Ancient Strengthening Technique - AST 2138 - Total Dominance of the Match, a Complete Victory

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AST 2138 - Total Dominance of the Match, a Complete Victory

“Jin Gang! Back off immediately!” Qing Shui shouted out loud as he quickly moved the Nine Continents Mountain forward.

Jin Gang didn’t know what was going on but he still listened and backed off. Right as he tried to do so, a hollow image charged towards Jin Gang. The Nine Continents Mountain managed to stop the opponent in its path, but it got blown very far away. Not only so, thanks to the formidable colliding forces received by the Nine Continents Mountain, both Qing Shui and Jin Gang were also blown away along with it.

Right at this moment, Qing Shui noticed that the opponent was a demonic beast. Qing Shui quickly unleashed his Dragon-capturing Hands and summoned his Dragon Slaying Beast and Dragon Spider at the same time.

Qing Shui didn’t know what kind of a demonic beast that was. It had a thick figure but small limbs. It was unbelievably fast and most importantly, it was also super strong. It had an ugly look which resembled an enormous maggot with four limbs. Its overall look resembled a mouse. A very huge one. It was about tens of meters long and as thick as a water jar.

The Dragon-capturing Hands had failed. Qing Shui was shocked to see the ugly man charging towards Jin Gang.

Qing Shui’s expression changed. Jin Gang let out both his arms and abruptly thrust out the Diamond Palms.



Both of Jin Gang’s arms were detached from his body as he was knocked backward. Qing Shui once again placed the Nine Continents Mountain in front of him and unleashed the Bloodthirsty Demonic Vines.

The Bloodthirsty Demonic Vines weren’t trying to stop the demonic beast. Instead, they were protecting Jin Gang. The vines could not only be used to attack, but could also act as a defensive measure as well.

Emperor’s Qi! Area Dominance!

Qing Shui used all of the weakening techniques on the demonic beast.

At this moment, the ugly beast fixed its disgusting sights on Qing Shui. It was until now when Qing Shui noticed the small yet sharp eyes of the beast. At the same time, the Grand Elder was already charging towards Qing Shui.

Qing Shui saw some arrogance behind the Grand Elder’s murderous intent. His demonic beast was indeed terrifying. It was significantly more powerful than the usual beasts. Without a doubt, it was his trump card. The demonic beast was enough to cause a threat to the Golden Battle God who was battling at the moment thanks to its immunities against a lot of Spirit Energy Attacks. Added to that, it also had a thick and rough skin. Once it became powerful enough, even the Grand Elder wouldn’t be able to hurt it.


By now, the Golden Battle God had already broken Huo Xing’s weapon in half. Not only so, but he had even managed to strike Huo Xing’s shoulder with his weapon. The moment his weapon interacted with the shoulder, it immediately got crippled.

Critical Strike! Furthermore, the opponent’s weapons had also been cut in half. This was the ability of the Golden Battle God. He didn’t hold the Golden Battle Halberd as his weapon, but the Golden Holy Sword.

Other than saying that Huo Xing was in bad luck, there was no other way to explain this. Not only was he completely suppressed by the Golden Battle God in strength, but since the Golden Battle God’s defensive prowess was too formidable, he was shocked to realize that the battle god didn’t even get injured from the attacks which he had unleashed before.

The Golden Battle God was unleashing his attacks like a rainstorm at the moment. After all, his defense had been boosted by more than 50% while the damage he received was reduced by 20%. With the further aid provided by the Buddha Wisdom Seal, he had also managed to neglect some of the physical damages inflicted to him. However, Huo Xing seemed to have something unique with him. It seemed that its effect has been cut down in half by Qing Shui’s Area Dominance. Under normal circumstances, however, the effect should be even more significant. After being weakened by the Emperor’s Qi, not much remained of the additional strength boosts which he had received.

Hence, as of now, the Golden Battle God had the opponent totally suppressed with his strength. Since the beginning, Huo Xing had been trying to resist against it by trying to divert the strength away. He had no chance of fighting back. This time, after receiving the impact from the clash of the weapon, he stepped back once again. To his surprise, however, not only was his weapon broken in half, at the same time, the tremendous strength was also activated.

He quickly dodged away from the spot he was standing at. Despite that, he still lost an arm.

And at this moment, the Golden Battle God once again slashed his sword at him. Without any advantages in speed, Huo Xing’s eyes were starting to be filled with despair. He had never expected for such a situation to happen. He refused to admit defeat, even if it meant his death. This was his fate: to lose in a battle in which he was bound to win.

On the next blow, Qing Shui was swallowed up by darkness.


Qing Shui clashed with the demonic beast. The golden light didn’t appear, but a thread of fresh blood could be seen flowing down the corner of his mouth. Qing Shui was hurt, though it wasn’t a serious injury. Furthermore, it was an internal injury. This was quite shocking considering how tough Qing Shui’s defensive prowess was. The Divine Weapon combined with the Buddha Wisdom Seal could together help reduce ¼ of the damage caused to him.

And thanks to the boost he had received from before, his defensive prowess went all the way up to 50 billion Dao Force. The Emperor’s QI had also lowered down 20% of the opponent’s strength.

However, something wasn’t right…… Qing Shui was starting to notice the source of the problem. The opponent seemed to be unaffected by his techniques. He appeared to have developed some kind of immunity towards them.

No wonder! By now, Qing Shui had understood why the Dragon-capturing Hands and the Buddha Light Seal didn’t work previously.

The Art of Pursuing also failed. However, the Emperor’s Qi seemed to have worked. The Art of Pursuing had a 100% accuracy. It was very uncommon for the opponent to not be influenced by it.


The Grand Elder suddenly charged towards Qing Shui with the tip of his weapon pointing towards Qing Shui’s neck. He was nearing Qing Shui from the back. His speed was so fast that his entire figure turned into a faint green light.

Qing Shui was aware that the opponent has used some sort of secret techniques.

Qing Shui was completely motionless. But right at the moment when the opponent’s weapon was about to pierce through his neck, Qing Shui immediately struck the opponent’s neck in return with the Gouging Strike. Coincidentally, the Dragon Slaying Beast happened to be on his left. The enormous horn immediately pierced through the skull of the Grand Elder.

A golden light enveloped Qing Shui. The golden light of the Paragon Golden Armor had appeared. It had been a long time since it last showed up. Qing Shui would be very careful every time he used it. The reason was that one more careless mistake could cost him his life.

But right at this moment, a spider thread started binding the demonic beast. The demonic beast seemed to fear the spider thread. Without hesitating, it opened its mouth and started biting on the spider thread.


It sounded very loud and unpleasant to hear. After chewing repeatedly for more than ten times, the beast finally managed to bite it off. However, it soon came to the realization that it had been wrapped up like a dumpling and was completely immobilized.

Originally, the Golden Battle God, Bei Lai had intended to go and save Qing Shui. But to his surprise, Qing Shui has managed to even kill the opponent’s Grand Elder.

Qing Shui called back his Bloodthirsty Demonic Vines. The Diamond Battle God approached him in disbelief while the Golden Battle God charged towards the remaining three people. Seeing that, the opponents admitted defeat. However, two of the unlucky ones didn’t manage to yell out in time and got one of their legs cut off.

A lot of people found it hard to believe the outcome of the battle. It was indeed well beyond their expectations.

Beihuang Yu didn’t seem to be shocked by it. He was watching everything that happened very calmly.

“Yu`Er, you don’t seem to find it unusual at all.”

Beihuang Liefeng noticed Beihuang Yu’s expression.

“Grandpa, I was sure that this brat was going to give me a surprise. He is a weird man.” Beihuang Yu said.

“Are you familiar with him?” Beihuang Liefeng smiled and said.

“He is the one who gave me my life.”

“Do you mean to tell me that he was the one who cured you of your hidden illness?” Beihuang Liefeng immediately looked at Beihuang Yu in shock.

Beihuang Yu was even more surprised, “Grandpa, you know about my body’s condition?”

“Of course I do. It’s just that I don’t have a way to cure you. Since I am not sure whether you know about it or not, I didn’t talk to you about it. In fact, I thought that you managed to come across some sort of miraculous encounter which had somehow cured you of it.” Beihuang Liefeng was feeling very agitated.

“He is a Miraculous Physician. A true, Miraculous Physician.” Beihuang Yu said gently. As he stood there, his figure began shining in golden light, making him seemed tall and big.