immortal Palace and he did not bother. Still, if the opponent sounded so excellent, the Taiqing Immortal Palace gave the impression of being strong.

“Alright, fine. I\'m here to befriend you because I look highly upon you. Don\'t be ungrateful,” The man turned his embarrassment into anger.

Qing Shui smiled. He had been looking down on this guy the entire time. The standard of the Chief Senior Disciple of Taiqing Immortal Palace seemed to be too low.

In fact, the man also looked down on Qing Shui. He was mad at Qing Shui for being a snob with the little fame he earned. It seemed like Qing Shui was complacent for having a little money and getting flattered. Contrarily, the man felt like a richer man compared to Qing Shui. When Qing Shui acted boastfully in front of him, he got really irritated.

The only thing to worry about was Qing Shui\'s age. The man stopped being formal when he lost hope to become friends with Qing Shui.

“Get lost, and don\'t make me act on you. Otherwise, I can\'t guarantee that you will be safe,” Qing Shui gave a cold reply.

“What an unappreciative brat. The Northern Emperor Domain is nothing. Your Divine Palace is nothing in the eyes of the Taiqing Immortal Palace.”

“Eldest Senior Martial Brother, this man doesn\'t deserve to be friends with you. It seems that the rumors were fake.”

“How dare you insult our Eldest Senior Martial Brother? You don\'t know your limits. Let me see how good a genius you are!”

A young man dashed toward Qing Shui with an attack, his fist was closely aligned in a row.

Qing Shui shook his head and gave him a slap.


A palm hit the man\'s face mercilessly and threw the man out of the Imperial Cuisine Hall. The man rolled several times on the street outside.

“I don\'t care who you are, but get lost now or don\'t blame me for being cruel. Don\'t be ungrateful when the chance is given,” Qing Shui looked at the leading man and said with the least respect.

“Move. Kill him!” The man mumbled in a cold tone.

Qing Shui was furious. This man was really an idiot. Still, Qing Shui said, “Don\'t fight here and dirty my place. Go outside.”

Qing Shui led the way out with the speed of a phantom. The man and his men followed. Qing Shui was standing in the mid-air and so did a few men. They stared at Qing Shui with blazing eyes as if they could not wait to tear Qing Shui into pieces.

Qing Shui reckoned he met a foppish man. He wondered what was the Taiqing Immortal Palace about. As the fight was about to start, Beihuang Fan appeared beside Qing Shui, “You can\'t kill this man in front.”

“Is he really the Senior Disciple of the Taiqing Immortal Palace?” Qing Shui did not expect Beihuang Fan to be here.

“Yes, he is the only man among the heirs of the Tai Clan. It will be troublesome to kill him. We can\'t mess with the Taiqing Immortal Palace yet. This foppish man is famous throughout the region and no one dares to kill him. In the Northern Emperor Domain, we can\'t kill him. Instead, we have to protect him. If he is done here, the Taiqing Immortal Palace will come for us,” Beihuang Fan explained.

Qing Shui was speechless; he nearly executed a Stellar Transposition in the Imperial Cuisine Hall. If Beihuang Fan had come any later, Qing Shui might have killed him.

“This bastard is lascivious, snobbish and proud. Many people say he is an idiot behind his back but we really cannot kill him. He is supported by many powerful warriors. In his generation, he is the only man among several women. The seniors made him marry more than 50 women and are still recruiting. He already has more than 30 children now.” Beihuang Fan continued.

Qing Shui was perplexed to find out about this. This world was full of strange events. Qing Shui was not afraid of the Taiqing Immortal Palace when he was unfamiliar with it. Yet, since Beihuang Fan stopped him, it was clear that this man from the Tai Clan was not to be killed.

“Kid, come on. I will kill you even if you don\'t.” The man said shamelessly.

Previously, Qing Shui wondered what kind of family background had made a person like this but he finally figured out. He could only use the alternative way since he could not kill this guy. Qing Shui smiled and said, “I really wanted to kill you but it is too easy to do so. Don’t you have countless beautiful women but you can only last a few breaths? Isn’t it torturing to just see but unable to enjoy to the fullest?”

Qing Shui noticed this guy was a short-lived man; it was better than those with erectile dysfunctions but he was still frustrated about it. He was big and built, but he could only last slightly longer than one minute in bed. Though that was enough to impregnate a woman and was still enjoyable, he could not enjoy the maximum pleasure. He felt defeated that he was unable to satisfy women. He wanted to escape, especially when he saw the sad gloomy eyes of the women.