Ancient Strengthening Technique - AST 2148 - Beautiful Feast, Arrived At The Northern Snow Mountain

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AST 2148 - Beautiful Feast, Arrived At The Northern Snow Mountain

Qing Shui did not bring Nuolan along and left her at the Imperial Cuisine Hall. Nuolan did not insist to follow Qing Shui, so she stayed back.

In three days, Qing Shui taught Art of Healing to Zhang Yue and shared some Taichi steps with Nuolan. Nuolan benefited a lot from that; some techniques would improve existing ability even without mastering it.

Although Nuolan had successfully learned the Taichi Steps, she would not give up her own techniques to learn from others. Qing Shui disagreed too. There were thousands of pathways, even the simplest move would have a daunting output once you reached a certain realm.

Hence, the realm was the most vital thing.

The realm couldn’t be grasped and felt; it was also impossible to teach. Reaching a higher realm would be depending on the realization and experience, in addition to some lucky encounters.

Three days passed very soon. In these three days, Qing Shui saw six patients; two patients daily on average. However, if required, Qing Shui could see up to a hundred patients in a day. For sure, that would exclude some incurable diseases which were too special and time-consuming.

The Imperial Cuisine Hall was getting more and more popular. It was better to build human connections here than in other places since there were many capable warriors. Qing Shui remembered one of them clearly, he was from a hidden family which was as strong as the Divine Palace and Taiyi Immortal Palace. That made Qing Shui realize that the well-known big families and sects were just a tip of the iceberg.

The Northern Snow Mountain was located not far from the Northern Emperor Domain, but it did not belong to any city. It was a unique deserted land. Throughout the year, it was covered in snow. Qing Shui and Beihuang Fan arrived at the entrance of the Northern Snow Mountain one day later.

It was already dark. There were many tents outside of the entrance; they were made of thick beast skins. People gathered around the fireplace in groups to keep themselves warm and to have a conversation. There were some who grilled the meat and made some soup.

At one glance, they were everywhere. The crowd was huge like in a night market.

Qing Shui did not see this for the first time, but he was still dumbfounded. This scene was not something new, but he did not live in the past life anymore; thus, he was stunned to be able to see this place.

“Let\'s rest here for a night and enter tomorrow morning, what do you think?” Qing Shui looked at his surroundings and enjoyed this atmosphere very much.

Beihuang Fan seemed to be able to feel Qing Shui’s thought and nodded, “Okay!”

Qing Shui and Beihuang Fan found an empty place, and Qing Shui built a tent at once while Beihuang Fan did nothing.

Qing Shui built the tent very quickly, then he got some woods and lit up the fire. Qing Shui was no longer influenced by the previous atmosphere, but he enjoyed this feeling. After that, he got some fish from the Realm of Violet Jade Immortal and prepared them. He made a pot of hot soup and grilled two fish.

They were about half a kilogram.

Qing Shui did not use any special herbs but his culinary skill was great. Before grilling the fish, Qing Shui asked deliberately, “Aunty, do you like to eat fish?”

“My name is Beihuang Fan!”

“I forgot about that. With regards to the status, I have to follow Beihuang Yu and call you Aunty,” Qing Shui was flaky.

“I don\'t want a nephew like you. Therefore, you should call me differently,” said Beihuang Fan while staring at the fireplace.

“Do you want some fish?”

“Yes!” Beihuang Fan replied softly after seeing Qing Shui working hard on it.

She realized that she started to care about others’ feelings now. She shook her head. Since she wanted to fall for a man, she had to change…...

Qing Shui smiled. After a while, he passed a grilled fish to Beihuang Fan. The fish was grilled with some seasoning until golden colored and covered nicely with a thin layer of oil. While grilling, he added some salt water and allowed the salty flavor to infuse into the fish.

Beihuang Fan accepted it and began eating slowly.

A beauty like her was able to ruin a whole nation. Although she was hard to approach, it was fine to look at her from afar. It was a pleasure and reward to just watch her beauty. Any ordinary man wouldn’t dare to approach her; that was a kind of genuinely intimidating beauty and charm.

Qing Shui was eating another fish while enjoying the beautiful face of Beihuang Fan. A beautiful feast, Qing Shui felt great to see her while eating.

A beautiful woman looked beautiful in everything she did. It was very impactful to look at the soft, pink tiny lips, and the bright little teeth…

“Have you seen enough yet?” Beihuang Fan noticed that this guy did not even blink his eyes while his mouth was moving. He was looking at her while munching his food. Though his eyes were not too offensive, she felt slightly uneasy.

“You can look at me too,” said Qing Shui seriously.

Beihuang Fan noticed that this bastard had a good looking face. She wondered if this guy was taking an act of revenge since she had beaten him for a week…

“It would be great if I\'m stronger than you,” Qing Shui had a sudden thought.

“Why? Do you want to hit me back?” Beihuang Fan lifted the corner of her mouth.

“Yeah, you hit my face. Wait until I get stronger, I will surely hit you. But, I can\'t really hit your beautiful face, so I want to hit your face down there,” Qing Shui giggled.

“Face down there……”

Beihuang Fan got the meaning and she lost her words out of anger. She was dying to stuff all of the fish in her hand into Qing Shui\'s mouth.

Beihuang Fan had no tent?

Qing Shui was confused but happy, he said generously, “My tent is not small you know? I have a big mattress.”

“I don\'t mind sleeping on the same bed with you if you are not afraid of getting castrated tomorrow,” Beihuang Fan laid on Qing Shui\'s mattress and covered herself with her own white blanket.

Qing Shui stood by the mattress; this woman was oppressing him. No wonder men were reluctant to marry stronger women, life would be tough if the partner was not a gentle lady.

Qing Shui\'s mattress was actually big enough, about two meters by length and width. It was more than enough to fit two persons. He hesitated and laid on a couch, it was cozy too. Qing Shui’s couch placed very near to the mattress, just next to it. Thus, Qing Shui was very near to Beihuang Fan now.

A slight freshness, there was a graceful scent which lingered around Qing Shui\'s nose. He felt extremely delighted.

Beihuang Fan slept in a reclined position so the blanket could not hide her curvy figure. Though it was cold, they could actually go without the blanket. Thus, Qing Shui did not put on any cover, only Beihuang Fan used the blanket to cover her body since that was her habit.

The night was peaceful and uneventful. In the night, Qing Shui went into the Realm of Violet Jade Immortal. Beihuang Fan knew that Qing Shui was out and it took him quite a while. She waited until Qing Shui returned and got up. It was almost the breaking of dawn.

After packing, both of them headed to the mountain.

There were many people entering the mountain, but most people chose to sleep in a tent. In this freezing snowy weather, it was a great pleasure to sleep indoor; that feeling was incredible.

Beihuang Fan headed to the deeper area of the Northern Snow Mountain as though she was very familiar with it. Qing Shui followed her and arrived at the remote forest of the mountain.